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Webbula Ranks No. 1 in Determining Homeowner Status for 4 Consecutive…


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“Webbula’s commitment to accurate, actionable data has been visible quarter after quarter in their scores. And accuracy is even more important when audiences become more layered and specific,” said Scott McKinley, Truthset CEO.

Webbula, The Data Solutions Experts and Truthset data partner, ranked top among all data providers at determining home, pet, and car ownership in Truthset’s Truthscore™ Index release for Q3 2021.

The Truthscore™ indicates how likely a given data record is to be accurate for a specific attribute. Truthscores™ are crucial for marketers who are spending advertising dollars to target specific audiences based on demographics, such as age, household income, and more. The accuracy of that audience data is key to the performance and success of display, remarketing, mobile, and actionable TV campaigns. For marketers trying to reach specific age groups, Webbula’s audience data is unmatched in accuracy.

“Homeownership plus marital status and presence of children can tell marketers a lot about their target audiences,” said Melissa McGaughey, Director of Marketing at Webbula. “For example, a married homeowner with children in the home requires different personalization than a single homeowner. Layering Webbula’s top-performing data segments like this creates powerful custom segments that can be leveraged to reach the exact right audiences.”

In addition to ranking number one in homeownership, Webbula also ranked number one in determining pet owners and car owners. Webbula also scored well in the Age, Age+Gender, and Education categories.

“We take the business of curating and maintaining data accuracy very seriously,” said Douglas Egeth, COO of Webbula. “Marketing ROI is only as successful as data is accurate. That’s why truth in data has always been our passion.”

Webbula ranked in the top 3 for the following segments:

Age Overall

Age 25-34

Age 35-44

Age 55-64

Age 65+

Age+Gender Overall

Age+Gender: Female 25-34

Age+Gender: Female 35-44

Age+Gender: Female 45-54

Age+Gender: Male 25-34

Age+Gender: Male 35-44

Age+Gender: Male 45-54

Presence of Children
Female with a Child in HH
Male with a Child in HH

HHI: $50k to less than $100K

HHI: $100k or more



Car Owner

Car Manufacturer: Bentley

Car Manufacturer: BMW

Car Manufacturer: Ford

Car Manufacturer: Hyundai

Car Manufacturer: Kia

Car Manufacturer: Lotus

Car Manufacturer: Mazda

Car Manufacturer: Subaru

Car Manufacturer: Volvo

Pet Owner

Cat Owner

Dog Owner


Education Level Overall

College Graduate

Grad School Graduate


Currently Employed

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American
Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Relationship Status: Married

“Webbula’s commitment to accurate, actionable data has been visible quarter after quarter in their scores. And accuracy is even more important when audiences become more layered and specific,” said Scott McKinley, Truthset CEO. “If advertisers want to deliver ROAS for campaigns targeting homeowners with children, they must ensure the data they’re using is high quality in both attributes so that the right audiences see their ads. Providers like Webbula can achieve this.”

Webbula’s homeownership group and other audience segments can be found within all of Webbula’s best-in-class data management platforms and advertising data solutions partners’ marketplaces, such as Oracle Bluekai, TruOptik, and The TradeDesk. Find a list of those partners here: https://webbula.com/partners/

About Truthset:

Truthset is a data intelligence company focused on verifying the accuracy of record-level consumer data and measuring campaign performance beyond age and gender. Truthset helps companies build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. For more information, please visit truthset.io.

About Webbula

For over eleven years, customers have trusted Webbula to help them overcome complex data challenges and is the undisputed leader in email hygiene, data enhancement, audience targeting, and identity-driven data solutions. Proudly headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, truth in data is at the heart of everything we stand for and will always be our passion.

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Source: https://www.prweb.com/releases/webbula_ranks_no_1_in_determining_homeowner_status_for_4_consecutive_quarters_in_truthsets_truthscore_index_release/prweb18247639.htm

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