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Among Us Developers Are Getting Burnt Out

Among Us Developers Are Getting Burnt Out
Among Us Developers Are Getting Burnt Out

It’s hard to bring out a big hit video game title and it’s especially true for an indie studio. While staying indie allows a team to experiment and make their games with some big creative freedom, it can be a big uphill battle to gain that world recognition. For some indie studios, it’s a dream just to turn enough profit to fund their next project into the marketplace. However, developers InnerSloth didn’t expect their Among Us title to completely explode online.

Chances are you know about Among Us as it’s nearly impossible to avoid. It was a game that was released before 2020, but this sleeper hit gained massive worldwide attention last year. Overall, the game is a deception title where players attempt to figure out who among the group of players are murderers. It’s a simple concept, the crew of players will be tasked with completing a series of objectives on a map but are unable to speak with each other. Meanwhile, the impostors of the group will attempt to kill off the crew and avoid getting caught. When a body is discovered, a meeting pops up with players now being able to communicate with each other in hopes of uncovering just who among them is the killer as they vote to send someone out of the game. 

Being such a hit game is great for any studio, but especially with a small indie team. There’s a ton of work that goes into these projects so having a hit allowed the studio to thrive today. However, this is still a small team and recently a YouTube content creator by the name of Anthony Padilla interviewed a member of the development team, Amy Liu, who made note of the viral hit has left her feeling burnt out with the demand for new content. Again, with such a massive game, there’s the need to continue keeping that fan base happy.

It’s not hard to imagine this would create the team to feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content that needs to be crafted up. Perhaps we’ll see the studio thrive to new heights going through this year as well. I’m personally interested in seeing just what else this studio ends up bringing out into the marketplace after their success in Among Us

Source: Gamerant, YouTube 

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