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WoW Classic Realm Status: How to Check


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Burning Crusade Classic has been live for a week

Burning Crusade Classic has been live for a week / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic released on Tuesday, June 1. Players have had a week to traverse into the Dark Portal in order to fight off the invading demonic forces that are encroaching upon Azeroth’s well-being. But in order for players to defend Azeroth players first have to choose a server. Sometimes servers’ status is unknown not allowing players to log in. Here’s how players can check WoW Classic realm statuses. 

There are two ways to go about checking realm statuses in World of Warcraft:

First, they can try the simple method of login into the game and retrieving the server list. Once at the server list, under the “Population” section on the right side, it will state if a server is offline. This only occurs when a server is down. 

If players want a more specific answer, they can visit the Blizzard official server Realm Status website that they have set up since Classic’s launch. Here, players can verify their Realm’s status as it gives a list of each Realm. Realm’s status is indicated on the left-hand side: a green checkmark indicates the realm is up and running, if not, that means the server is offline. 

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