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Yourefolio™ the Leader in Estate Planning Technology Partners with…

Inter Vivos will provide free consultations and reviews for financial advisors using the Yourefolio platform.

In an effort to provide advisors with more tools and services for their practice, Yourefolio™ and Inter Vivos PLLC are partnering to connect estate planning attorneys with financial advisors for easier collaboration amongst professionals.

Yourefolio™, the leader in estate and legacy planning software for financial professionals is now able to offer a direct connection to estate planning attorneys in every state in the U.S. through Inter Vivos.

Professionals using the Yourefolio platform will be able to connect with the attorneys of Inter Vivos to collaborate and complete plans with licensed estate planning attorneys in every state. This will allow financial advisors to have an in-house attorney via a virtual environment. Inter Vivos attorneys will collaborate with the advisors, clients, and other professionals to create the best plan and new opportunities for financial advisors. Inter Vivos will even offer e-notarization to execute documents in states where it is available.

The partnership will create a competitive advantage for Yourefolio™ because other advisor document drafting solutions do not offer a direct connection to an estate planning attorneys.

“We are extremely excited about partnering with Yourefolio to offer a premier planning experience for advisors and their clients. This collaboration will help us stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the estate planning industry,” says Glen Wagstaff, Managing Partner of Inter Vivos PLLC.

“Any way you slice it, an attorney needs to be involved in the process,” says Scott Huff, CEO of Yourefolio. “Advisors cannot practice law, produce documents or lead their clients to a “do it yourself option.” This type of collaboration allows advisors to offer estate planning but not cross the threshold of practicing law.” The partnership will keep the advisors in control, add value to their practice while scalable through a virtual environment.

Inter Vivos will provide free consultations and reviews for financial advisors using the Yourefolio platform. Inter Vivos will also standardize pricing to remain competitive, while assisting advisors in getting paid for planning and other ancillary estate planning opportunities.

Inter Vivos offers more solutions and more opportunities for financial advisors than any other law firm. From simple low-cost plans to highly sophisticated and complex estate plans, Inter Vivos has the right plan for their clients. Inter Vivos offers both National and International planning solutions for financial advisors.

To learn more about this partnership, visit or email [email protected] To learn more about Inter Vivos PLLC, visit or contact [email protected]

About Yourefolio™

Yourefolio™ is the only comprehensive estate and legacy planning platform for estate planning professionals. The platform is specifically designed to facilitate all activities undertaken by estate planners and their practice. Yourefolio provides a 21st century approach to estate planning by bringing everything into one modern-day platform. From engagement and prospecting, analyzing and reviews, illustrations, and administration, to settlement and legacy planning, Yourefolio™ provides every tool for an estate planner to practice more effectively and efficiently. Yourefolio™ is the future of estate and legacy planning.

About Inter Vivos Plan

Inter Vivos is the largest Estate Planning Law Firm in the United States, with over 110 estate planning attorneys and an expanded network covering every state and internationally in 10+ countries. The Inter Vivos culture is based on three main principles: 1. Providing Great Planning for every client. 2. Empowering both legal and financial professionals in finding success and 3. Making estate planning accessible to everyone. At the core of Inter Vivos PLLC is providing the best solutions, the best service, and the best pricing for our clients.

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