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AppTweak ASO Tool Now Available in Simplified Chinese & Korean



Providing our services in Simplified Chinese and Korean is a great opportunity for both AppTweak and our amazing customers: For example, after we translated the tool into Japanese, our MRR grew by over 120% and our client base expanded by over 140%.

With the immense growth of the international mobile app market, App Store Optimization (ASO) is becoming increasingly necessary to promote the success of apps and games around the world. AppTweak, the #1 ASO tool driven by data science, empowers mobile leaders – such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp, and Adobe – to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface.

To facilitate app growth for its existing clients and prospective customers in the APAC region, AppTweak works hard to make its services accessible to all. As a result, AppTweak is pleased to announce that its website and ASO tool are now available in Simplified Chinese and Korean (as well as in English, French, and Japanese).

AppTweak gets closer to its customers in the APAC region

Since September 2020, AppTweak has observed a growth rate of 80% MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquartered in Brussels with offices in San Francisco, Bengaluru, and Tokyo, the team aims to increase brand exposure on the Asian continent and communicate the importance of ASO for effective app development and growth.

To get physically closer to its customers in the APAC region, AppTweak has plans to open two offices in China and South Korea next year. Aiming to have 4 offices in 4 Asian countries by next year, the company intends to reinforce its leadership as the #1 ASO tool in the Asia-Pacific region. AppTweak will also hire team members in China and South Korea to effectively and efficiently support local clients, strengthen brand awareness, and maximize growth opportunities in the region.

Growth of the mobile market in China

Closely serving the needs of its Chinese-speaking clients is a major step in AppTweak’s international expansion. China has become the world’s biggest mobile app market, surpassing the United States in terms of smartphone user and contributing to over 40% of the world’s mobile app expenditure. Furthermore, over half of all mobile app downloads come from Chinese users.

However, the Chinese mobile app market is very different from any other market: Contrary to Western markets, non-Google-Play Android devices outnumber iOS (although the App Store is increasingly relevant in the region, seen by the recent addition of Apple Search Ads in mainland China). Furthermore, the top charts of the most popular apps and games in China are dominated by major local developers: While a minority of Western games – such as Clash of Clans and Gardenscapes – do gain success in China, the vast majority of popular apps, such as Alipay, WeChat, Baidu, and QQ, are domestic. Such information has solidified AppTweak’s determination to specifically cater to Chinese-speaking app developers and marketers.

Growth of the mobile market in South Korea

The South Korean mobile market is just as strategically important for AppTweak. South Korea is one of the world’s biggest app markets, positioned as one of the top countries in terms of app revenue, downloads, and market growth. Furthermore, Koreans are consistently ranked as some of the most active app users in the world, and South Korea is positioned as one of the top countries in terms of all smartphone users.

Similar to the Chinese market, the South Korean mobile market is also dominated by Android devices (although iOS still represents a significant proportion of mobile devices). Again, while some major Western apps – such as Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook – are also popular in South Korea, the top charts are dominated by local apps and games, with domestic players such as Kakao, Naver, and Coupang holding the majority of the app market share. As a result, providing its website and ASO tool in Korean will facilitate AppTweak in fueling the international growth of South Korean apps and games.

“AppTweak has helped to provide ASO insights for Krafton’s latest game pre-registration, PUBG: NEW STATE.”

Krafton, developers of the game ‘PUBG’

AppTweak, the #1 ASO tool driven by data science

AppTweak is the leading ASO tool driven by data science. AppTweak empowers mobile leaders – such as Amazon, Jam City, Yelp and Adobe – to grow their apps and games with actionable insights in a simple interface.

Committed to developing the most accurate, transparent and easy-to-use ASO tool on the market, AppTweak supports over 1,500 app developers and game publishers worldwide. AppTweak’s all-in-one platform offers ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, App Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

AppTweak has been awarded the “Best ASO Tool” by the App Growth Awards community and was recognized as the 6th Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Deloitte Belgium’s Fast 50 competition. Launched in 2014, AppTweak serves customers from all corners of the world, with offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bengaluru.

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Superstitions believed to bring you good luck at the casino



When faced with many variables that can leave a player uncertain and relying on pure luck, we tend to turn to rituals and familiar routines to bring a sense of control over the outcomes. For example, this is similar to how wishing an actor or musician “good luck” just before they step on stage is actually deemed to bring them bad luck – hence why we say “break a leg” instead – and how Guns ‘N’ Roses singer Axl Rose refuses to perform in cities which name begins with the letter ‘M’, purely because he believes they are cursed.

If you’ve ever smashed a mirror, and worried about what the next seven years would bring – or walked under a ladder and immediately regretted it – then you might understand why casino-goers are famous for their rituals. On top of the many superstitions that are believed to bring you bad luck – there are many that are believed to bring good luck too. Although superstitions aren’t real and have no actual effect on gameplay, many people still rely on them in the hopes of enhancing their luck. Read on to find out what some of these odd routines are, and where they came from.

Blowing on the dice

There’s no doubt you’ve seen people blow on their dice, or even done it yourself, whether it be in a high-stakes game of Poker, or in a friendly game of family Monopoly. Legend has it, that dishonest gamblers used to cover one side of their dice with a sticky substance that is activated by moisture. Blowing on the dice before they rolled it would then activate the substance and make sure it landed on the number they wanted. This did have a downside, however, as the dice risked sticking to other objects or picking up dust and dirt from the table. The cheat didn’t really take off either – but might have something to do with the superstition we see so commonly today. Whilst you can’t necessarily blow on your dice at an online casino, there are many other superstitions, if you believe in them, that you could put into practice, no matter how you choose play.

Wearing red

Whilst many gamblers have lucky clothes, the colour red is often associated with wealth, luck and joy. The colour is very significant in the Chinese culture, and is even worn by a bride on her wedding day. Perhaps this subconsciously even encourages the majority of players to place their bets on the colour red as well, due to its wealthy associations. Although wearing a certain colour or item definitely has no effect on gameplay, it’s believed that the lucky red item worn or taken to a casino must be a gift – so perhaps that’s something to add to your wish list.

Sitting down or standing up

Many people believe that whatever posture they are in when placing a bet is how they should stay for the duration of the game, to bring them good luck. Some gamblers even stay standing for their whole visit – taking this superstition to another level.

A lucky item or person

Many people believe that objects or people also bring them good luck. This practice is not just present in gambling, but some of these common items are deemed ‘lucky’ in day-to-day life. Being in possession of a rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, or four-leaf clover are just some of the items that famously bring luck to a person. Often, an item is unique to an individual – it could be a lucky penny, bracelet, underwear, orange… or anything really!

Knocking on wood and crossing your fingers

The idea of ‘touching wood’ to prevent something from being ‘jinxed’, or to bring someone good luck, is derived from ancient pagan cultures such as the Celts. They believed that spirits and gods were found in trees, so knocking on the trunks would call upon the spirits for protection. Common rituals such as crossing your fingers (to secure a wish, or wishing upon a cross), or gamblers stacking their chips in a certain way, are also believed by many to bring good luck. Again, none of these actually have an effect on gameplay, but perhaps allows players to feel more confident when in possession of an item they feel is lucky.

Itchy palms

If you’ve ever experienced itchy palms, you may have been told that good fortune was coming your way. Whilst many cultures say this brings bad luck, others believe that having itchy palms is a sign you should get to the casino right away.

Lucky number seven

The number seven is considered “the world’s lucky number”. In the creation story, God made the world in six days, resting on the seventh. The number seven often represents perfection and completeness. It is also a prime number (can be divided by itself and one). Many gamblers will place their bets on the number seven, 17, or even 777 (the combination of which is said to be a sign of angels reassuring you that luck and good fortune is coming your way). In Roulette, the number 17 is one of the most popular numbers to place bets on, as it is generally right in the middle of the Roulette layout, and a prime number.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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How to Gambling with Cryptocurrencies



Gambling methods using cryptocurrencies

Now that you know some sites where you can bet on cryptocurrencies, let’s move on to the specifics. Here are some simple steps to get to the table.

1. Open a cryptocurrency wallet
2. Buy coins
3. Select a site to play
4. Make a deposit
5. Choose a game
6. Pay attention to the value

Open cryptocurrency wallet

This is the first step for anyone looking to play casino games in cryptocurrencies. Many of you already have a wallet, but in that case you can skip this first step. If you are new to this, please choose your favorite from dozens of digital wallets. When you register for a Litecoin Casino account, you will be given a digital address associated with your account. Never lose this number.

Buy coins

Of course, in order to deposit and play using crypto, you first need to get coins. With a crypto wallet, you can log in and buy coins in traditional currencies, just as you would buy anything else online. Simply select the type of coin you want to buy (currently the most popular is BitCasino Ripple) and the amount you want to buy, and in a few seconds you will have a credited account.

Select a site to play

When you’re ready to raise money, the next step is to find a place to spend your currency. You can select one site from the list above, or read more reviews of sites that allow you to gamble in cryptocurrencies.

Online Casino Deposit

There is a page outlining the steps for players to deposit cryptocurrencies on their gambling sites, but all you need to know is that you need to open and prepare your crypto wallet. Transactions do not take much time, especially on many sites, as they provide “credits” until the funds are settled.
Choose Encrypted Deposit GameNow you are ready to enjoy. Find the game you want to play in the lobby and select the table and stakes level. From that point on, it’s just like playing in US dollars or other fixed currencies. As always, be sure to read the rules for each game. Some games have been adjusted to affect your winning percentage.


More and more cryptocurrencies are emerging, which means more coins can be used on gambling sites. The gaming industry was one of the first to adopt cryptography, and when it comes to using digital wallets to fund accounts, play your favorite games, and develop new ways to try new things. I will not be late in the future.

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iGaming Tech Company Hero Gaming Holds “Innovation Challenge” to…



News Image

Winners from Innovation Challenge: (Left) Matthew Bayly, Bogdan Giubernea, Lee Richardson, Tomas Dettlaff (Right)

The iGaming industry is dynamic where talented individuals can learn on the job and move up in ranks very quickly. This contest was meant to encourage ambitious and creative minds that have the potential to take the company to the next level. – Andrea Saliba

Hero Gaming, an iGaming operator with close to 150 employees, earlier this month held an “Innovation Challenge” designed to inject new technology and ideas to keep the company at the top of the industry.

The “Shark Tank-like” pitch challenge, which was launched internally via a virtual townhall hero meeting and hosted through a zoom conference, was designed by Marie Theobald, Chief People Officer, and Andrea Saliba, Head of Talent & Organizational Development of Hero Gaming.

The contest elicited eight workable ideas, including add-ons and segmentation automation, meant to make the iGaming playing experience more enjoyable. The three finalists were announced during the Company’s trip to Marbella. The innovation platform created by Hero Gaming offered a cash prize to the idea best suited for follow through to development by the company. The finalists then presented their ideas to the rest of the organization.

“The iGaming industry is dynamic where talented individuals can learn on the job and move up in ranks very quickly,” said Saliba. “This contest was meant to encourage ambitious and creative minds that have the potential to take the company to the next level.”

This initiative did not only create a platform to share ideas and boost creativity and innovation, but it also served as a great team building exercise as teams were composed of individuals from different departments within the organization which enabled participants to collaborate with new team members and build stronger relationships with them.

The judges were Georg Westin, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Hero Gaming, Tomas Backman, former CEO, Karin Fahl Hallberg, Head of HR and Sasha Koshlo, Head of Frontend Development.

“At Hero Gaming we are always looking for ways to improve the playing experience,” said Westin. “We pride ourselves on originality and creativity and mentor our employees to develop groundbreaking gaming concepts. This event is a function of that mindset, but we are always innovative and reward those coworkers who excel at new ideas.”

About Hero Gaming

Hero Gaming, an iGaming B2B tech company with over 150 employees, was founded in 2013 by Georg Westin to offer the then unique experience of gamified casinos. The company focuses on developing some of the world’s fastest growing and leading online gambling products and invests in exciting companies well suited to fit in the eco system to become the engine of the iGaming international scene. Hero Gaming’s passion for innovation, speed to market, and great track record in executing projects with agility has led it to be one of the industry’s most reputable companies.

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BetSofa Review – Online Casino Real Money



The online casino called BetSofa is a popular company with a good reputation, a great selection of casino games and a well thought out bonus policy. This gaming website is operated on the basis of an official license monitored by a reliable regulator and its user interface is convenient and easy to use. Each game can be called up directly in the browser and does not require the installation of a client program. Users from any country can join the platform to win real money at this online casino.


Available games in the BetSofa online casino

This casino started operations in 2020. The website offers hundreds of licensed games from world-famous software manufacturers – Pragmatic Play, Blueprint Gaming, Endorphina, BTG, Netent, Microgaming and many others. On this game website you can try out various sports betting live casino and enjoy the best games for free thanks to advantageous demo offers without the risk of loss!

If you want to play online at this casino, look out for the following types of games that are available there:
● slots;
● table games;
● scratch cards;
● jackpot games;
● live gambling;
● online sports betting;
● Video poker!
The Live Games section contains games of chance made by Evolution Gaming and BetGames. There are more than 50 tables available on the website. When you visit this casino section you can try roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and other fun and new casino games, although not all of them are available for online no deposit casino free trial, which is something to watch out for . Live games help to reproduce the precious atmosphere of a real game operation.

BetSofa online casino bonus and promotions

The German casino online BetSofa offers its customers great bonuses and promotions. To encourage new players to sign up on the platform, BetSofa is offering a welcome bonus to every new player. A welcome package for new customers includes an amount of 111% added to the gamer’s account for registration and the first deposit. Once you play the bonus prize, you can cash out your winnings.


The regular customers can also receive BetSofa online casino bonus for certain promotions on the platform. In addition, there are daily as well as regular bonuses, an advantageous sports betting bonus and much more on this gambling website!
Why is it worth playing without a deposit at this online casino?


BetSofa is a reliable company that offers secure online services where you can win real money. The platform offers a wide range of casino games, lucrative bonuses (such as the online casino bonus without deposit), as well as responsive, competent customer service. To start playing, you need to register and create your account. You will then have access to all the games that this advantageous virtual platform offers. The casino software is licensed from well-known providers and provided by brand producers. The down payments are protected by the latest encryption technology so that you will not have any problems with your transactions. This guarantees you a lot of fun and a high level of security when betting.


Source: Plato Data Intelligrence

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