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Blizzard Outlines Major Swap in DPS Passive Ability for Next Overwatch 2 Beta


With the next Overwatch 2 (OW2) Beta on the horizon, Blizzard has come forward with a new passive change aimed at DPS players.

In a blog post dedicated to discussing the goals of the next Overwatch 2 Beta test, now slated for June 28, Blizzard decided to give players some details on what they can expect from this second testing period. As many fans already know, Junker Queen will be arriving in Overwatch 2 with this test and players will have the opportunity to explore a brand new map. A few tweaks have been made to characters and roles, as well ⁠— with one for DPS players that caught major attention.

DPS players will be losing their speed buff in lieu of a new twist that allows them to keep 30% of their ultimate charge when changing between characters in-game.

“The Damage Passive speed boost has been removed and replaced with a new passive that allows Damage heroes to maintain up to 30% of their Ultimate charge when swapping to other Damage heroes,” the post reads.

This will no doubt lead to high levels of versatility during normal gameplay. No longer will DPS players be stuck playing a character out of their comfort zone to preserve ultimate charge for their team. Now, they’ll have the option of swapping to someone that may fit a situation or their individual playstyle better.

Meanwhile, the development team is also taking a hard look at Supports to see what additional tweaks can be made there. According to the post, they’re paying “particular attention” to how Support players perform in order to address any feedback before the game launches on Oct. 4.

“The team is currently ideating, designing, and testing some new abilities we can give existing Support heroes, beginning with significant Moira changes coming in the balance patch during this beta,” it explains.

DBLTAP cannot confirm what any changes in the works may be or when they’ll be implemented.

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  • Source: https://www.dbltap.com/posts/blizzard-outlines-major-swap-in-dps-passive-ability-for-next-overwatch-2-beta-01g6bn38vp20?utm_source=RSS

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