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You Ask, We Answer (Part 1): Questions From the California Cannabis Webinar



california cannabis hemp cbd

I recently teamed up with my colleagues Hilary Bricken and Griffen Thorne to put on a free webinar answering all of your pressing questions about cannabis legal issues in California. (Check out the replay here.) The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we received a lot of great questions that we weren’t able to get to during the hour-long session. We’ll be offering similar webinars in the future, but in the meantime we thought it would be useful to take some time and answer some of the questions we received that we weren’t able to cover live. In this round of questions, we’ll tackle issues that relate to hemp and CBD.

Q: If my CBD company posts a testimonial on its website that arguably includes a “medical claim” will a disclaimer protect me?

The FDA will treat products as drugs if the labeling or marketing of those products suggests they are “intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.” Phrases like “combats tumor cells” and “[has] anti-proliferative properties that inhibit cell division and growth in certain types of cancer” clearly suggest that the CDB product can cure, mitigate, treat or prevent cancer, and is thus a drug.

Any suggestion that a product might have a role in treating or diagnosing a disease, or that it is intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals, is a health claim that subjects the product to drug regulations (unless it falls within the narrow confines of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act – the FDA has ruled that CBD does not). There are certain requirements for making disclaimers when making structure/function claims on nutritional supplements, but because CBD products cannot be marketed as nutritional supplements, these requirements do not apply and a disclaimer will not protect you if you are making medical claims.

Also keep in mind that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) guidelines for using endorsements or testimonials in advertising make it clear that testimonials and endorsements can’t be false or misleading, and if they are, the advertiser can itself be responsible. The FTC has issued warning letters to companies that advertise their CBD-infused products as treatments or cures for serious medical conditions.

Q: Given that CBD products cannot contain “medical claims” and given that the term “medical claim” is broadly defined, how can I describe the use of my product?

The analysis is nuanced here, but everything stated in the answer to the previous question applies. If you are including wording on your CBD products in your advertising for those products that suggests that your product might have a role in treating or diagnosing a disease, or that it is intended to affect the structure or function of the body, it is a health claim. One of the core functions of the FDA is to ensure that companies aren’t marketing products for the treatment of diseases when those products haven’t been approved by the FDA.

Here are some recommendations we’ve given in previous posts:

  1. Do not make health claims about the therapeutic value of your products;
  2. Monitor enforcement actions (i.e., warning letters) and regulations of both the FDA and the FTC to understand enforcement priorities; and
  3. Develop compliance programs to (i) ensure that your marketing efforts align with federal guidelines and (ii) ensure that your compliance team is familiar with the FDA and the FTC’s regulations.

Q: Are you aware of any existing legal authority that states CBD products are considered “adulterated” food products?  Or is this an open legal question?

According to guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) in 2018, “CBD is an unapproved food additive and NOT allowed for use in human and animal foods per the FDA, and thus it is not approved in California.”

AB 2827, the successor bill to AB 228 that was introduced on February 20, 2020, seeks to clarify that:

“a food or beverage is not adulterated by the inclusion of industrial hemp products, including cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp, and would prohibit restrictions on the sale of food or beverages that include industrial hemp products or cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp based solely on the inclusion of industrial hemp products or cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp.”

The bill is currently sitting in the Committee on Health.

Q: Is it true that hemp and cannabis cannot be combined?

In California, the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) only governs the regulation of commercial cannabis activity and explicitly excludes “industrial hemp” from the definition of “cannabis:”

  • “Cannabis” means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa Linnaeus, Cannabis indica, or Cannabis ruderalis, whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin, whether crude or purified, extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds, or resin.
  • “Cannabis” also means the separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from cannabis.
  • “Cannabis” does not include the mature stalks of the plant, fiber produced from the stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of the plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil, or cake, or the sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination.
  • “Cannabis” does not mean “industrial hemp” as defined by Section 11018.5 of the Health and Safety Code.

The BCC has stated that retailers licensed by the BCC are licensed to sell cannabis goods and may not sell industrial hemp products on the same licensed premises where cannabis goods are sold.

Q: What about hemp products for farm animals in California?

The prohibition on edible hemp-derived CBD products in California extends to animals, as the CDPH’s guidance states:

“[u]ntil the FDA rules that industrial hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products can be used as a food or California makes a determination that they are safe to use for human and animal consumption, CBD products are not an approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement.”

Industrial hemp is another issue altogether, as the Association of American Feed Control Officials does not recognize hemp as an ingredient in animal feed.

Q: If another state like Washington allows sales of hemp-derived CBD products, could a company in Washington sell those products to a person in California?

No, these products cannot be manufactured or sold in California. It is important that hemp-CBD manufacturers understand not only the regulations of the state in which they are based, but also the regulations of each state to which they ship products. Keeping track of the regulations in all 50 states is a hefty regulatory burden.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this roundup next Saturday, with the rest of your questions!



THCV: Your Guide to Tetrahydrocannabivarin



Minor cannabinoids are making waves in the cannabis community due to the potential health benefits, one specifically being THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin. 

Table of Contents 

  • What is THCV? And how is it different from THC?
  • What are the effects of THCV and is it legal?
  • Does THCV help with weight loss?
  • How does THCV help with diabetes?
  • Can THCV help with anxiety?
  • How does THCV promote bone growth?
  • Will the use of THCV reduce inflammation?
  • Where to find THCV in products?
  • What are THCV strains to look for?

What is THCV? And how is it different from THC?

Delta 9 -Tetrahydrocannabivarin or better known as THCV is a unique cannabinoid that is derived from cannabis. It was discovered in the early 1970s but has not been researched or used as much as THCV’s more popular counterpart, Delta 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. 

Similar to THC in molecular and psychoactive structures, THCV is different in the sense that it is considered a minor cannabinoid. The reason for this is that it is found in smaller concentrations in cannabis than major cannabinoids like THC and cannabidiol (CBD.)  

Another difference between the two is that tetrahydrocannabivarin is usually found in African Sativa strains because the potency is higher in these strains, whereas THC can be found in many different kinds of cannabis strains. 

What are the effects of THCV and is it legal?

As a molecule, it reacts differently in the body based on the amount of dose. These effects are stimulated through the relationship THCV has with two primary chemical receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mainly found in the brain and nervous system, whereas CB2 receptors correlate more with the immune system. 

So at lower doses, most people would not feel as though they are high like they would while using THC and that is because of how THCV activates the CB1 receptors in the brain. At lower doses, THCV acts as an antagonist with the CB1 receptors, limiting side effects of hunger and intense and longer-lasting highs, which are common with THC. But at higher doses, the CB1 receptors will activate the psychoactive responses in the brain similar to THC while also stimulating CB2 receptors.

Particularly, when taken at higher doses, tetrahydrocannabivarin tends to create a more motivated and clearheaded feeling of euphoria, which is also why people prefer to use it during the day. This can seem vastly different than the commonalities of a THC high. It also does not have the same lifespan in the body as regular THC has when high – THCV creates a fast and energizing high.

The legal status of THCV is unknown at this point because it is not specifically listed as a federally banned substance. But the substances that are high in tetrahydrocannabivarin are so there is a very gray area of whether or not it would be found to be legal or not. 

If you live in a part of the country where marijuana is legal, THCV will be much more readily available to you. But if you, unfortunately, do not live in one of these states, then it will be much more difficult for you to find THCV products. Although, there are specific hemp-extracted CBD oils that do contain tetrahydrocannabivarin. 

Does THCV help with weight loss?

The munchies are one less thing you have to worry about having while consuming THCV. By being an antagonist to CB1 receptors, it becomes a great candidate for assisting with weight loss because it reduces the need for food intake. An antagonist blocks the signals that receptors normally put out, while agonists do the opposite. 

The International Journal of Neuropharmacology published a report which examined the relationship between THCV and obesity. The study found that the cannabinoid took away the feeling of needing to eat. 

It is also important to note that it has been found that lowering the risk of obesity through losing weight can have major impacts on lessening risks of potential diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain forms of cancer. In other studies of mice, reviewed by the Journal of Cannabis Research, there have again been links between THCV and appetite suppression as well as glycemic control – all of which help to reduce obesity. 

How does THCV help with diabetes?

Research has been able to find that tetrahydrocannabivarin is linked to helping regulate blood sugar levels as well as reduces the resistance to insulin. Specifically for type 2 diabetes, it has been found to be a new potential therapeutic agent in glycemic control. This is important because being able to have more glycemic control can prevent complications down the road with diabetes. 

Insulin is the hormone in our bodies that helps to regulate our glucose or sugar levels. When someone has type 2 diabetes, their body struggles to make enough insulin or doesn’t respond to it in the correct way. Finding the link between tetrahydrocannabivarin and blood sugar levels and insulin is an encouraging new way for people with type 2 diabetes to have better control over their condition. 

Can THCV help with anxiety?

Anxiety disorders can become crippling in daily life for many. The sense of worry, fear, and/or panic can stay with someone throughout their entire day or set in randomly without any kind of warning. THCV has been correlated with helping those who have anxiety and can be a much more preferable way to treat these symptoms than with traditional pharmaceuticals. 

How does THCV promote bone growth?

Through its ability to stimulate the making of new bone cells and collagen production, studies have found that THCV can encourage bone growth. Even though there needs to be more research done, this news is encouraging for those with bone degeneration conditions. 

An example of one of these degeneration conditions would be osteoporosis, which is what causes bones to become more brittle. It is when there is more loss of old bone and not enough new bone growth being made in the body. Knowing that tetrahydrocannabivarin can help promote bone growth and healing, there are hopes that new treatments can be made to help conditions like these.

Will the use of THCV reduce inflammation?

Another benefit to using THCV is that it has the potential to be an anti-inflammatory product. A study put out by the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2010 found that using THCV reduced inflammation and inflammatory pain in mice. Tetrahydrocannabivarin’s relationship with CB1 and CB2 receptors is the main reason that there was a reduction in inflammation. Inflammation can be very helpful in protecting our bodies from harmful infections and injuries but with this protection also comes pain. By using THCV, not only is there a response of reduction in inflammation but it also helps with this pain. 

Where to find THCV in products?

THCV can be found in a wide range of hemp and cannabis-related products, such as oils, edibles, cartridges, tinctures, and waxes. Vaping has been found to be one of the best ways to get a pure experience with tetrahydrocannabivarin because of the ability to limit the amount of THC in the product.

Many of these products are found at local dispensaries. If looking to find THCV for sale, search for a local cannabis dispensary that sells THC products and there’ll likely be products.

What are THCV strains to look for?

As previously mentioned, finding cannabis that is high in tetrahydrocannabivarin can be quite limited so if you think it is something you can benefit from, start with searching for African Sativa strains first. 

Specific strains to look for: 

  • Durban Poison
  • Doug’s Varin
  • Pineapple Purps
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Pink Boost Goddess

There are many areas of THCV that have not yet been researched but what has been discovered about this cannabinoid so far has many people excited to see where the world of cannabis will take it. It is definitely a cannabinoid to keep your eye on as there may be more and more products coming out in the future.

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Cannabis-Related Activities to Do with Your Dad This Father’s Day



Maybe he’s older and gray haired, maybe he’s still young and virile. Maybe he taught you how to ride a bike. Maybe he embarrassed you in front of your friends growing up. Maybe he tells lame dad jokes whenever possible. But he’s dad, and we love him. Some dads might still be cannabis up-tight, but for those who have embraced the wacky weed, here are some great cannabis-related activities to do with your dad for Father’s Day this year.

It’s that time of year again soon, and that means you can celebrate your dad with a cannabis-style Father’s Day. Take him out, smoke him up, and buy him some special gifts. If your dad is generally okay with cannabis, but has issues with anxiety from THC, buy him delta-8 THC. This form of THC has the same basic medical and recreational benefits, but with slightly less high for dads who don’t want to be out of their heads, and less couch-locking and more energy, for dad’s who are active. Check out our awesome Delta-8 THC deals and do Father’s Day d8 style.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be loud and proud in our cannabis-related Father’s Day festivities. For those living in places where cannabis is still criminalized, your options are relegated to those done behind closed doors, but no worries, years of prohibition have imbued on us plenty of closed-door cannabis activities. For everyone living in a cannabis-friendly location, the world is truly your oyster, and the range of Father’s Day activities available are far greater. Regardless of where you are, there are plenty of fun cannabis things to do to celebrate Father’s day this year.

Cannabis restaurants

If you live in a legalized location, the options for how cannabis can be used, expand out further every year. It’s not just that you can use cannabis freely, or buy it from a store, you can go to restaurants that’ll whip you up tasty cannabis treats. How cool is that? And what a great way to chill with your dad this Father’s Day, consuming pot-infused food. Where can eager cannabis restaurant goers find such places?

What better way to have a Father’s Day cannabis-oriented meal, than with Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza in New York City. With a cannabis-infused menu that includes pizza, gelato, cheesecake, chicken lollipops, cannoli, and more, you can get your buzz and fill your stomach at the same time. With locations in Coney Island and the East Village, you’ll want to make a reservation with dad before heading over.

If you live in Vermont, you can stop by the infamous Monarch & the Milkweed, a cannabis restaurant/store, which offers takeout services. According to its site, “MILKWEED Cannabis Confections is a line of whimsical, full-spectrum CBD infused, handmade truffles, gumdrops, marshmallows, and more!” If the store isn’t open specifically for Father’s Day, take dad in during the week for a sweet CBD-infused treat to celebrate.

Another Vermont option is Zenbarn. This eatery does in-restaurant dining, and serves up a menu of comfort food like burgers and fries, with the ability to add Zenbarn Farms’ CBD to any sauce, giving the meal an extra chill factor. Zenbarn also offers a selection of drinks at its bar including cannabis-infused beverages. Complete with live music, and a cozy atmosphere, this is a great place to take dad for a pot-centric meal for the holiday.

And then there’s Popcultivate, which isn’t a restaurant, but a company that hosts special events with a fine-dining cannabis-infused menu. You can’t walk into a location for a meal, but you can plan a great Father’s Day dinner, ran by organic chemist-turned-chef Chris Yang. This five-star dining experience is a great way to eat some of the most high-end cuisine, while catching a buzz at the same time. If you really want to impress dad this year, plan a party with Popcultivate. The company works with locations all over the US.

Unfortunately, the US’s very first cannabis eatery, the Original Cannabis Café in LA, will not be able to take your Father’s Day reservation as it’s still closed for Covid. However, those in the area should keep an eye out for its reopening, even if not for this holiday. Besides offering standard cannabis products like cannabis itself, vapes, and pre-rolls, the restaurant serves an entire standard menu, which can be infused with THC for an extra $20! Always good to know for future Father’s Days.

Take a trip to the dispensary

After being cooped up for corona, the idea of simply going out to do basic things with your dad can feel like a luxury. So for Father’s Day this year, why not take a trip with your dad to the local dispensary. After all, when you were a kid, you were probably punished for being caught smoking pot, or dissuaded from going to places that involved the use of marijuana.

Things have changed though, and now, instead of public service announcements about the dangers of cannabis, there are instead stores with stocked shelves, waiting and ready to sell you every kind of weed product from the flowers themselves, to vapes, extracts, edibles, and every piece of paraphernalia possible.

It’s great to have nice dinners out, and full-on family time, but sometimes you want it to be just you and your dad. So spend some quality time with the man, enjoying everyone’s favorite streaming video channel, weed, and some well-picked munchy foods. In fact, best to make sure to stock up on those munchies, because you’ll be sure to need them.

Cannabis cigars

Is dear old dad a cigar aficionado? Let’s be honest, nothing says ‘dad’, like the image of a guy in an armchair, taking puffs of a high-end cigar. Maybe this is an old-school image, but it’s still quite relevant. If dad is a cigar smoker, then consider cannabis cigars as a gift this year. What exactly is a cannabis cigar, you ask?

It’s like packing a joint with the highest-quality flowers, rolling it in a concentrate like resin or hash, which is then wrapped in cannabis leaves and left to dry out in a curing process. Sound like an extravagant way to use the whole cannabis plant, while working on a buzz in a highly sophisticated way? It sure is, and dad is sure to love them. If you’re in Washington state, check out Leira, and its Cannagars, which range from Noir, and Noir Hemp cigars for $100, to its Cannagar for $420, to 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar for $1000!

Cherry Cheesecake CBD Flower Cigar; Cobbler Cigar – Organic CBD Hemp Flower, Artisan, Hand Rolled, Ultra Premium; or its Cherry Cough Cigar – Organic CBD Hemp Flower, Artisan, Hand Rolled, Ultra Premium Cigars. And for $80 each. This makes for the ultimate Father’s Day surprise.

Other great gifts

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s got a great sense of humor, and that means you can buy him something funny for the holiday. The range of cannabis-related gifts for dad go from customizable ‘World’s Dopest Dad’ weed jars, to T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Stoner Dad – Like A Normal Dad But Way Higher’, to Pot Head coffee mugs, and Phone Cases with ‘World’s Dopest Dad’. If you want to order your dad a quirky cannabis father’s day gift, Etsy has tons of options here.


Maybe your dad was always a cannabis friendly guy. Maybe you spent your younger years swishing mouthwash and squeezing Visine drops in your eyes to get around you dad’s anti-weed wrath. No matter how it was back then, this is now, and now, more and more dads are getting on the cannabis bandwagon. So this year, celebrate your dad marijuana style, with cannabis activities specifically for Father’s Day, and make the old man smile.

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DisclaimerHi, I’m a researcher and writer. I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson. All information in my articles is sourced and referenced, and all opinions stated are mine. I am not giving anyone advise, and though I am more than happy to discuss topics, should someone have a further question or concern, they should seek guidance from a relevant professional.

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Cannacurio #44: Cultivation License Leaderboard January – May 2021 | Cannabiz Media



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While we have all been watching the MSOs buy each other out over the last few months, the regulators have continued their efforts to issue licenses and enforce their rules and regulations. For this post, I want to focus on the where the new cultivation licenses have been issued, what it means for the total number of licenses, and what might it translate into in terms of expanded canopy size.

Through the end of May, 3,278 new cultivation licenses were issued in 14 states. As we have seen for the past several years, California and Oklahoma have been driving these license counts with California responsible for 37% and Oklahoma for 50%.  Michigan took third at 5.6% with Oregon fourth with 3.7%.

Key Findings

  • 4 states accounted for 95% of the new licenses. 
  • Oklahoma led with 1,621 issued while California was second with 1,205; and Michigan was third with 183.
  • California licensed 282 new acres of cultivation canopy this year!

How Much Canopy was Licensed in California?

Not all states provide detail about canopy size in their licenses. Some issue broad tiers, others provide no information, and still others issue their cultivation licenses based on plant count. Below we have done an analysis of the cultivation licenses issued in California to determine how much canopy was licensed by the regulators. 

Keep in mind that licensed does not necessarily mean operational, but it is a proxy for canopy growth. Also, we used the upper limit of the license range. 

Here’s how the 282 acres stacked up by license type:

Figuring out cultivation size nationally is probably more art than science given the data gaps that exist. Currently, Oklahoma has 7,754 licenses according to the Cannabiz Media License Database – but there is no limit to how much cannabis an Oklahoma cultivator can grow. I’d enjoy hearing any estimates for how big the canopy is in Oklahoma.

Cannabiz Media customers can stay up-to-date on these and other new licenses through our newsletters, alerts, and reports modules. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive these weekly reports delivered to your inbox. Or you can schedule a demo for more information on how to access the Cannabiz Media License Database yourself to dive further into this data.


Ed Keating is a co-founder of Cannabiz Media and oversees the company’s data research and government relations efforts. He has spent his career working with and advising information companies in the compliance space. Ed has managed product, marketing, and sales while overseeing complex multijurisdictional product lines in the securities, corporate, UCC, safety, environmental, and human resource markets.  

At Cannabiz Media, Ed enjoys the challenge of working with regulators across the globe as he and his team gather corporate, financial, and license information to track the people, products, and businesses in the cannabis economy.  

Ed graduated from Hamilton College and received his MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Cannacurio is a weekly column from Cannabiz Media featuring insights from the most comprehensive license data platform. Catch up on Cannacurio posts and podcasts for the latest updates and intel.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Most-Wanted Delta 8 THC Products



Following its meteoric rise since it been first introduced last year, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC continues to take the world by storm and new products are been released weekly. This Father’s Day, give your your local hero a gift of much-needed relief and relaxation with one of these most-wanted Delta 8 THC products.

Celebrating Father’s Day, we have prepared a short-list of the most-wanted Delta 8 THC products, as brought to us by the Delta 8 Weekly, your best source for Delta 8 THC. If you never tried Delta 8 THC before and don’t know where to begin, you are looking to save-money on your favorite brand or you wish to stock-up using our famous bundles, the Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter is for you!

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Most-Wanted Delta 8 THC Products:

#1: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

If there is one thing that everyone in the industry can agree on is that no-list of Delta 8 THC products is complete without the number one best seller: the Delta 8 THC vape cartridges. Whether it is 1ml (full gram) or 0.5ml, Delta 8 THC vape cartridges are sold everywhere and new shops are adding this product to their inventory as we speak.

If you never tried Delta 8 THC before, you should try one of the premium vape cartridges below:

Binoid Premium Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Binoid Premium Delta 8 Vape Cartridges - Coupon: Delta25
Binoid Delta 8 Premium Vape Carts – Coupon: Delta25

Our ‘Best Choice’ award goes to ‘Binoid Delta 8 Premium Vape Cartridges‘, offering you a combination of quality, variety and price. Upon our request, they have created a special bundle for our readers, with an additional 25% discount.

If you want to experience the full range of Delta 8 THC, you should choose the special bundle, currently sold with an additional 25% discount, when using code ‘Delta25‘.

The bundle includes 2 each of the following flavors: Hybrid (Blue Dream, Gelato), Indica (Grand Daddy Purp, Mango Kush) and Sativa (Lemon Haze, Strawberry Lemonade) + 2 extra vapes, as a special bonus.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the 12-pack bundle and use coupon code Delta25 for the additional 25% discount. With the extra 2 bonus cartridges, you will only pay $13/cart, an amazing price for such a high-quality product.

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SALE: Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges – Only 9/Cart!

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges – Only $9/cart

If you want to get Delta 8 THC vape cartridges for the lowest price ever, Hathor is offering their Delta-8 THC vape cartridges for only $9/cart, when buying a 20-cart bundle. This is a total of $180 for all 20-carts.

The high-quality Delta-8 THC used for this product is derived from hemp, federally legal, and comes in a glass cartridge with a ceramic core and mouthpiece for the best possible performance and taste.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 20 vape carts to the shopping cart and get it for as low as $9/cart! Don’t forget to use coupon code 10OFF200 at checkput for an additional 10% discount (for orders above $200).

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#2: Delta-8 THC Gummies

CBD Gummies are a great product, Delta 8 THC gummies are even better… If you want to experience Delta 8 THC the easy-way, make sure to leave your home with one or two gummies in your bag. Just in case you have a bad day and you need a mood-enhancer, or, just for fun.

Delta 8 THC Gummies – Bundle

Delta-8 THC Gummies

If you are looking for high-quality Delta-8 THC gummies you should choose the 6-pack gummy bundle.

The bundle includes 2 Green Apple Sour Candy, 2 Strawberry Bliss and 2 Peach Dream, with 500mg Delta-8 THC in each pack.

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#3: Delta 8 + Delta 10 Hybrid Products

Delta 10 THC is The latest cannabinoid to enter the market. While it is still too-early to say if it will become as popular as Delta 8, we can already see that Delta 8 + Delta 10 THC hybrid products are becoming a best-seller.

With ratio of 2:1 (60% Delta 8, 30% Delta 10 THC and 10% terpenes), these new hybrids allow you to experience the unique benefits of the new THC’s, something we all need to do atleast once (and then do it again and again and again…).

Choose between Delta 10 vape cartridges, Delta 10 tinctures and Delta 10 disposables.

VIBIN’ Delta-10 THC Tincture

Because you deserve a long-lasting euphoria…

NEW: Delta-10 THC Tincture

Want to try something new? The Delta 10 VIBIN’ Tincture is everything you ever hoped for and even more!

With 300mg Delta 10 and 700mg Delta 8 in every bottle, this best-selling product will let you experience the unique benefits of Delta 10 THC, softly blended with Delta 8, which we all know to love. If you are looking for a ‘mental euphoria‘ and wish to feel ‘happy and motivated‘ this product might be the one for you!

Size: 30ml

Strength: 1000mg/Bottle: 700mg of Delta 8 THC + 300mg Delta 10 THC

Terpenes Used: Sour diesel, Blueberry OG

Current deal: Get it for as-low-as $25/bottle, when buying the 3-pack bundle and using the Delta25 coupon for an additional 25% discount.

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The ‘Euphoria Collection‘ Delta 10 Vape Cartridges

Experience the new high of Delta 10 THC!

The ‘Euphoria Collection‘ Delta 10 Vape Cartridges

Have you ever tried Delta 10 THC vape cartridges?

Experience the benefits coming from the blend of 70% Delta 8, 20% Delta 10, and 10% cannabis terpenes. Thanks to the perfect blend of Delta 8 and Delta 10, these next generation vape carts are proven to take you to a new high

Save big on the ‘Euphoria Collection‘ Delta 10 THC vape cartridges. Use coupon code Delta25 for the additional 25% discount and get a 6 pack or 12 pack bundle for a great price. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose between: 6-pack and 12-pack bundle and don’t forget to use Delta25 coupon code.

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#4: Delta 8 + CBN Hybrid Products

Having sleep problems? You might want to try the new Delta 8 + CBN products.

As stress, anxiety and hyper-alertness disrupt our natural sleep-wake patterns, new cannabinoid-based formulas are offering us a very promising solution. While we still don’t know for sure, looks like CBN (cannabinol) might have unique benefits when treating sleep problems. Blend it with Delta 8, and you will go to sleep with a big smile on your face. Happy and relaxed…

Want to play it safe? Try mixing Delta 8, CBD and CBN. A match made in heaven…

Delta 8, CBD & CBN Tincture

Delta 8, CBD & CBN Tincture

If you are looking for a powerful relaxation formula, we have found the best one for you! With three powerful cannabinoids in one convenient bottle, the new Delta 8, CBD & CBN 1500/100/500 tincture, is your best choice!

Each bottle cotains 1500mg of Delta 8 THC, 1000mg CBD and 500mg CBN for maximum effectiveness. Looking for a stronger product, look for the 2500/1000/750 or the mighty 5000/1500/1000 DB/CBD/CBN tinctures.

Choose between: CalmEnergyMintNaturalRecoveryRest flavors.

TIP: Use cbdflowers coupon code for an additional 20% discount.

Click HERE for the Delta 8, CBD & CBN tincture

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#5: Delta 8 THC Tinctures

While not as popular as vape carts or gummies, Delta 8 THC tinctures are gaining popularity the same way as CBD tinctures became a must-have product. If you are looking for a slow-activating, long-lasting product, Delta 8 THC tinctures is the one for you!

Recentrly, we have seen the price of tinctures dropping to a new bottom, allowing you to get high-potency products, for a fraction of their original price.

Want to try Delta 8 THC tinctures? Now is the best time to get it…

Delta-8 Hemp Tincture

Delta 8 Hemp Tincture
Delta 8 Hemp Tincture

If you are looking for pure Delta 8 THC tincture, without any additional cannabinoid, you might want to try the new line from Industrial Hemp Farms.

Coming in Orange, Mint, Lemon or Unflavored, choose between 1000mg, 2500mg or 5000mg and don’t forget to use the cbdflowers20 discount code.

TIP: Use coupon code cbdflowers20 for an additional 20% discount.

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5,000mg Delta-8 THC Tinctures

5,000mg Delta-8 THC Tinctures - Only $55/Bottle
5,000mg Delta-8 THC Tinctures – Only $55/Bottle

Take advantage of our 25% discount to bundle up on these amazing Delta 8 THC tinctures and save big. Use ‘Delta25’ coupon code and get 3 of the 5000mg Delta 8 THC tinctures for only $55/bottle.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the ‘Delta25′ coupon at checkout for an additional 25% discount, taking the price down to as low as $165. That’s only $55/bottle, a great price for 5000mg Delta 8 THC tincture!

Click HERE to get Delta-8 THC tinctures – bundle

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#6+#7: Delta-8 THC Hash & Moon Rocks

High-quality Delta 8 THC flowers are hard to find. Unlike Cannabis or Hemp Flowers, Delta 8 THC flowers are not naturally made, but they are fortified hemp-flowers (hemp flowers infused with Delta 8 THC distillate).

Not that the Delta 8 flowers are not good, they are just not as good as the original… However, that’s why we have Delta 8 THC Hash and Moon Rocks! If you love smoking, your best choice is to put your hands on one of these premoim Delta 8 Hash or Moon Rocks. They are just that good!

Afghan Delta 8 Hash

Afghan Delta 8 Hash

For a long time our readers have repeatedly asked us for one thing: quality Delta 8 Hash. Finally we have secured enough of this attractive products to offer it here.

With total CBD of 21.77% and over 10% of Delta-8 THC the Afghan Delta 8 Hash is a must-have product for anyone looking for a great smoke.

Choose between: AfghanDurban Poison (With Delta 10), Strawberry Cough (With Delta 10), Hybrid Cookies (With Delta 10) & Hashsteroid.

Current deal: Get 20% discount using DADDAY coupon code.

Click HERE for premium Afghan Delta 8 Hash

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Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 Moon Rocks
Delta 8 Moon Rocks

The Delta 8 Moon Rocks are driving more and more attention among our readers, due to their high quality and great user-experience. With the right blend of flowers, distillate and Kief these premium Moon Rocks have a lot to offer!

Now, after they have been discounted, you can get them for a very attractive price.

Current deal: Get 20% discount using DADDAY coupon code and get it for as low as $79.99/oz

Click HERE to get the Delta 8 Moon Rocks

(With DADDAY coupon code)

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