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Where to Buy Weapons on the Citadel


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Mass Effect Legendary Edition released on May 14
Mass Effect Legendary Edition released on May 14 | Photo by BioWare/Electronic Arts

Where can you buy weapons on the Citadel?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released on May 14. It’s a compilation of each of the trilogy’s games: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

RPGs usually have a myriad of ways of obtaining weapons, if the game requires them. The Mass Effect series is no outlier in that regard.

Apart from getting weapons the regular way via drops, players can also buy weapons at the Citadel. Weapons can also be upgraded with items obtained from vendors at the Citadel.

The Citadel houses a plethora of vendors, ranging from vendors who sell weapons to vendors who sell medical supplies. But there are only three vendors in particular that supply players with their weaponry needs.

First is the C-Sec Requisitions Officer, he can be found on the C-Sec Academy. Second, is Expat which can be located in the Upper Markets. And third, is Morlan, opposite to Expat, located in the Lower Markets.

Each vendor supplies weapons as well as other goods needed in the game. Weapons, weapon upgrades, medical supplies, armor and the like can all be found at the Citadel.

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