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WWE 2K22: Release Date and new report on Cover Star reveal

2K Games tries to move on from their past mistakes

WWE 2K22 is only a few months away, and the title’s release date will finally revive this struggling WWE franchise.

We’ve got all the details you need to know about WWE 2K22 including the release date, confirmed game modes, new features, and much more.

Latest – New report on Cover Star reveal


After a relative lack of news for some time, a new report by Fightful Select indicates that the WWE 2K22 Cover Star reveal could be just one week away.

This would line right up with the promises by 2K that they had more reveals coming in January 2022, but we haven’t gotten any official confirmation from them about this potential announcement.

We’ve got more details here on exactly what this latest report stated.

WWE 2K22 Release Date

While the game was confirmed as far back as April of 2021, fans are going to have found themselves waiting nearly a year by the time it’s released.

After being delayed a few months ago, the WWE 2K22 release date will be March 2022, though they’ve stopped short of giving an exact day within that month for launch.

WWE 2K22 release date

WWE 2K22: Release Date and new report on Cover Star reveal click to enlarge
WWE 2K22: Release Date and new report on Cover Star reveal + 2

HEAD OF THE TABLE: Roman Reigns is sure to be one of the best in WWE 2K22

When WWE 2K20 faced significant launch issues, 2K Games took the massive step of canceling the planned WWE 2K21 release.

Rather than choosing to cancel WWE 2K22 entirely, the delay now gives them extra time in development to make sure things are set ahead of launch.

Reveal Trailer

The official WWE 2K22 reveal trailer arrived on night one of WrestleMania 37 on April 10, 2021.


The trailer can be seen above, and this early glimpse showed gameplay footage from a “work-in-progress build” featuring Rey Mysterio and Cesaro.

A second teaser was shared on August 21, 2021 that served to announce the title’s delay to March 2022, but it also showcased more in-game footage.


We’ll hopefully get more footage when the major reveals take place in January 2022, and that should include the longest trailer yet with more in-game glimpses.


New Features & Game Modes Revealed

After a long stretch of relative silence by Visual Concepts about what’s actually planned for WWE 2K22, we’re finally learning details about the game.

Ahead of their planned announcements in January 2022, a new Feature Reveal Trailer has been released highlighting ten major changes on the way.

WWE 2K22 New Features Game Modes

WWE 2K22: Release Date and new report on Cover Star reveal click to enlarge
WWE 2K22: Release Date and new report on Cover Star reveal + 2

THE HIT LIST: These 10 innovations are coming to WWE 2K22

While some are upgrades and new features affecting the entire game, such as the new gameplay engine, controls, graphics, and presentation, we’ve also got all-new game modes.


MyGM revives the fan-favorite GM Mode for a new era, MyRISE replaces the former MyCAREER mode, and MyFACTION makes a franchise debut with a new single player experience building a legendary faction.

We’ve got more details here on all the new features that were revealed, and you can watch the trailer for yourself.

Cover Superstar

Exactly when we get news of the WWE 2K22 cover star isn’t known, but it could come in January 2022 as the release window approaches.

WWE 2K18 featured Seth Rollins as the cover superstar. WWE 2K19 went with AJ Styles, and WWE 2K20 chose a dual-pairing with Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch.

With a mix of legends and rising stars in mind, we took a look here at some of the top contenders for WWE 2K22 cover star.

WWE 2K22 using same face scan tech as NBA 2K22

As news rolled in about NBA 2K22, a behind the scenes video showing cover athlete Dirk Nowitzki getting scanned for the title revealed a similarity to WWE 2K22.


The mobile multi-camera scanning rig shown for NBA 2K22 is the same one that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts was seen using for Booker T during the development of WWE 2K22.


While it’s not exactly a surprise that the studio is utilizing their tech across both titles, it’s still a great sign about the potential that WWE 2K22 has to deliver the most gorgeous game in series history.

You can find more details here on that tech and what it could mean for WWE 2K22.


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