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We’re Launching a Sustainability Scholarship for Demo Companies


We’re Launching a Sustainability Scholarship for Demo Companies
We’re Launching a Sustainability Scholarship for Demo Companies

The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiative is no longer just for niche investment portfolios. Instead, the entire banking and fintech industry is going green, and we’re here for it. With that in mind, we have something exciting to announce.

Sustainability Scholarship Program

New this year, we’re promoting ESG within the industry with our Sustainability Scholarship Program for demoing companies. We launched the program to highlight and help the individuals and companies driving fintech forward through sustainable and equitable practices.

How it works

Starting with FinovateSpring, taking place May 18 through 20 in San Francisco, we’ll be looking for applications from prospective demo companies led by underrepresented founders and startups tackling climate change, diversity, and financial inclusion, and granting them complimentary demo participation. Select companies from that applicant pool will be granted complimentary demo slots in our demo line-up for the show.

We’ve always had an application process for the demos we showcase on stage at Finovate events, but the new Sustainability Scholarship Program will help expand our demo lineup. By offering a scholarship to ESG focused startups, we’ll be able to include more voices, more perspectives, and more cutting-edge thinking within fintech, which is an incredibly important initiative.

How to apply

Each event, starting with FinovateSpring 2022, will have scholarship opportunities for eligible* startups working in the following categories:

  • Environmental: Available to companies pursuing climate-related, environmental, or green fintech
  • Social: Available to companies with socially conscious fintech solutions
  • Governance: Available to companies that emphasize responsible governance and leadership
  • Person of Color Founded/Owned: Available to companies with person-of-color founders or owners
  • Female Founded/Owned: Available to companies with female founders or owners

Our team will review submissions in each sustainability area and award complimentary demo packages to each of the winners. As part of the demo package, each winner will also receive special sustainability branding.

Companies working in these areas who are interested in demoing at an upcoming event should apply through Finovate’s traditional application process and note their scholarship interest on the application form.

*To be eligible for the program, startups must have less than $7 million in funding.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

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