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What skills will make or break your company?

Acquiring new skills is a must for any business at this point of time. From the employees’ point of view as well, being in possession of future skills makes it important for them to stay relevant in the job industry. To identify certain areas, functions and roles for which organisations would need future skills to sustain, HRKatha is coming up with The Future Job Skills Study 2021.

The exceptionally crafted and detailed Future Job Skills Survey will find out the mood and inputs of the industry on the kind of skills that would be required in future for a wide variety of jobs. It will also throw light on what future jobs may look like, and the set of customised and relevant skills required for the same. The prime objective of the Survey, therefore, is to capture significant insights from key stakeholders about future job skills and publish a detailed report.

A range of professionals from different fields and domains can look to participate in the study, with chief learning officers, chief human resource officers, heads of L&D and other HR professionals being the key focus group for the study.

The Survey touches every critical area or resource that demands and deserves upskilling and will help us understand cross-functional job skills requirements, cutting across industries and companies capturing every minute and relevant detail.

HRKatha seeks your valuable insights on the various upskilling and reskilling requirements in your sector across different jobs and functions. To participate in the Survey, you can click here. Do not worry! It will not take much of your time. All you need to do is, answer 12 short but insightful questions.

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