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Watch Tony Bou treat a 500-pound Honda Africa Twin like a trials bike


Watch Tony Bou treat a 500-pound Honda Africa Twin like a trials bike

Toni Bou is not a normal human being. He’s historically unparalleled as a trials rider, undefeated in the last 28 indoor and outdoor FIM Trial World Championships.

Trials riding, for the uninitiated, is a highly technical form of competition in which riders work their way across difficult to impossible-looking terrain without letting their feet touch the ground. These are the guys you see hopping off a tiny stone and somehow ending up on top of a bus, or leaping from the top of one pole to another on the back wheel, or riding up a tree and then rolling back down.

It’s magical stuff to watch, relying on a degree of skill, balance, co-ordination and courage that’s utterly alien to most road riders. And it’s all possible thanks to extremely specialized trials bikes: tiny things, with no seats and just a couple of liters of fuel. These 250-300cc single-cylinder machines are the mountain goats of the motorcycle world, weighing just 145 lb (66 kg) in competition trim and able to go just about anywhere in the right hands.

Honda’s Africa Twin, on the other hand, is a vastly different beast. It runs a 1,100cc v-twin engine, it has rather a lot of seat and weighs in at a meaty 498 lb (226 kg) in standard trim. Terrific, I’m led to believe, for cross-country on-road/off-road touring, but not exactly ideal for trials riding.

But elite riders can bend physics to their will, and Toni Bou is about as elite as they get. There’s plenty of ragin’ Red Bull videos out there showing legendary riders playing merry hell with enormous adventure bikes, but it’s a true pleasure to watch Bou work his magic with the Africa Twin – and a genuine relief to watch a video that doesn’t try to punch you in the face with “extreme” editing and a rockin’ soundtrack. Toni’s letting his skills do the talking here, and boy can they talk loud. Enjoy!

Taming the Beast by Toni Bou 🔥🔥

Source: Tony Bou

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