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Your Gateway to Web3 is Here: Minting of NFT Domain Names Live on Quik.com


NFT domains have improved the way domains are used and managed online in every aspect. Unlike conventional domain names, they are not administered by a single entity. Because they are decentralized, they offer a much broader range of applications than traditional domain names.

Since they are registered on a blockchain’s public ledger, they serve as digital assets just like any other coin or token. They can be held in digital wallets just like any other coin. Furthermore, unlike regular domain names, NFT domains have a single minting charge. There are no extra costs or renewal fees. Because these websites are not under the control of a single entity, no one else can object to them or take action to stop them.

NFT domain names will almost certainly change the internet as we know it. You can gain an edge over competitors by using Quik.com to help you obtain an NFT domain name. Continue reading to find out how to get your NFT Domain name.

How does the NFT domain name registration service at Quik.com work?

NFT domains are critical for building the internet of the future, as explained by Quik, a marketplace for NFT domains.

Quik.com makes it simple to get your first NFT domain names. Quik.com, like many other online markets, provides a selection of TLDs based on the Ethereum blockchain. You must enter and search for your selected NFT domain name. A button with the phrase “mint” will appear if mint is still available. Press the “Mint” button to confirm the transaction with your bitcoin wallet (trust or metamask). With this transaction, you will lose control of the NFT domain name.

The name of your NFT domain is now in your cryptocurrency wallet. Unless you desire to sell it, the NFT domain name will be yours. If you decide to sell your NFT domain name later, you can do so on the Quik.com P2P marketplace, where you will be able to reach out to a community of NFT domain name enthusiasts.

If the NFT domain name you registered originally is sold again, you will be paid a royalty. As a result, even if you decide to sell the NFT domain name you created, you will continue to earn from it.

The ecosystem of Quik.com and the NFT domain names

Owners will soon be able to use their NFT domain names thanks to a browser plugin available through the Quik.com ecosystem. This will be accomplished by providing Web3 compatibility for IPFS-based decentralized sites.

You may also use a web3 search to identify more websites that do not use a centralized server. Users that use NFT domain names have the ability to change the names and addresses of their cryptocurrency wallets.

On bitcoin wallets, NFT domain names will replace traditional hexadecimal addresses. Transactions will be faster, and wallet addresses will be easier to recall. NFT Domain names will become more useful as the Quik.com ecosystem grows.

Quik.com has enabled your Web3 gateway

Quik.com NFT domain names will soon be possible to host web3 decentralized websites using the Quik.com ecosystem. Those that sign up early will have direct access to Web3 and will be able to publish their content.

On Quik.com, you can choose from a choice of Top Level Domain (TLD) names. It’s now or never to register for an NFT domain name and obtain early access to Web3.

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