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What Going On With the Switch Pro?



So much was said about the vaunted, fabled Switch Pro – a mid-life update for the Switch that would modernize the tech thoroughly, and allow the platform to remain competitive on a hardware level with everything else for a few more years while Nintendo worked away on the Switch 2. There were reports, leaks, discussions on the pricing and the presumed hardware capabilities, and what that might indicate for how Nintendo approaches hardware going forward, and even discussion on third party support for this thing. 

So, where did it all go wrong? Now that we’ve had time to reflect on the new Switch revision coming this year – which isn’t a Switch Pro or anything even resembling that, and is instead just a very minor refresh, more along the lines of a PS4 Slim than a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One S than an Xbox One X – we’ve more or less made our peace with the Switch OLED being what it is. In isolation, it’s an inoffensive and innocuous refresh, addressing some common complaints with the system – the kickstand quality, the lack of the ethernet port, increasing screen size and quality – but doing very little beyond the bare minimum. But within the context of the years of reporting on the impending Switch Pro, which this decidedly isn’t, we have to ask – what the hell happened here? How was there so much smoke with barely any fire?

A lot of people, in the aftermath of the Switch OLED announcement, have pointed out that the Switch Pro rumours never made sense, that it went against Nintendo’s modus operandi. But that… isn’t really true? One of the key points I’ve reiterated in all my discussions of the Switch Pro is that it is right in keeping with Nintendo’s trajectory for its portable systems. The Gameboy got Gameboy Color, the DS got DSi, the 3DS got New 3DS. Nintendo has been doing these mid-cycle bumps for their handhelds since before Sony or Microsoft seized upon the concept, the Switch Pro – had it been real – would merely have been the latest example of that.

Now, there is something to be said about the degree of updates that were rumoured. Perhaps one can say the rumour mill got carried away – 4K, DLSS, and a spec bump that would put the system at or beyond the level of an Xbox One S was a far more significant jump than the Gameboy Color or New 3DS were. But at the same time, Nintendo’s partnership with Nvidia, the latter having developed and iterated on their mobile Tegra SoCs, did indicate that Nintendo would be able to do something on the level of the rumoured Switch Pro, and do it fairly cheaply. In the past, where Nintendo has developed its own hardware from the silicon up, it’s made sense that it’s stuck to cheaper and outdated off-the-shelf technology. But with Nvidia as its partner, Nintendo does have the capability to bring a more sophisticated SoC to the Switch, while not having to deal with costs to the same extent as before. And Nvidia’s technology, such as DLSS 2.0, also gives the Switch an extremely easy “cheat” to be able to meet the graphical standards of the other modern platforms, without having to splurge on silicon as power hungry as the other consoles use.

What I am trying to say here is, the Switch Pro rumours were not even remotely as unreasonable or pie in the sky style pipe dreams as many have tried to make them out to be. They were fairly reasonable, grounded in credible and sourced reporting, and backed by an understanding of mobile tech advancements in the last few years, and particularly mobile tech that Nintendo has access to thanks to its partnership with Nvidia. 

And that “credible and sourced reporting” is what I want to come back to for a moment – because the reports came from Bloomberg, and Bloomberg isn’t a hobbyist video game blog that makes things up to get hits, it’s one of the biggest and most respected trade publications in the entire world, and it has an uncanny track record for accuracy, including specifically with Nintendo and the Switch. Bloomberg’s reports were citing assembly line and manufacturing processes, as well as game developers, as sources for its knowledge on this Switch Pro.

So we’re back to the question of, what happened? There was far too much smoke – credible smoke – for this thing to have fizzled out. What’s going on with the Switch Pro?

nintendo switch oled

Obviously, everything from here on is theory and speculation. I don’t have an inside track at Nintendo, and the inscrutable company is famously unpredictable at the best of times, so it’s best to treat this as educated guesswork. But I think what happened here is a case of crossed wires. Put simply, I think that what people assumed is the Switch Pro, is in fact an early version of the next generation Switch – and that reporting got mixed up with the reports from manufacturing of a new Switch model coming this year (which turned out to be this minor OLED refresh), and caused many to assume that the more powerful Switch was coming this year – which, obviously since it’s too early for a Switch successor right now, would have to be a Switch Pro.

In fact, it’s even possible it was intended to be released as a Switch Pro at some point. Maybe Nintendo had originally intended on launching it this year as a Pro, but then after the Switch became on track to be the bestselling system of all time early last year, they decided that it didn’t need that kind of help – and decided to retool that into the successor, launching a modest OLED screen refresh this year instead. Of course third parties would be aware of this upcoming system (whether it was ever planned as a Pro or not) – Nintendo would be sending out early dev kits, getting their feedback on what improvements they should make, probably be letting them know about the kind of new functionality and capability they should expect from this new system. So those early reports, when they first started leaking? Those were probably all well sourced and accurate. Third parties presumably do have a significantly more capable Switch they’re working with right now. The trouble started when someone made the – again, not really unreasonable – assumption that this more powerful Switch is the Switch model that’s getting introduced this year.

So what does this mean, then? It means one of two things. Either the Switch Pro never existed, not in the sense of the hardware in question is literally not a thing, but in the sense of, the thing people thought was a Switch Pro is actually a Switch 2, and always was; or it means that the Switch Pro existed at one point in time, but got shelved once it was clear the Switch doesn’t need help, and rolled into the Switch 2.

steam deck

In either case, I think we can and should put the expectation that the Switch Pro does exist, and will probably come next year or so, to rest. I think it’s safe to conclude at this point that won’t happen, because the Switch is now four and a half years old. The point of these mid-cycle revisions is to reinvigorate the platform mid-cycle, and the Switch is now decidedly entering the last leg of its life. Even if a Switch Pro were to release next March, it would be at a point where the Switch is five years old – for comparison, the New 3DS came three and a half years after launch (in Japan), and four years after launch (everywhere else). The PS4 Pro came less than three years after the PS4 launched. The Xbox One X came four years after the Xbox One launched. There’s a very defined window for when something like this can be released and expected to do well – that window has closed for the Switch now.

So what does that mean, then? I think it means the Switch successor is on the horizon. It’s probably a bit shocking to think about it, but again, the Switch is nearing five years old now. I think next year, we’ll start to hear rumblings of a Switch 2, explicitly identified as such, for certain, and I think we can expect to see a release in 2023, or maybe early 2024 at the latest. This Switch 2 will presumably not match the just announced Steam Deck in specs, to be honest – but I think it having DLSS 2.0 and more an ARM SoC that games are directly optimized for, will help it remain competitive with the visuals it manages to push out regardless. I think this Switch 2 will end up being approximately comparable to it – which will, in turn, represent a full generational leap over the current Switch, and a much bigger leap than we would have expected from a Pro style revision.

But as for the Switch Pro? It doesn’t exist. If it once did, it doesn’t anymore. It’s not happening. It’s not getting released. It’s time to give it up and move on. On the Nintendo side of things, even though fans don’t have any exciting new hardware to look forward to, at the very least there is still a cavalcade of some fantastic looking games launching within the next year and a half – hopefully to lead directly into a running start for that inevitable Switch 2.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization.

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Four horses to watch at the Galway Summer Festival



The Galway Summer Festival is back and it’s set to run at Ballybrit Racecourse every day next week (26th July-1st August) — making it Ireland’s largest National Hunt racing meeting.

The event’s organisers had proposed a maximum of 5,000 racegoers per day. However, that idea was quashed by the Irish government, who have only granted an allocation of 1,000 spectators for each of the seven days.

Nonetheless, it will be great to see racegoers return to the course, albeit in small numbers. So, as we gear up to the exciting meeting, let’s take a look at four horses to watch…

The Shunter

Favourite to win the Galway Plate, according to the Galway betting oddsThe Shunter heads to Ballybrit with a Cheltenham Festival victory on his résumé. The Emmet Mullins-trained horse beat Farclas by three lengths to win the Paddy Power Plate at the Festival earlier this year, but he couldn’t replicate that feat at the Grand National meeting at Aintree in April, where he finished almost four lengths behind Protektorat in the Grade 1 Novices’ Chase. Third last time out in a Grade B Handicap Hurdle at Punchestown, Mullins will be hoping that he can get back to winning ways in the Galway Summer Festival’s feature race.

Belfast Banter

The Galway Hurdle tops Ladies’ Day’s card on day four of the meeting, and Belfast Banter is the ante-post favourite ahead of the two-mile, nine-hurdle race. The Peter Fahey-trained six-year-old had a fantastic end to last season, winning the Grade 3 County Handicap Hurdle from 33/1 at Cheltenham before backing that up with a victory from 9/1 in the Grade 1 Top Novices’ Hurdle at Aintree — the horse’s first victory at top-grade level. He’ll face stiff competition from Scottish Champion Hurdle winner Milkwood. However, with those two massive victories at the back-end of last season, you’d fancy Belfast Banter to see the race out.

Cavalry Master

With four successive victories from as many races to his name already this year, Henry de Bromhead’s Cavalry Master will be well-backed by the punters at 12/1 in the Galway Plate. The seven-year-old landed his first victory since 2019 in the Congratulations Minella Times Beginners Chase at Kilbeggan in April and he has only kicked on from there, with two Novice Chase victories at Killarney wedged either side of a win at Wexford. The Galway Plate will undoubtably be a step-up for Cavalry Master, but those four victories will have set him in good stead heading to Ballybrit.

Tiger Roll

There aren’t many bigger names in National Hunt Racing than Gigginstown House Stud’s prized asset Tiger Roll, and there’s no doubt that those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on tickets to this year’s Galway Summer Festival will be keeping their fingers crossed that the dual Grand National winner will feature in the Plate. The 11-year-old rolled back the years at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, beating favourite and defending champion Easysland by a huge 18 lengths to regain his Cross Country Chase crown. That’s the Denise Foster-trained horse’s only victory in his last seven races, though. So, whilst it would spark massive scenes of jubilation at Ballybrit if he was to win the Plate, a victory from 16/1 doesn’t seem likely.

Source: Plato

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How Online Casino Began



With the internet being over two decades old and if you think about it, the idea of living in a modern world without the internet, especially over the last couple of years, is almost unthinkable.

From sourcing and then buying goods and services online to finding your favourite movie, piece of music or game all have become the norm and with more of us remote working than ever the internet is not just simply ‘convenient’ it’s vital to many peoples lives.

The internet has given space to many online businesses and one of the most successful of them all is the online gambling industry which has a very strong online presence with sites being dedicated to almost every country covering our world. 

From as far back as the Roman Empire and possibly further back than then, gamblings immediate evolution began back in the Wild West where games of poker, roulette and blackjack were enjoyed by the cowboys of America – today we can enjoy all casino games on handheld devices from anyplace and at anytime we choose as long as we have a decent internet connection. 

Sites like provide a full range of online casino games, live games and a wide range of only the most popular slots playable over all platforms which have been developed by only the major players in the online gambling software industry, a far cry from the first online casino which is thought to have been birthed back in 1994. 

A Few Interesting Facts

  • Even though it is thought that the first casino appeared on our pages back in 1994 there is no solid fact pointing to any one casino or even whether it exists today. 
  • Microgaming, one of the games developers that FruityKing utilises helped the launching of the first ever online gambling sites (Cryptologic also played a part here too)
  • The same year Antigua & Barbuda passed its Free Trade & Processing Act which allowed online gambling sites to apply for a gambling license and open offices there, although today the same licensing jurisdiction is tied in with rogue online casinos.
  • It took only one year (from 1996/7) the number of online gambling sites increased from just 15 right up to 200 and from that moment on online gambling sites have not looked back.

Back then online casino sites were not as regulated as they are today and of course the games were pretty crude compared to what is on offer today, so it is not surprising that those very first online gambling sites are no longer operating. 

Standing the test of time for any online casino site is pretty difficult to do given how competitive the market is but there are some that have done well. FruityKing was established back in 2015 and has consistently delivered what it’s players have asked for which makes it one of the ‘must go to online sites’ for many players. 

Just like any other business some sites evolve offering better, safer and more exciting games whilst others regress with the ones at the top of the game have made use of the very latest technology to drive their popularity sky-high, so remember if you are thinking about playing a few games online or fancy a change of site make sure that its one that ticks all of your gaming boxes to ensure an experience that is fun, entertaining fair and true. 

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Yoyo Casino and other Pay N Play casinos are growing in popularity



About five years ago, the first Pay N Play casino appeared on the market, a quick casino offered by the Swedish payment service Trustly, which did not require a separate registration to play. A few years on and the market was already full of registration-free sites like this and more are still appearing today – a good example is the novelty of 2021, YoYo  Casino, which also offers us Finns a wide range of entertainment.

What is the idea of ​​Pay N Play casinos?

Trustly’s Pay N Play casinos and betting sites operate based on the use and automation of online banking credentials. Unlike traditional online casinos, instant casinos do not require you to fill in your personal and address information on the registration form, but can only start your casino adventure by making an online banking deposit. Trustly supports all banks operating in Finland, so yours is guaranteed to be on the list.

When you make an online banking deposit, the casino will receive the information you need to verify your identity directly from your own bank. This eliminates the need for a separate Know Your Customer (KYC) process when making your first withdrawal, which allows you to make winnings to your account much smarter than traditional casinos. At its best, you can enjoy your winning pot in less than a minute, but always within a day. The exact money transfer times depend entirely on your own bank.

How do Trustly deposits and withdrawals work?

Making Trustly money transfers is extremely easy and anyone can do it. This is how handy it is:

• Go to the deposit / withdrawal page at the online casino or betting site of your choice
• Select the desired deposit / withdrawal amount
• Select your bank from the list
• Confirm your payment with your own online banking credentials using either a mobile key or a key number list
• Storage / withdrawal is complete!

Trustly money transfers are extremely secure thanks to strong authentication. Payments are confirmed either by an alternating code coming to the phone or by a key number list, which makes it almost impossible to use someone else’s online banking ID. As a result, it is very safe to make deposits and the winnings are transferred to the bank account of the person who made the identification.

Trustly’s security also lies in the fact that the casino or betting site will not receive any additional information about you. The information only passes between you and your bank, and the venue you use only receives the information it needs to make money transfers successful.

New Pay N Play casinos are appearing on the market with a constant supply

New Trustlyn Pay N Play casinos are being released to the market at a rapid pace and there are no signs of a slowdown. Recently, older sites that used to be traditional online casinos have also switched to Pay N Play to compete fiercely against new entrants.

In the past, Pay N Play casinos did excellently in the casino race thanks to fast money transfers alone, but that is no longer enough in today’s intensifying competition. That’s why quick casinos today also offer very plush bonuses and other benefits to their players. A good example is YoYo Casino, which offers first-time depositors a plush bonus as well as other weekly benefits.

Why choose Pay N Play Casino?

Somehow one may wonder why I would choose Pay N Play casino instead of traditional casino? Well, we’ve listed below a few of the benefits of instant casinos.

• You can play easily and quickly
• No complicated registration process or sending documents
• You can log in with online banking IDs – you do not need to remember your username and password
• Money transfers are extremely secure
• Fast deposits and withdrawals
• No marketing mail unless you want to

Pay N Play casinos are almost always always licensed by an EU country, such as Malta or Estonia, which guarantees a 100% safe gaming environment and tax-free winnings for us Finns!

Here are at least a few good reasons why Pay N Play casinos are constantly growing in popularity. More casinos are coming to market fast, so fast casino friends will continue to enjoy the new sites and their innovative features.

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Charity Event – HitGrab X SickKids Go for Gold in the Inaugural Hibernian Summer Games



HitGrab and SickKids have teamed up to raise some funds for sick children and celebrate the Hibernian Summer Games in Clan O’Conall, kicking off next week!

HitGrab X SickKids go for gold in the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games

The Hibernian Summer Games are here: two weeks of fun and gaming to raise money for The Hospital for Sick Children and help Children Thrive!

Grab your Ham and Join the Clan! From July 26th to August 6th 2021 HitGrab will be celebrating the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games through their award winning 2-D action platformer Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag, and raising money for SickKids while the javelins, arrows and punches fly!

Come One, Come All

Livestreamers, gamers and audiences around the world are invited to participate in raising money for SickKids Hospital in Toronto through live events, races, and contests in Clan O’Conall. It’s all to play for as developers, content creators and players go head to head for a hoard of prizes and the chance to be immortalized in Clan O’Conall itself.

SickKids VS: This Is Why

All raised funds from the event will directly support the Toronto based charity SickKids, including 10% of the income from all sales of Clan O’Conall whilst the Hibernian Summer Games are on. The campaign is designed to bring Torontonians closer to the patients at SickKids to demonstrate and support the need to build a new hospital, enabling their physicians and staff to do their best work and empowering the patients and families in their care.

Let the Games Begin!

So take your seats and strap in for the opening ceremony on the 26th as HitGrab and the Clan Team kick off the Hibernian Summer Games with a Developer livestream. Audiences are invited to interact with the team, learn more about the SickKids VS initiative, and donate to see the Devs play with increasingly hilarious challenges.

Over the two weeks get involved in a packed schedule of events including players doing battle with Dullahan the headless horseman in the Moldy Head Toss, sprinting, sliding and leaping to the finish line in the Foot Race, and speeding through the Legend of the Faerie Temple before closing out the games with the ultimate test of endurance in a 12 hour long streaming marathon.

With other events in the pipeline such as an art auction and a member of the dev team throwing down the gauntlet to the speedrunning community by challenging them to beat their fastest run through the game, there’s never been a better time to don the kilts of cloaks of Clan O’Conall, support a good cause and show your fellow clan members what you’re made of!

Where Do I Sign Up and When are the Events?

Sign up and learn more right here! – Hibernian Summer Games | Clan O’Conall (

Media Contact and Further Event Information:

The Game Marketer on behalf of HitGrab for Clan O’Conall, in partnership with SickKids.

Contacts: [email protected]

Event Links:

●        Twitch: HitGrab – Twitch

●        Event Page: Hibernian Summer Games | Clan O’Conall

Clan O’Conall Links:

●        Official Website: Clan O’Conall: The Crown of the Stag | HitGrab, Inc

●        Steam Page: Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag on Steam

SickKids Links:

●        SickKids VS initiative: SickKids launches newest campaign – SickKids VS: This Is Why

Source: Plato

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