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Why brands should seriously adopt AR

Why brands should seriously adopt AR


In response to the pandemic’s impact on retail stores and art venues, Augmented Reality makes it possible to retain customers by bringing the store and its products to your home. With just one click, you are able to see how furniture looks in your home; and are able to choose the right lipstick colour to match your complexion. AR is easily accessible and its reach is limitless.


AR also brings an interactive and engaging element to teaching and learning. Even though we’ll always enjoy reading a good book, an AR app takes up little to no space, instead of textbooks weighing down our bags! It’ll be interesting to see how AR takes up more space in education through the creation of virtual classrooms.


Whether we use it frequently or occasionally, AR is here to stay for a while. It adds another layer to our reality which heightens our sensory experience and draws us in. It’s no wonder why the Pokemon Go app reached a record of 232 million users in 2016!

Brings value:

The success of adopting AR stems from whether it brings value to a brand and their wider marketing strategy. Does it bring relevant branded information to the end client? Does it make one’s life easier, and lead to faster actions and decisions that rely on consumer buying power? A successful AR app should contain a mix of the above qualities whilst bringing fun and creating intrigue.

It provides another way to engage with your audience, one that by-passes any physical restrictions and limitations and allows audiences to learn, engage and take action in a matter of seconds. With the rising popularity in social media, AR makes the connection between an audience and brand more personal and satisfying. It makes an audience feel seen and heard by addressing their needs and desires quickly and easily through technology.

If you’re now feeling inspired and are looking to incorporate AR into your next campaign, get in touch with us today. Our team is here to brainstorm with you and make amazing ideas come to life with Augmented Reality.

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