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Why I Will Be Opening an Office in 2021


Why I Will Be Opening an Office in 2021
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@marianna_bMarianna Boguslavsky

Digital Strategist. Passionate about all things marketing. Founder of www.boguslavskyandco.com

I used to be the biggest proponent of working remotely. 

I hired and managed a remotely distributed team all the way back in 2014, when it was seen as a strange move and not the way majority digital or marketing agencies operated. 

I lived a “digital nomad” lifestyle, living and working from across the globe. From 2014 until 2016, I worked and travelled in the UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Singapore. All whilst running a digital strategy agency with a remotely based team. 

Yet, next year, I plan to open a physical office for Boguslavsky & Co, my niche digital strategy agency focused on scaling tech startups. What do they say, when the world zigs, zag. Which is exactly what I plan to be doing. 

2020 is the year almost every single business globally enforced working from home policies – not by choice, yet still this is the current status quo. Many are planning to continue in this manner in the next few years. 

Not me.

I no longer believe that working from home lends itself to the creative industry, especially that of a digital marketing agency. 

The best ideas are sometimes borne from lengthy face to face brainstorming sessions. 

Collaboration breeds creativity. Being surrounded by people who are passionate about the work can improve productivity. 

A physical office with dedicated team members fosters positive morale, focus, and motivation. 

Not to mention the need for non verbal communication – so much can be lost on email or frozen Zoom meetings. 

Come 2021, I’m looking for office space…


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