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Apex player uses Lifeline’s care package to trap an enemy team in the storm




Lifeline can do more than heal her teammates. One Apex Legends player used her care package to block a doorway and trap an enemy team in the storm to win a match earlier today. 

The Lifeline player and their teammates were up against the two last teams in one of the final circles of a match. One enemy team was holding their position inside of a building and shooting at the player and their team. They noticed the next circle was going to force the team out of the building, so they decided to use their care package creatively. 

Lifeline’s care package contains useful items for her teammates, such as armor or Med Kits. But the device can also be used as cover. The player decided to drop their care package in front of the doorway to the building, which was the only way out once the storm closed further. 

The player retreated to their teammates and helped them eliminate the other enemy team outside of the building. There were now only two teams left and the player knew the last squad had no chance of escape. 

They returned to the doorway blocked by their care package to watch the enemies try to escape as the storm closed. An enemy Caustic player dropped a gas canister to try to damage the player, but it wasn’t enough. The team watched as their enemies died in the gas and easily won the match. 

Other Lifeline players expressed how they dream of this scenario but never have an opportunity to trap a team. Apex players should be wary of Lifeline and her care package moving forward because it can clearly do a lot more than help her team. 



NAVI’s IEM NY match against forZe postponed as Perfecto tests positive for coronavirus




Natus Vincere‘s IEM New York CIS Group A match against forZe has been postponed due to “a health situation”, ESL has announced. The decision came shortly after NAVI player Ilya “⁠Perfecto⁠” Zalutskiy revealed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

NAVI and forZe were due to play on Sunday their fourth group stage match in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament, with both teams sitting level on points after winning two matches and losing one.

Perfecto tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday

ESL has not yet announced the new date for the match. On Twitter, forZe captain Andrey “⁠Jerry⁠” Mekhryakov said that the postponement suggests preferential treatment for NAVI after were forced to forfeit the first map of their recent series against K23 as the starting time clashed with a match they were playing for another tournament.

“We realised 30 minutes before the match against NAVI that it was going to be rescheduled,” Jerry said. “I know about Covid-19 and Perfecto’s situation and it’s terrible. When it comes to NAVI, rescheduling is fine. had to forfeit the first map because of a busy schedule. A ten minute delay resulted in a map forfeit. When NAVI have problems, it’s okay. Rules should be the same for everyone.”

forZe AWPer Bogdan “⁠xsepower⁠” Chernikov echoed his teammate’s sentiments, saying that, “if it was any other team, it would be a default loss or they would have to play with a coach.” sit at the top of Group A with nine points from three matches. The top three teams from both groups will move on to the single-elimination playoffs, which will culminate in a best-of-five grand final on October 25.


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How Much HP Does Wolverine Have in Fortnite?




How much HP does Wolverine have in Fortnite
How much HP does Wolverine have in Fortnite | Epic Games

How much HP Wolverine has in Fortnite may make it difficult for some Epic Games players to take him down.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 saw the debut of several fan-favorite Marvel heroes from the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk to Thor and Wolverine. The update to v.14.10 allowed players to take on these characters in combat and, upon defeat, claim their abilities to use against other players. Wolverine is one such spawn—located primarily in the Weeping Woods upon update v.14.20

Wolverine has a total of 600 hit points, according to several players. Unfortunately, there is no concrete data to confirm or deny this theory. Epic Games has yet to release any stats for their newly dropped heroes.

Players can find Wolverine in the Weeping Woods. He has free roam of the place, so those seeking him out should be wary of exactly who is hunting who.

In combat, Wolverine specializes in close combat attacks. His claws can deal intense damage if players allow him to get within range. The best strategy would be to keep him at a distance and dodge his lunges when necessary.

His famous adamantium claws can be picked up after his defeat, allowing victorious players access to some of these melee abilities.


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Genshin Impact Friendship Levels




Genshin Impact Friendship Levels: What they are and what they do
Genshin Impact Friendship Levels: What they are and what they do | miHoYo

Genshin Impact Friendship Levels—also known as Companionship EXP—affects character stories, voice lines, name cards, and general closeness within the party.

Genshin Impact tells the story of the world of Teyvat and the various characters who leave their own impact on the plot. Unsurprisingly, these characters have their own lore and skills built into their backgrounds. Players looking to uncover more about exactly who they’re adventuring with may be interested in miHoYo’s intuitive Friendship Level system.

There are a few Friendship Levels that players can transcend—capping at level 10. With every new level, players will unlock a bit of character lore, exclusive voice lines, crafting recipes, name card designs, housing items, and more. Currently, Friendship level does not bear a significant impact on gameplay.

Players can find what Friendship Level they have attained by checking the bottom right corner of the character’s profile. The progress bar should appear right below the heading to indicate how much more Companionship EXP is needed to advance to the next level.

Companionship EXP can be earned through Daily Commissions, Ley Line Outcrops, and a variety of World Quests found around the map. EXP rewarded through Daily Commissions may increase depending on the player’s Adventure Rank.

Characters need to be actively in the party to for Companionship EXP to apply.


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