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What is the Box of Many Things in WoW: Shadowlands?


Torghast, World of Warcraft’s roguelike system that launched alongside the Shadowlands expansion last year, is receiving a few major upgrades in Patch 9.1. The often-repetitive nature of Torghast was incredibly stale for many players by the end of Patch 9.0’s lifespan, but brand-new ways to spice up the system in Patch 9.1 are already being implemented into WoW.

The Box of Many Things is one of the newest ways for players to progress their characters through Torghast. In a similar vein to other roguelike games such as Hades or Risk of Rain 2, the Box of Many Things is a permanent item that gives WoW players a way to continue progressing and make their characters stronger after each run through Torghast. 

The Box of Many Things supplies players with permanent talents while inside Torghast, and does not reset after each Torghast run. The Box of Many Things allows players to finally utilize a tangible progression system through the endless endgame content that Torghast has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on the Box of Many Things, as well as how to use it to its fullest potential in WoW: Shadowlands Patch 9.1

Obtaining the Box

The first step to unlocking the Box of Many Things is to enter Torghast on any difficulty. Find an NPC named Ve’nish, who is almost always going to be located at the end of a floor. However, Ve’nish can sometimes appear throughout the floor in a random location, so make sure that you’ve made a clean sweep of the area before moving on to the next floor.

Once you find Ve’nish, accept the quest that he hands out, aptly titled The Box of Many Things, and turn it in with the Runecarver outside the Torghast instance. Once the quest is completed, you’ll have access to the new Torghast talent system that’s intertwined with the Box of Many Things.

Unlocking the Box’s traits

What is the Box of Many Things in WoW: Shadowlands?
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

There are six rows of talents to obtain inside the Box of Many Things. Each talent will give you a unique boost to your power inside Torghast. Unlike most other elements of Torghast gameplay, the progress you make with the Box’s talents is carried over into your next Torghast runs. 

The deeper down the Box’s talent rows that you go, the more powerful the talents to choose from become. For example, in the first row of talents, simple buffs and quality of life changes such as movement speed increases and more effective looting capabilities are acquirable. Once you reach the bottom of the Box’s talent tree, you’ll have access to far more powerful passive abilities. In the sixth row of talents, for example, you’ll be able to take a talent that allows you to deal an explosion of shadow damage to nearby enemies whenever you’re casting an empowered ability. 

However, the more you progress through the Box of Many Things’ ability tree, the more resources you’ll need. The resource used to obtain talents from the Box of Many Things is called Tower Knowledge, and it’s a pivotal factor in completing Torghast runs in Patch 9.1. 

Gaining Tower Knowledge

Tower Knowledge is the currency required to buy abilities and passive talents through the Box of Many Things. You can obtain Tower Knowledge by completing Torghast runs. The higher the layer of the run that you’re attempting, the more Tower Knowledge you’ll earn upon completing the run. Additionally, your effectiveness in that run is also taken into account when you’re rewarded with Tower Knowledge. For example, a flawless run with zero deaths will award 200 bonus Tower Knowledge. 

There is a weekly and seasonal cap to Tower Knowledge. The seasonal cap increases each week, similarly to Conquest and Valor Points. Once Tower Knowledge is spent on an ability inside the Box of Many Things, it cannot be refunded. 

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