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World’s largest startup pitch competition in procurement announces…




DEMO Virtual continues to showcase the best procurement technology from around the world, proving our dedication to highlighting today’s most forward-thinking innovators,” said DPW Founder Matthias Gutzmann.

62 startups, 9 pitches, 3 winners

The competition’s 9 finalists – shortlisted from over 62 applicants – logged in from all corners of the globe to pitch their ideas in front of hundreds of online viewers and a judging panel of 28 experts including seasoned procurement professionals, venture capitalists, startup enthusiasts, investors, and founders. After an intense session with nine pitches and thorough questioning, the three category winners were selected.

The category winners of the DEMO Virtual 2020 are:

Fairmarkit (USA) – Winner Source-to-Pay category

Fairmarkit is the intelligent sourcing platform that empowers organizations to more efficiently purchase the goods and services they need. By equipping procurement and supply-chain teams with automation and data, Fairmarkit promotes competitive bidding while reducing manual work within existing processes.

IntegrityNext (Germany) – Winner Networks & Platforms category & Audience Vote Winner

IntegrityNext enables organizations to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability and compliance in order to meet the regulatory requirements. The IntegrityNext platform automatically obtains the required supplier self-assessments and certificates while monitoring social media for malpractice and reputational risks.

Vizibl (UK) – Winner Enterprise category

Vizibl is the world’s leading supplier collaboration and innovation platform, helping both buyers and suppliers manage all aspects of their relationship more effectively to deliver mutual value. Vizibl’s software makes every aspect of the relationship life-cycle transparent, so companies can align on their governance, strategy and develop great ideas together.

Each of the 3 winners will receive a free startup package to DPW’s annual flagship conference taking place in Amsterdam on 15-16 September, 2021, and most importantly, high-profile exposure to DPW’s community of senior procurement practitioners and potential investors who are looking for the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovation.

“DEMO Virtual continues to showcase the best procurement technology from around the world, proving our dedication to highlighting today’s most forward-thinking innovators,” said DPW Founder Matthias Gutzmann. “It allows procurement organisations to understand which emerging technologies have the greatest impact and ROI on their digital transformation.”

About DEMO Virtual 2020:

DEMO Virtual is one of the activities from DPW, the first organisation of its kind to focus on bringing startups into the procurement industry. It provides a platform for all procurement entrepreneurs from around the world to pitch their solutions to gain global exposure and access deals.

About DPW:

The most important community for technology and innovation in procurement, DPW partners with the world’s most progressive companies to unlock the true power of procurement through excellence in digital procurement. For more information, visit

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Best WordPress Directory Plugins




Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

A functional online directory plugin will help you deliver business or personal information by location or category for internal or external use. 

Whether you want to build a glossary of names and terms for your employees or a comprehensive business index, a good directory plugin for your WordPress website will help you do just that. 

Directory plugins serve a simple purpose: to create a user-friendly database with up-to-date details for both your customers and internal team. Your plugin of choice will give you access to this information along with pictures, location information, and contact details. 

As there are many directory plugin options out there, I’m here to make it easier for you by narrowing it down to the top five best directory plugins for your WordPress website—so you won’t have trouble finding the right one for you. 

The Top 5 Options for Directory Plugins 

#1 – Business Directory – The Best for Extensive Directory Categories 

If you’re looking for a wide variety of directory categories to choose from, the Business Directory plugin is an excellent option. 

This plugin allows you to easily build the directory you want by seamlessly pairing it with any WordPress website. 

It doesn’t matter what type of directory you wish to build because the Business Directory plugin has it all. The plugin covers the basic local business directories as well as employee, member, restaurant, medical, tour and travel, hotel, software review sites, and book review site directories. 

Along with its extensive category list, Business Directory offers a simple installation process that WordPress users can rely on. 

With its easy directory templates, you can change the style and layouts to suit your preferences. This plugin also lets you have full-field control to create your own custom fields for simple list navigation.  

Some other helpful features include: 

  • Free and paid submissions for extra traffic or revenue 
  • Mobile-friendly listings 
  • Google maps 
  • PayPal and Stripe integration 
  • Full image support 
  • Rating module 

Business Directory offers three pricing plans, including: 

  • Basic: $199 per year for one site, unlimited listings, and one year of support 
  • Pro: $399 per year for up to five sites with all basic features and priority support (most popular)
  • Elite: $599 per year for unlimited sites with all pro features and all directory themes

These pricing plans may be quite expensive for some, so I recommend the Business Directory plugin for those who need a diverse range of categories for their directory. All pricing plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Try it today.

#2 – GeoDirectory – The Best Customizable Directory Plugin for WordPress

Customization is important for directory plugins, which is where GeoDirectory comes in. GeoDirectory is an excellent option for website owners who are looking for ultimate flexibility and customization options. 

With its incredible compatibility, this plugin works with any WordPress theme and allows you to easily customize your page the same way you do for your actual website and theme. GeoDirectory also lets you customize 40+ widgets, shortcodes, and blocks, and all features are available in any format. 

This plugin offers an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that helps you organize and reorder listing pages while easily adding customized tabs, fields, and content. 

Custom fields also come with a fully customizable and unique badge system that you can include in your listings. These badges include terms such as new, featured, and recently updated. You can also add badges with counts, video icons, and social links. 

By using GeoDirectory, your WordPress website will benefit from multiple advanced features, including: 

  • Add business hours to any listing 
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Developer-friendly system  
  • Pre-built templates 
  • Advanced integrations 

As one of the most comprehensive directory plugins on the web, GeoDirectory offers four different pricing plans: 

  • Four Months: $99 paid every four months 
  • Six Months: $129 paid every six months 
  • One Year: $199 paid every 12 months (most popular) 
  • Lifetime: $995 paid once 

Every plan includes all products, add-ons, and premium support for the corresponding period. If recurring subscriptions aren’t your thing, GeoDirectory offers single four, six, and 12-month plans. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans, except for the Lifetime tier. Learn more.

#3 – Connections Business Directory – The Best Free WordPress Directory Plugin

With its high-quality and supportive features, Connections Business Directory is a great free option for those looking for a starter plugin. With over 900,000 downloads, this plugin will help you seamlessly integrate your customized directory with your WordPress website. 

The Connections Business Directory system and database have been carefully crafted for maximum compatibility with WordPress, so your installation experience is smooth and simple—especially for website owners with little technical knowledge. 

The plugin is also completely scalable and gives you the option to manage hundreds of entries within your directory. 

Another outstanding feature of Connections Business Directory is the robust templates. For a free plugin, it offers you a decent range of templates to get you started—with a template pro package available for an additional cost. 

Apart from it being free, which is a huge bonus, Connections Business Directory has prominent features, such as: 

  • 30+ languages are translation ready 
  • Many free and premium extensions 
  • Repeatable fields 
  • Free support forum 
  • Developer-friendly with open APIs 

As you can install Connections Business Directory for free, they don’t have any pricing plans. However, you can purchase premium add-ons and extensions for an affordable price. Some of the most popular add-ons include the Widget Pack for $9.99 and the Custom Category Order for $4.99.

Template bundles include: 

  • Extension Pro Pack: $29.99 for one site 
  • Template Pro Pack: $59.99 for one site 
  • Pro Pack: $74.99 for one site

Although these prices are very affordable, it’s also important to create a budget not to overspend on the extras. In that case, you may find a different directory plugin with additional features for around the same price.

#4 – Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro – The Best WordPress Plugin with Multifunctional Features

Create a powerful business directory using the Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro (ACADP) plugin. With its unique unlimited features, you can build an advanced directory from scratch with little to no effort. 

Even though this plugin offers customizable settings and layouts for an easy view of your listings, the multifunctional widgets are by far the best feature to take advantage of. 

ACADP has a wide variety of WordPress-compatible widgets that offer a more convenient way for you to add and manage content on your website without complex code, making it a perfect tool for beginners. 

ACADP specifically designs the widgets to showcase listing-related information and tools for easy navigation. The widgets include ACADP search/filter, categories, locations, listings, listing address, listing contact, and listing video. 

Your website will easily support these widgets and all users need to do is hover and click on the widget they need for extra information. 

Being quite a comprehensive plugin, you will benefit from many features, including: 

  • Advertiser and user panel functions 
  • Backend management 
  • Email notifications 
  • Bookmark tools with advanced search and filtering 
  • Unlimited listings, categories, locations, and custom fields

ACADP has two pricing plans you can pay for monthly, yearly, or with a one-time life fee, which includes: 

  • Starter: Free and includes one site with unlimited listings, categories, locations, and custom fields plus email templates.
  • Professional: $9.99 per month, $95.98 per year, or $289.99 lifetime and includes one site with all starter features and payment gateways.

ACADP offers between three and five sites on the Professional plan, but you will have to pay additional costs according to how many sites you want. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans and a 20% discount on the lifetime plan. 

#5 – Name Directory – The Best Directory Plugin for an Online Glossary Builder

Name Directory is another free plugin, however, it’s a little different from the other options on this list as it isn’t a standard business index plugin. If you are a beginner looking for a more basic database that can build online glossaries for your WordPress website, Name Directory is an excellent option. 

With a similar control panel view to the WordPress administration panel, you will have a simple time adding to, navigating, and managing your online glossaries through Name Directory. You can add multiple directories with this plugin with simple shortcodes to copy and paste into the database. 

Every online glossary you build also has a few customization options to alter the directory’s layout and functionality. 

Even though this is a basic directory, there are still a wide variety of configuration options you can choose from to help maintain your online glossaries. 

Some of these include the option to show/hide title, description, and search function, select the number of columns to display, enter the subject of the directory, and limit the number of words in your description with a ‘read more’ link. 

Because it is an entirely free plugin, there are limited features, but Name Directory includes: 

  • An in-depth support forum with the developers 
  • Import CSV files 
  • Customization for listings 
  • Language support 

Name Directory is free to download and install. However, the developer team offers paid customization for anyone looking at a more extensive plugin at a low price. 

What I Looked at To Find The Best Directory Plugin for WordPress

Now that you know my top five recommendations for the best directory plugin for WordPress, it’s time for you to look for the right product for your website. 

To make it easier for you, I narrowed down the top three criteria that helped me find the best options above. All you have to do is weigh up these criteria against your personal needs to find the perfect plugin for you. 

Not every plugin will have all three criteria, but it’s important to find a plugin with at least one or two of these for you to use your website to its maximum potential. 

Customization for Listings 

Being able to customize your old and new listings is paramount to the success of your business index. 

Having a flexible and customizable plugin like GeoDirectory will make sure your listings are up-to-date for your users. 

Not being able to customize your directory will heavily impact your business due to lack of functionality, so it’s imperative to find a plugin that offers at least some customizing options. 

Rating and Review System

A rating and review system is paramount for letting your users express their opinions about your listed businesses. 

Just like the Business Directory Plugin that offers a rating module, it helps to bring more inclusivity to your website by allowing users to rate businesses on a scale of one to five. 

Plus, ratings and reviews help users decide on the most trusted service, and you can risk losing business without it. 

Bookmarking Tools 

A plugin that offers any sort of bookmarking tool will help transform your website. 

ACADP is one of the directory plugins that have this tool alongside advanced searching and filtering features. 

This tool will allow your users to bookmark individual listings for future reference, making it incredibly convenient while saving time. 

Your business index won’t completely suffer without it, but it’s a handy tool that will increase consistent traffic for your website.


Finding the best directory plugin for your WordPress website depends on a few factors like customization, a rating and review systems, and bookmarking tools, among other features. 

Looking for these elements is a great place to start, as it will ensure you get the maximum support from your desired plugin. 

I’d recommend the GeoDirectory and Business Directory Plugin to anyone looking for extensive and highly customizable directory plugins for your WordPress website. 

GeoDirectory is the most customizable option on the list, with excellent WordPress compatibility and an intuitive interface. As a developer-friendly system, anyone can transform and customize the pre-existing databases to suit your every need. 

Business Directory Plugin is also great for extensive categories. If you have multiple niches and locations you wish to cater to, this plugin has it all in terms of options. It’s also mobile-friendly and has great payment integration options if you want to earn as you go. 

That being said, the other three directory plugins are excellent options that highly suit beginners. 

Here’s a quick recap:

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PerimeterX raises $57 million to fight bots and web app attacks




PerimeterX, a cybersecurity startup developing a platform to protect apps from malicious actors, today announced it has raised $57 million in growth capital, bringing its total raised to $144 million. The company says this investment will be used to expand into new geographies and verticals and grow its workforce.

According to Markets and Markets, the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) segment is expected to reach $1.68 billion this year, driven by a rise in security breaches and incidents and the rapid development and deployment of cloud-based solutions. According to Risk Based Security, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. That may be why 68% of business leaders in a recent Accenture survey said they feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

San Mateo, California-based PerimeterX, which was founded in 2014 by CEO Omri Iluz, CTO Ido Safruti, and CFO Ophir Ashkenazi, offers products that identify automated attacks and client-side threats to websites, mobile apps, and APIs. The company’s Bot Defender ostensibly defends against account abuse, checkout abuse, and web scraping, while Code Defender and Page Defender offer protection against skimming and block unwanted coupon extensions and ad injections. The suite leverages a range of capabilities, including behavioral fingerprints, predictive analytics, and machine learning models to differentiate real users from automated attacks. And PerimeterX claims it can be deployed in minutes, with a load balancer and server-agnostic approach that enables integration with existing infrastructure.

“The PerimeterX platform leverages over 120 machine learning algorithms and 165 models to profile bot behavior and client-side code activity in real time to identify and defend against a wide spectrum of threats,” a spokesperson told VentureBeat via email. “[It] generates a constantly updated library of attack patterns based on interactions with applications, fingerprints from devices, and network characteristics. PerimeterX collects and sends hundreds of anonymized indicators such as user interactions, like mouse movements, clicks, and keystroke speed, as well as device behavior such as kind of device, battery level, and environment details such as window size, fonts and extensions. [It] also uses advanced machine learning algorithms and models to process this data and ensure legitimacy, safety and fluidity of all web and app traffic. Finally, PerimeterX acts as a gatekeeper and takes action to either let requests through or block them.”

This year, 175-employee PerimeterX extended its offerings with enhanced blocking for Code Defender and a new verification choice beyond traditional CAPTCHAs, as well as a unified user dashboard to proactively manage existing and emerging threats. The company also expanded its ecosystem with novel and improved integrations, including with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.

PerimeterX claims to have protected over $100 billion in ecommerce revenue in 2020 as it processed over 2 billion login requests per day. And the company says its revenue grew 3,637% between 2016 and 2019, reflecting the growth in its customer base to 200 companies including Godiva,, and Skechers.

AllianceBernstein led the round announced today and was joined by new investors Stereo Capital, JS Capital, and Golden Arc Capital. The round included strong support from existing investors Adams Street Partners, Canaan Partners, DTCP, Scale Venture Partners, and Vertex Ventures US.

Juniper Research predicts approximately $6 trillion will be spent globally on cybersecurity tools and R&D by 2021, and PerimeterX has plenty of rivals. Ironscales employs AI and machine learning to defeat organizationwide phishing attacks in real time, and Vade recently raised $79 million to further develop its filtering stack that protects against compromise, malware, and spam. There’s also Tessian, which uses machine learning to secure enterprise mail, and Valimail, which nabbed $45 million last year to thwart email phishing attacks.


VentureBeat’s mission is to be a digital town square for technical decision-makers to gain knowledge about transformative technology and transact. Our site delivers essential information on data technologies and strategies to guide you as you lead your organizations. We invite you to become a member of our community, to access:

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ALYI Confirms RevoltTOKEN ICO Imminent




Dallas, TX, February 17, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: ALYI) today confirmed its finance partner, RevoltTOKEN, has indicated the planned RevoltTOKEN ICO is imminent.

On Friday, last week, the CEO of RevoltTOKEN, Mr. Henryk Dabrowski, issued an update on the coming RevoltTOKEN ICO.  The update has been included again here in its entirety, below.

In response to questions and comments received since Mr. Dabrowki’s update on Friday, Mr. Dabrowski today added, “the contemplated change of control mentioned in the update is anticipated to take place through the purchase of a preferred block of shares currently owned by existing ALYI management.  This is an update from a previously anticipated purchase of newly issued common shares. We continue to update the RevoltTOKEN website in preparation for the ICO and will address further questions in a FAQ section on the website.”

The republished update below comes directly from the CEO of RevoltTOKEN, Mr. Henryk Dabrowski.

RevoltTOKEN Update – ICO Imminent

The update today is brief, and the overall message is succinct.  The launch of the ICO is imminent.  We anticipate releasing the RevoltTOKEN, a cryptocurrency currently partitioned on the Ethereum Blockchain for sale within the next two weeks. 

The funds generated from our sale of RevoltTOKENs are intended to fund the growth and expansion of the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem.

The RevoltTOKEN is designed as a utility token ultimately intended to represent participation in the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem.  Please visit the RevoltTOKEN website ( for complete details on RevoltTOKEN.

We have admittedly taken longer than anticipated getting to our ICO launch.  The launch timeline has been extended as we have taken particular care to take every measure, we could foresee in an effort to launch RevoltTOKEN fairly, democratically, and within all market rules and guidelines.

Funds from the RevoltTOKEN ICO are intended to be invested in ALYI by way of an equity investment anticipated to result in a change of control.

Please checkback regularly on the RevoltTOKEN website ( for the latest information and disclosures, and for notice on the final ICO date.  We plan to announce the date at least 48 hours in advance.  We plan to email everyone that has signed up on the RevoltTOKEN website as soon as we have finalized a date. You can still sign up on the RevoltTOKEN website.

Thank you for your interest in RevoltTOKEN and the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem.

Henryk Dabrowksi


To learn more about RevoltToken, visit

For the latest on ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem strategy visit:

Flip Book The Global Democratized Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Collaboration Strategy


Video – The Global Democratized Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Collaboration Strategy

For more information and to stay up to date on ALYI’s overall latest developments, please visit

Disclaimer/Safe Harbor: This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include the expectation that any of the companies mentioned herein will achieve significant sales, the failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the companies’ contracts, the companies’ liquidity position, the companies’ ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur.

Alternet Systems, Inc. Contact:
Randell Torno


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Right on Brands Announces New Game Changing Delta-8 Hemp Products Released “ENDO ON THE GO”




Dallas, Texas, February 17, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – Right on Brands, Inc.™ (OTC Pink: RTON), a developer of a broad line of hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, tinctures, and topical products and the exciting new 100% federally legal Delta-8 product line.


This trendy new popular Delta-8 enhancer will be available next week for online purchase. Simply mix ENDO On-The-Go into your favorite drink! It will be available in natural and flavors.

Trend – Hemp based mixers have been gaining popularity as consumers look to enhance cocktails.

Why – This is for consumers who are looking for something other than sugar laden juices or energy drinks to easily mix ENDO On-The-Go into any food or beverage.

Best – Hemp Based Delta-8 products are federally legal in most states, please check with your state for legalities.

Check with your local ENDO Brands retailer for availability.

Order online at:

Delta 8 – THC You Will Love   

THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol has several unique analogs that determine the way the compound interacts with your body. Because of the unique properties of Delta-8 THC it can offer some surprising and enjoyable wellness benefits without delivering the psychoactive or “high” effects its sibling Delta 9 is known for. Because of this the rising star, Delta-8, is the THC analog that has been showing up in many health and wellness products recently.

In 2018 the Farm Bill was signed into law. That legislation states that all derivatives of hemp (cannabinoids, analogs, etc.) are completely legal in the United States if they do not contain more than .3% THC (Delta 9 THC to be specific).

“Online sales have been through the roof the last week as our website has now become the recipient of national attention. A number of potential retail partners have contacted the company within the last two weeks to become authorized resellers of our product line” says Jerry Grisaffi, CEO of Right on Brands. “ENDO Brands is an established, respected product line known for it’s commitment of highest standards in quality. Brick and Mortar retailers are scrambling for new hot product lines to bolster sagging sales from the recent Worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic.”

About Right on Brands, Inc.: 

Right On Brands, Inc., (OTC Pink: RTON) is a Dallas based, consumer goods company specializing in the brand development and distribution of Hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, smokables, oils and topical products for health-conscious individuals. Right On Brands consists of ENDO Brands™, and Right On Brands™ and Humbly Hemp®.

Right on Brands is in the process of becoming current on its filings with the SEC. We are working with our auditors to process the 10K soon.

Become an ENDO Brands™ retailer:

If you are a food and beverage or consumer products distributor seeking to sell our high margin product lines of CDB-infused beverages, smokables, or our CBD and Delta-8 edibles, oils and topicals and vapes please contact our sales department.

For more information please visit:

Try our products today!

50% off first purchase offer use the discount code TRYME50


Corporate Sales: Mike Brown or Jerry Grisaffi (214) 736-7252 extension 302

Forward Looking Statements:

This press release contains information that constitutes forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of All such forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from any future results described by the forward-looking statements. Risk factors that could contribute to such differences include those matters more fully disclosed in the Company’s reports filed with the SEC. The forward-looking information provided herein represents the Company’s estimates as of the date of this press release, and subsequent events and developments may cause the Company’s estimates to change. The Company specifically disclaims any obligation to update the forward-looking information in the future. Therefore, this forward-looking information should not be relied upon as representing the Company’s estimates of its future financial performance as of any date subsequent to the date of this press release.


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Proposed hardware implementation of the QEC code. The circuit consists of two Josephson junctions coupled by a gyrator, highlighted in red. CREDIT M. Rymarz et al., Phys Rev X (2021), (CC BY 4.0)
Nano Technology5 days ago

Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits: Scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University have designed a circuit for quantum computers which is naturally protected against common errors

Proposed hardware implementation of the QEC code. The circuit consists of two Josephson junctions coupled by a gyrator, highlighted in red. CREDIT M. Rymarz et al., Phys Rev X (2021), (CC BY 4.0)
Nano Technology5 days ago

Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits: Scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University have designed a circuit for quantum computers which is naturally protected against common errors

NEWATLAS5 days ago

Ancient tree tells chaotic tale of Earth’s magnetic field reversal

Proposed hardware implementation of the QEC code. The circuit consists of two Josephson junctions coupled by a gyrator, highlighted in red. CREDIT M. Rymarz et al., Phys Rev X (2021), (CC BY 4.0)
Nano Technology4 days ago

Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits: Scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University have designed a circuit for quantum computers which is naturally protected against common errors

PR Newswire5 days ago

Trase: The Indonesia’s pulp sector has achieved an 85% reduction of deforestation since 2011, but remains dependent on carbon-intensive peatland plantations

SPACS5 days ago

Schiller, Falk Sports SPAC Pulled In Over $1 Billion in IPO Orders

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Quantum computing: when ignorance is wanted

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Molecular Stethoscope Announces Publication of its NAFLD/NASH Study in the American Journal of Physiology – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

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Lucid Motors finally confirms SPAC deal, and the stock is plunging

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Powered “underwater glider” has no external moving parts

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Gordon Murray reveals wildly audacious T.50s “Niki Lauda” track car

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U.S. News Releases Ratings of the Best Travel Insurance Companies

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Cognixion ONE launches this year with brain-controlled AR

PR Newswire5 days ago

BBVA and Google Cloud Form Strategic Partnership to Drive Security Innovation in Financial Services

Amb Crypto5 days ago

IOI gaming platform applying NFT family starts the token public sale soon

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A speed limit also applies in the quantum world: Study by the University of Bonn determines minimum time for complex quantum operations

PR Newswire5 days ago

IBM Power Systems Enhances Hybrid Cloud Capabilities with Red Hat

PR Newswire5 days ago

10th Edition of Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators Report Celebrates Innovation Excellence and Quantifies Economic Value of Ideation

Nano Technology5 days ago

Atomic nuclei in the quantum swing: The extremely precise control of nuclear excitations opens up possibilities of ultra-precise atomic clocks and powerful nuclear batteries

Nano Technology5 days ago

A speed limit also applies in the quantum world: Study by the University of Bonn determines minimum time for complex quantum operations