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Carbon Credit Token to be Listed on MEXC After Launching on BitMart


    • CCT obtains listing rights on the MEXC Global crypto exchange.
    • This is CCT’s second listing after being launched on BitMart.
    • The listing was followed by a contest hosted by MEXC Kickstarter.

Carbon Credit Token (CCT), a digital climate project that provides access to the regulated carbon credit industry through blockchain technology, has obtained listing rights on the MEXC Global Exchange. This marks the second exchange platform listing of CCT in the last three months after the token’s debut in March on BitMart.

Known as the first crypto collateralized by the European Union Allowance (EUA), CCT aims to empower consumers and businesses who couldn’t otherwise access regulated carbon credits to contribute to a sustainable future.

MEXC listing is a result of a Trading Contest initiated by Carbon Credit to generate votes. Titled MEXC Kickstarter, this contest offered 62,000 Carbon Credit (CCT) to be airdropped to the winner.

The contest experienced one of the highest participation rates among the top 10 projects conducted on MEXC Kickstarter. It received more than 26.9 million MX tokens ($35m USDT) votes for CCT. Speaking of getting listed in MEXC Global, the Founder of CCT, Zhi stated that,

With the goal of reaching global net-zero carbon emissions, we have turned to blockchain technology to open up the European carbon market. As the only collateralized crypto backed by the world’s largest carbon market, we are democratizing and revolutionizing how consumers access carbon marketplaces.

CCT leverages blockchain technology to promote an action-based solution to achieve global climate goals by 2050. The company further aims to acquire a new batch of European Union Allowance (EUA) futures approximately every three months.

A contract represents one lot of 1,000 EUAs, with each EUA entitled to emit one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent gas. Therefore, one lot represents one million kilograms, meaning each CCT is equal to approximately one kilogram of carbon emissions. All Carbon Credit Tokens were minted at the start of the project and will be distributed according to a predefined schedule.

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  • Source: https://coinquora.com/carbon-credit-token-to-be-listed-on-mexc-after-launching-on-bitmart/

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