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Where to Find the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

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We’ve uncovered the location of the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6.

We’ve uncovered the location of the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6. / Ubisoft

We’ve uncovered the location of the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6.

The Sanguinario is a beast from which the pelt is needed in order for players to obtain part of the Primal gear set in Far Cry 6. It is a massive, powerful, Mythical jaguar that has been prowling the coasts of El Este and, in return for its hide, players can obtain the Primal Leggings in the Hunting Lodge.

The Primal set, itself, has to do with increasing the player’s arrow capacity, giving them a speed boost upon taking down an animal, and much more.

Here’s where to find the Mythical Sanguinario.

In Spanish, this creature’s name means “Bloodthirsty”—a fitting name for such a legendary beast.

Players can find the Sanguinario in the southernmost part of El Este. Specifically, this jaguar prowls Sierra Perdida, along the Vacía Coast. True to its nature, players may not encounter it during the daylight hours. They may need to wait until later in the afternoon or evening for it to appears. Other jaguars should be around, however, should the player need pelts or practice.

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The Sanguinario is only one out of the five Mythical animals needed to trade for parts of the Primal set in the Hunting Lodge. Other animals include both Demoniacos, Mamutito, and Venodiente.

Far Cry 6 is available on the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series S|X, and PC .

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