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Waves Blockchain Developers Launch Non-Fungible Token Marketplace for Collectors of NFT Ducks


Waves Blockchain Developers Launch Non-Fungible Token Marketplace for Collectors of NFT Ducks

The Waves blockchain-based game for collectors of non-fungible tokens or NFT ducks has “already gained popularity,” the developers at Waves revealed in a recent update.

More than 4,000 NFT ducks have reportedly been issued, meanwhile, players are currently waiting for the introduction of NFT farming, which will be a key update in the “duck world,” scheduled for later this month, the announcement confirmed.

As noted by the Waves team:

“Today (June 3, 2021), the project’s team is launching another major service, which will help players to increase their collections and prepare for the farming functionality launch — the NFT marketplace.”

As explained in a blog post from Waves, the marketplace has been developed using smart contracts written in the Ride programming language. The new marketplace will aim to facilitate auctions for “exclusive” NFT ducks.

As mentioned in the update, this functionality is now available on WavesDucks.com where users may “hatch” ducks, using EGG tokens and “breed them for getting unique characters.”

The announcement also mentioned that Ducks’ “rarity is very important as it determines the profitability of your farm, as described in DIP-2.”

Meanwhile, the marketplace will “enable users to add unique NFT ducks to their collections” and collectors will be able “to place orders for NFTs with specific parameters,” the update noted. For example, using filters, it will be “possible to find a duck in a specific color and with a specific set of genes,” the update noted.

The marketplace will be introduced with “a restriction on auctioning ducks: in the test mode, only ducks with a rarity over 50% could be auctioned,” the blog post from Waves clarified while adding that later on, this restriction “will be lifted.”

But even now, owners of “less unique” ducks should not be worried or disappointed, as the marketplace functionality will “enable them to transfer ducks, using their Waves addresses.”

As noted in the update:

‘The NFT marketplace launch is a major milestone in the game’s development, as it brings extra liquidity and value to characters. As a result, the use of EGG tokens for duck hatching on WavesDucks.com makes even more sense. In addition to generally boosting the Waves Ducks game’s popularity, this functionality helps to lower the entry threshold for players interested in the convenient acquisition of collections for subsequent farming.”

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Source: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2021/06/176273-waves-blockchain-developers-launch-non-fungible-token-marketplace-for-collectors-of-nft-ducks/

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