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We need interconnection reform to unlock the benefits of energy storage



It’s widely recognized that one of the greatest challenges in transitioning from an electric grid powered predominantly by fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy sources like solar and wind is the intermittency of many renewables.

Energy storage presents a key solution—offering, along with demand response and other load flexibility options—to be the “glue” that holds together a more flexible and distributed grid.

Unfortunately, despite dramatic reductions in battery prices and demonstrated consumer demand, outdated interconnection policies remain a significant barrier to unlocking the full value of energy storage on the distribution grid. Without action to remedy the shortcomings of these policies–which control which storage capabilities are recognized and how efficiently they are evaluated–that clean grid of the future may be out of reach, at least within the timeframe needed to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

Gwen Brown

Many states’ interconnection rules do not explicitly address energy storage, creating uncertainty that slows and complicates the interconnection process and that can negatively impact financing prospects. Additionally, many interconnection policies use unrealistic assumptions when assessing the impacts of potential storage projects on the grid. These policy flaws present significant barriers to unlocking the broad energy storage deployment that will be needed to achieve high-renewable scenarios.

In this article, the second in a series exploring the need for interconnection reform to enable rapid deployment of clean energy to reach climate goals, we explore why existing interconnection policies are falling short for energy storage systems (ESS) and what can be done to remedy the situation. (Read “Interconnection is broken: Radical rethinking is needed to achieve clean energy goals.”)

The unique value of energy storage

One of the major benefits of energy storage, particularly when co-located with solar or other intermittent distributed energy resources (DERs), is that storage offers the flexibility to control when power is exported to (or drawn from) the grid, mitigating the grid management challenges presented by these sources.

Software (including power control systems or PCS) that manages energy storage exports makes this possible. For example, instead of exporting during the middle of the day when there is an excess of solar energy, ESS can store that energy and send it to the grid in the evening when solar is offline and home energy demand increases.

ERCOt grid control room. Project developers could also propose “operating schedules” for their ESS projects, exporting more or less power to the grid during periods when the grid can accommodate more generation.

Image: ERCOT

Likewise, project developers could also propose “operating schedules” for their ESS projects, exporting more or less power to the grid during periods when the grid can accommodate more generation (such as when consumers are using more power to run air conditioners) and limit export when the grid is more constrained.

Storage systems could also be designed to change their export levels in response to dynamic signals, such as demand response programs that disincentivize export during certain times of day.

Neither of these functions is in widespread use today, however, and current interconnection rules are a key reason why.

PCS also allows DER projects with energy storage to be designed as “non-export” projects that do not export power to the grid, or “limited export” projects that do not export over a certain threshold. This option can be particularly valuable in allowing DER projects to proceed in areas of the grid that are capacity constrained.

Most interconnection policies currently require individual project owners to pay the full cost of any distribution grid upgrades that are needed to accommodate their project. Because upgrade costs are high, this factor may prevent new projects in areas of the grid with high penetrations of DERs. Interconnection customers can avoid hefty grid upgrade fees by designing their projects to operate as non- or limited-export systems, which can reduce grid impacts. Howver, few interconnection procedures provide a clear pathway for such systems.

The controllability of storage

Unfortunately, most interconnection policies hinder the use of all of these beneficial energy storage functions. That’s because the “screening” or “study” process, in which utilities evaluate the potential impacts of a proposed distributed generation facility seeking to connect to the grid, generally fails to recognize the controllable nature of energy storage.

Image of containerized battery energy storage.
Containerized battery storage technology. The “screening” or “study” process generally fails to recognize the controllable nature of energy storage.

CNW Group/Hydro-Quebec

The current default method is to study projects with the assumption that the project may export or import its full capacity at any time, as opposed to being able to reduce capacity during specific times or to limit it altogether. This assumption may lead to unnecessary and time-consuming studies that slow the interconnection process, or to costly upgrades that may make projects infeasible. This makes it harder for project developers to deploy projects that are specifically designed to provide beneficial services on the grid.

Interconnection rules need to include revised screening and study processes for these types of systems if we want to unlock the unique value of ESS in enabling a high-DER future. Processes for evaluating non- or limited export projects will need to be developed. Additional processes will need to be defined for evaluating systems that export varying amounts of power at different times, such as based on an operating profile.


Several states, including California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada, have updated their interconnection rules with these challenges in mind. Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York are actively working on this, while related proposals have been introduced in Colorado, New Mexico, Maine, Connecticut, and New Jersey. While these states are making progress, no jurisdiction has developed a straightforward process that truly enables these capabilities in an efficient manner.

The Building a Technically Reliable Interconnection Evolution for Storage project, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Energy and led by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and partners, aims to simplify the interconnection process for energy storage.

Department of Energy/Quentin Kruger

Thus, further attention will be needed to ensure that this barrier is addressed in all states. Given the critical nature of integrating energy storage onto the grid to meet climate goals, combined with the fact that ESS is rapidly becoming a larger part of the market, these are key questions that should be at the forefront for any state opening an interconnection docket or adopting policies to enable more DERs.

Fortunately, forthcoming resources will make this easier. The Building a Technically Reliable Interconnection Evolution for Storage (BATRIES) project, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office and led by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and partners, aims to simplify the interconnection process for energy storage.

As part of a toolkit of solutions that the team will develop to address key barriers to energy storage interconnection, the BATRIES project will produce resources to inform the development of updated study processes that can be incorporated into interconnection rules. The project aims to reach regulators and utilities in a majority of states with resources to reform energy storage interconnection.

Gwen Brown is communications director at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. This article is the second in a four-part series on interconnection reform. In the next article, we will explore the need for greater accountability in the interconnection process. A subsequent article will explore the need for increased data access and transparency.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own, and do not necessarily reflect those held by pv magazine.

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Solis ganha vários prêmios na SNEC 2021



NINGBO, China, 15 de junho de 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A 15º Conferência e Exposição Internacional de Geração de Energia Fotovoltaica e Energia Inteligente SNEC (2021) trouxe alguns resultados excepcionais e reconhecimento do setor. A SNEC, que encerrou em 5 de junho em Xangai, demonstrou ser uma grande oportunidade para a Solis, que foi reconhecida por seu design e produtos excepcionais, bem como pela oportunidade de assinar vários Memorandos de Entendimentos (Memorandum Of Understanding – MoU) e contratos com seus clientes. A Solis ofereceu aos visitantes uma plataforma para networking e troca de informações. Os inovadores inversores de alta corrente e alta potência da Solis apresentaram a experiência do cliente de alta qualidade com soluções de energia verde econômicas e confiáveis.

Com duas cerimônias de lançamento de novos produtos realizadas em 3 de junho, a Solis apresentou produtos que refletem os avanços inteligentes e tecnológicos do setor de energia solar. Clique no link para obter mais informações.

Na qualidade de maior conferência do setor solar profissional em todo o mundo, a exposição apresentou vários prêmios. A Solis foi premiada com o “APVIA Honorable Award – Technological Achievement (for Enterprise)” (Prêmio de Honraria APVIA – Realização Tecnológica (para Empresas)) no 5º prêmio anual da Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) de 2021.

A Solis também ganhou o prêmio PV Brand Lab (PVBL) “2020 Global Top PV Brand” e foi classificada como a nº 5 em valor da marca de inversores. A Solis também recebeu a premiação do National PV Quality Inspection Centre (CPVT) – Outdoor Evidence Base (Yinchuan).

Durante a SNEC, a Solis lançou sua solução solar e de armazenamento “Flexi-ONE”, um novo produto de armazenamento de energia desenvolvido para oferecer flexibilidade (compatível com diferentes marcas de bateria) e visual esteticamente agradável. Devido à sua capacidade de fornecer aos usuários finais uma solução de armazenamento solar mais prática (PV-ES) de ciclo completo, inteligente e conveniente, o produto foi selecionado como um dos 10 principais destaques da SNEC. O Flexi-ONE recebeu o prêmio Terawatt Grade Diamond Award, uma das principais honrarias da exposição.

A Solis está comprometida com uma visão global construída com base na engenharia centrada no produto, posicionando os clientes no centro de nossas decisões mais críticas e garantindo que exerçamos nosso papel na transição para a energia limpa, ajudando a torná-la mais eficiente, segura e confiável. O prêmio do setor em conferências de prestígio, como a SNEC, é apenas mais uma validação para nós do esforço que empreendemos, quando considerado ao longo de nosso grupo de pares em todo o mundo. Consideramos esses prêmios ainda mais inspiradores para alcançar nossos objetivos de desempenhar nosso papel na garantia de uma transição tranquila de energia em todos os mercados em que operamos. 

FONTE Ginlong Solis

SOURCE Ginlong Solis

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Solis gana varios premios en SNEC 2021



NINGBO, China, 15 de junio de 2021 /PRNewswire/ — La 15.ª Conferencia y Exposición Internacional de Generación de Energía Fotovoltaica y Energía Inteligente de SNEC (2021) trajo algunos resultados excepcionales y el reconocimiento de la industria. SNEC, que concluyó el 5 de junio en Shanghái, resultó ser una gran oportunidad para Solis, que fue reconocida por su excelente diseño y productos, así como por la oportunidad de firmar múltiples memorandos de entendimiento y contratos con sus clientes. Solis proporcionó a los visitantes una plataforma para establecer contactos e intercambiar información. Los innovadores inversores de alta corriente y alta potencia de Solis mostraron la experiencia del cliente de alta calidad con soluciones de energía verde económicas y fiables.

Con dos ceremonias de lanzamiento de nuevos productos que se llevaron a cabo el 3 de junio, Solis presentó productos que reflejan los avances inteligentes y tecnológicos de la industria solar. Haga clic en el enlace para obtener más información.

Como la conferencia de la industria solar profesional más grande del mundo, la exposición presentó múltiples premios. Solis fue galardonado con el “Premio Honorable APVIA – Logro tecnológico (para empresas)” en la 5.ª edición anual de los Premios de la Asociación de la Industria Fotovoltaica Asiática (APVIA) 2021.

Solis también ganó el premio PV Brand Lab (PVBL) “2020 Global Top PV Brand” y ocupó el puesto número 5 en valor de marca de inversores. Solis también recibió un lugar en el Centro Nacional de Inspección de Calidad FV (CPVT) – Base de Evidencia al Aire Libre (Yinchuan).

Durante SNEC, Solis lanzó su solución solar y de almacenamiento “Flexi-ONE”, un nuevo producto de almacenamiento de energía diseñado para ofrecer flexibilidad (compatible con diferentes marcas de baterías) y un aspecto estéticamente agradable. Debido a su capacidad para proporcionar a los usuarios finales una solución inteligente y cómoda solar (PV-ES) y de almacenamiento de ciclo completo, el producto fue seleccionado como uno de los 10 aspectos más destacados de SNEC. El Flexi-ONE recibió el premio Terawatt Grade Diamond, uno de los máximos honores de la exposición.

Solis está comprometido con una visión global basada en la ingeniería centrada en el producto, poniendo a los clientes en el centro de nuestras decisiones más críticas y asegurando que desempeñemos nuestro papel en la transición a la energía limpia al ayudar a que sea más eficiente, segura y fiable. Los premios de la industria en conferencias prestigiosas como SNEC son solo una validación más para nosotros del esfuerzo que ponemos, cuando se los considera junto con nuestro grupo de iguales en todo el mundo. Vemos estos premios como una inspiración más para lograr nuestros objetivos y desempeñar nuestro papel para garantizar una transición energética sin problemas en todos los mercados en los que operamos.

SOURCE Ginlong Solis

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MSC Industrial Supply Co. To Webcast Review Of 2021 Fiscal Third Quarter Results



MELVILLE, N.Y. and DAVIDSON, N.C., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MSC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO. (NYSE: MSM), a premier distributor of Metalworking and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products and services to industrial customers throughout North America, today announced that the Company’s conference call to review its 2021 fiscal third quarter results, as well as its current operations, will be broadcast live over the Internet Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

To access the earnings release, webcast, presentation slides and operational statistics, please visit the Company’s website at: Alternatively, the conference call can be accessed by dialing 1-877-443-5575 (U.S.), 1-855-669-9657 (Canada) or 1-412-902-6618 (international).

An online archive of the broadcast will be available within one hour of the conclusion of the call and remain available until Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

About MSC Industrial Supply Co. MSC Industrial Supply Co. (NYSE:MSM) is a leading North American distributor of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and services. We help our customers drive greater productivity, profitability and growth with approximately 1.9 million products, inventory management and other supply chain solutions, and deep expertise from 80 years of working with customers across industries.

Our experienced team of more than 6,200 associates is dedicated to working side by side with our customers to help drive results for their businesses – from keeping operations running efficiently today to continuously rethinking, retooling, and optimizing for a more productive tomorrow.

For more information on MSC, please visit

SOURCE MSC Industrial Supply Co.

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High-Pressure Oil and Gas Separator Market|APAC to Notice Maximum Growth|Technavio



Major Three High-Pressure Oil and Gas Separator Market

Alfa Laval AB

Alfa Laval AB offers a LYNX decanter centrifuge, which is a key component in solids-liquid separation for oil, gas, and drilling industry processes such as barite recovery and slops oil.

Exterran Corp.

Exterran Corp. offers EinsteinVision® 3.0, a 3D camera system in laparoscopic surgery, and SmartVue® 2D Camera Platform.

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft offers separators that come in gas-tight design with nitrogen blanketing for reliable explosion protection (ATEX), for maximum protection and uptime of the separators.

Enquire more about the growth opportunities associated with the high-pressure oil and gas separator market: 

High-Pressure Oil and Gas Separator Market Segmentation: Vessel Type

Based on the market segmentation by vessel type, the horizontal separators segment dominates the market. The growth of the segment is attributed to the factor such as the ability to handle a large volume of gas and liquids which is more suitable for offshore and deepwater reservoirs, and the increase in offshore and deepwater E&P across various countries. The growth of the segment will be significant over the forecast period.

High-Pressure Oil and Gas Separator Market Segmentation: Geography

With the largest market share of 30%, APAC will offer several growth opportunities to market vendors during the forecast period. The market growth in APAC will be faster than the growth of the market in other regions.  China is a key market for high-pressure oil and gas separators in APAC.

Get more insights about the global trends impacting the future of the market,
Buy Technavio’s Research Methodology Analysis Report

High-Pressure Oil and Gas Separator Market 2020-2024: Key Highlights

  • CAGR of the market during the forecast period 2020-2024
  • Detailed information on factors that will assist high-pressure oil and gas separator market growth during the next five years
  • Estimation of the high-pressure oil and gas separator market size and its contribution to the parent market
  • Predictions on upcoming trends and changes in consumer behavior
  • The growth of the high-pressure oil and gas separator market
  • Analysis of the market’s competitive landscape and detailed information on vendors
  • Comprehensive details of factors that will challenge the growth of high-pressure oil and gas separator market vendors

Related Reports on Energy Include:

Global Offshore Oil and Gas Seismic Equipment and Acquisitions Market– The offshore oil and gas seismic equipment and acquisitions market is segmented by technology (3D seismic survey, 2D seismic survey, and 4D seismic survey) and geography (Europe, APAC, MEA, South America, and North America).
Download FREE Sample Report

Global Oil and Gas Fishing Market– The oil and gas fishing market is segmented by application (onshore and offshore) and geography (APAC, Europe, MEA, North America, and South America).
Download FREE Sample Report

Available Customization:

Along with the market data, Technavio offers customizations as per the specific needs of the companies. The following customization options are available for the high-pressure oil and gas separator market report.

  • Further breakdown of the market segmentation in requested regions.
  • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players, vendor segmentation, and vendor offerings

About Us
Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavio’s report library consists of more than 17,000 reports and counting, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing client base relies on Technavio’s comprehensive coverage, extensive research, and actionable market insights to identify opportunities in existing and potential markets and assess their competitive positions within changing market scenarios.

Technavio Research
Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive
US: +1 844 364 1100
UK: +44 203 893 3200
Email: [email protected]
Report Page:

SOURCE Technavio

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