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Why Local Digital Marketing is Important and How to Get Started


Why Local Digital Marketing is Important and How to Get Started

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Today, every business should be online. Even small, local businesses require an online presence otherwise they will be missed by a large number of potential customers who are likely to be looking for a business offering.

Local digital marketing can increase the business’s customer base, generate higher income, and help the business grow. You want your business to be successful, so take some time to learn more about local digital marketing and what it can do for your business.

Local Scenario – Local Issues

Every month, billions of local searches are being done. Google searches with “Nearby” in them have increased by 34 times compared to four years ago. While there are still many transactions going on at local stores, an online presence is needed to help more and more customers find business and decide to stop in front of the store.

Currently, about 85% of all transactions are still done in local shops. However, people research online and find local stores.

Among those searching locally on their smartphones, a majority will arrive at the respective business in about 24 hours or less, and more than 25% of those searches will result in a purchase.

Today’s Consumers Behavior

Consumers today have very high expectations, want immediate action, and are more likely to act on incentives when motivated. They are more likely to make spontaneous decisions based on what they see and are generally more loyal to their need at the time rather than brands.

Today the average person checks his phone 150 times a day and spends 177 minutes on his phone every day. Each time they use their phone, they spend an average of 70 seconds online.

In the past, everything was based on physical locations. Some companies had websites, but they usually told potential customers where to find local stores and did not offer much to the customer. The decision was based on foot traffic to the physical location and ignored it if the company had a website.

Why turn to digital marketing?

Local digital marketing helps local businesses reach more customers, increase their income and create new jobs. It helps a business grow significantly and can help a business be more successful than a business that doesn’t have a digital footprint.

Over the past year, businesses that effectively use digital marketing were almost 3 times more likely to increase the number of calls they receive, increase their leads, and increase sales than businesses without a web presence. 20% of small businesses using digital marketing have gained 43% of their customer base in another region or overseas in the past year, creating a great potential market for the business.

Create a great website

Creating a quality website is essential for the success of local digital marketing. Many of your potential customers will want to visit your website before deciding to visit your local store. Over 40% of people comparing online businesses will be looking for websites to help them make decisions and the website is the most clicked item on Google business listings.

However, you do not need to spend a ton of money to build a complex website with ecommerce options.

Instead, start with a basic, professionally designed website. A basic website will not cost too much, but will be well designed and will contain everything you need to attract consumers and help them become customers. If necessary, a properly built website will be able to grow with your business in the future.

Start advertising to find more customers

To be there when the customer needs you, start using Google Ads. They are great for local businesses as well as for those with a very wide reach.

Make sure that you create advertisements that target local customers and various advertisements to a wider audience. Sign in to Google My Business to see address information with ads, and try callout extensions to highlight special offers and follow-up conversations including phone calls.

You will want to take advantage of the subtle moments by targeting ads at the customer’s buying stage. Carefully select keywords that match the moment. Then be sure to connect more with customers. Use the Display Network to connect after the research is complete, use remarketing to target people who have visited your website, and demographics to bid on more people who match your specific customer profile.


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