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Warzone Sept. 23 Update Buffs Krig 6, Nerfs Gallo



Call of Duty

Warzone's Sept. 23 update brings important weapon balance changes to the game.

Warzone’s Sept. 23 update brings important weapon balance changes to the game. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Sept. 23 update is the latest to adjust the game’s balance, this time by nerfing the Bullfrog and Gallo while buffing the Krig 6. The update also brings changes to the Iron Trials mode.

The Bullfrog had its ADS speed decreased by 9%, its movement speed decreased by 1% and its ADS movement speed decreased by 2%. The nerf to ADS speed is the most significant attempt to bring the weapon in line with its competitors in the SMG category, as will a bug fix for excessive recoil reduction tied to the Bullfrog.

The Gallo, also known as the Shotgun Bravo, had its maximum damage range decreased from 4.5 meters to 3.5 meters, its second damage range decreased from 8.1 to 5.5 meters, and its third damage range decreased from 13.2 to 9.9 meters. Development studio Raven Software says these changes will make it feel “more like a Shotgun and less like a Sniper.”

Meanwhile, the Krig 6 received buffs to its recoil management attachments.

On the Iron Trials ’84 front, Raven has added a Specialist Token to Buy Stations. These Tokens give players all the perks in the game. Supply Run discounts are also now 50% on every item except Team Redeploy (100%), Loadout Drop Marker (10%), and Specialist Token (10%).

For the rest of the changes in the update, see the full patch notes below.

Iron Trials ’84

The following changes are exclusive to the Iron Trials ’84 mode:

Buy Stations

We suspect very few people will be able to say they’ve purchased a Specialist Token. However, we do feel there is an opportunity to provide high tier Players with additional impactful outlets for their hard earned resources. Additionally, further enabling purchasing power with Hardline is something we would like to continue to explore.





Supply Run

We recognize that this may be a polarizing change, but we feel it is a necessary one. When we gate access to Loadouts behind a large price tag, as is the case, we force players to continue moving around the map. This works to disincentivize camping. While we do not anticipate this change will have a large impact on the most skilled Players – those who stay put and avoid engagements will find themselves resource strained and quickly falling behind. This is part of how we subtly encourage map movement and fighting. Additionally, we feel scavenging, being resourceful, and barely scraping by is part of what adds to the charm and intensity of the Trials. This dynamic makes room for, and emphasizes other facets of skill like movement, teamwork, strategy, and map knowledge. By delaying Loadout acquisition, we are further smoothing out player power such that each increase to it is much more noticeable and allows more room for those secondary skillsets to shine. We will be monitoring the mode and Player feedback closely to ensure this change is having the intended effect.


We feel an emphasis on Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles better suits this version of the Gulag.



The XM4 (BOCW) and Bullfrog (BOCW) Attachments are now more closely aligned with popular builds.

Submachine Guns

Bullfrog (BOCW)

The Bullfrog (BOCW) is a true jack of all trades. It has great Mobility, Effective Damage Range, Handling, and base Magazine Capacity – which would often act as a free Attachment. These changes, in conjunction with a Recoil bug fix, will bring the Bullfrog (BOCW) much closer to the competition.

Shotgun Bravo (BOCW)

The Shotgun Bravo (BOCW) has been incredibly dominant due to its Effective Damage Range, Magazine Capacity, Mobility, and Rate of Fire. By reducing its Effective Damage Ranges, the Shotgun Bravo (BOCW) will begin to feel more like a Shotgun and less like a Sniper.


Krig 6 (BOCW)

19.7” Takedown

19.7” Ranger

15.5” Contour

15” CMV Mil-Spec

Given the Krig 6’s (BOCW) most recent adjustments, we felt it was appropriate to increase the effectiveness of its Recoil Control Attachments slightly.

AK-47 (BOCW)

18.2” Takedown

20” Liberator

18.2” VDV Reinforced

20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel


13.7” Takedown

13.7” Ranger

13.5” Reinforced Heavy

13.5” Task Force

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New World team share details of upcoming server transfers in Q&A



New World players have been eagerly awaiting news on the promised server transfers that Amazon Game Studios announced to remedy long server queues on launch. While they have been delayed, many questions were answered regarding the subject during a Q&A on the New World forum earlier today.

The Q&A took the most popular questions from the community regarding the server transfer service and provided some insight into its limitations, what players can expect, but sadly, no official date for it to join the game.

When server transfers are added to the game, all players will receive a single transfer token that is tied to the account, not character. This means that if you have multiple characters, you’ll only be able to transfer one. These tokens will be permanent so they can be used any time after distribution.

Amazon also confirmed that players will only be able to transfer between servers in the same region, but cross-region transfers are something the team is looking into for the future.

Something that players were worried about was not being able to transfer into servers that are currently marked ‘full,’ but the team attempted to ease fears of this by sharing that many servers will have the ‘full’ tag removed over the coming days.

“We monitor full status on a daily basis with changes as recently as today,” the spokesperson wrote. “’Full’ doesn’t indicate a server that always has queues, it indicates a server that during typical peak usage has a substantial queue. We will be relaxing Full status on many worlds when transfers start, to allow the most flexibility possible. After transfers have slowed down we will re-evaluate which worlds might still need the designation.”

If server transfers overwork a server, the team said they will re-evaluate and hand out new transfer tokens to players where necessary.

There were plenty of other questions answered so if you’d like to know what was said in detail you can check out the Q&A here.

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NoPing releases its Dota 2 roster, will reform for next DPC season



NoPing e-sports and its Dota 2 rosters have agreed to part ways ahead of the next Dota Pro Circuit season. In a statement, NoPing said it will be fielding a new roster for the next season, but the organization has no news to share at the moment. 

This is the second top-level South American roster to split with its sponsor organization in order to pursue other opportunities, following Thunder Predator doing the same following The International 10. 

“By decision of all players in the team, we will not continue with the current lineup,” NoPing said. “We respect the decision and wish success to the players that took the NoPing VPN name to various achievements in Dota 2.” 

Neither NoPing nor the players—William “hFn” Medeiros, Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera, Oscar Chavez, Farith “Matthew” Puente, and Jose “Panda” Padilla Hernandez—specified why the decision was made, but it is likely due to the team failing to qualify for TI10. Even though they were one of three teams from SA to make it to a Major, finishing ninth at the WePlay AniMajor, they flamed out in the regional qualifiers, losing to Infinity and Team Unknown. 

Related: Lelis officially leaves Quincy Crew, hints at further major changes

It is also unclear if the players wish to continue playing together or if they will disband entirely and look to find teams elsewhere rather than pursuing a new sponsor together. Here are the players that are now looking for a new home. 

With this announcement, only beastcoast and SG esports remain untouched among the top four teams in SA, meaning they have an edge heading into the next DPC season if their squads remain together. The ex-TP players did note that they would continue playing together, so even if they don’t find a new sponsor they will likely still be a force in the region.

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Call of Duty: Mobile season 9 is called Nightmare



Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine is almost here. The new season will be called Nightmare, Activision revealed today, as Halloween is right around the corner.

As usual, a lot of new content is dropping with the season. This includes a Battle Pass (BP) which contains a new operator, weapon, blueprints, calling cards, charms, and more.

At tier 14 of the free BP, players will be able to get the Tak-5 Operator Skill. This skill gives players the ability to heal their team in battle. Besides this, players will be able to get the Swordfish at tier 21. This tactical rifle was first seen in Black Ops 4 and is now making its way to CoD: Mobile as well.

Modern Warfare’s Havoc Sawmill will be the new map for season nine. Additionally, the Halloween Standoff is returning to the game for a limited time as well to mark the festival.

Later in the season, players will also be able to unlock a new weapon, tactical equipment, and battle royale class through seasonal challenges. The weapon is called Thumper, which is a grenade launcher with just one ammunition. Flash Drone is the new tactical equipment that blinds enemies. Finally, the Pumped BR Class gives players a jetpack to take to the skies.

The season will last for about a month. The new content will be available gradually throughout season nine, Nightmare.

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All teams qualified for the Wild Rift Horizon Cup



The League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup will happen from Nov. 13 to 21 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center. Ten teams from around the world will be competing for a share of the $500,000 prize pool. 

Wild Rift is still in its regional open beta stage, but this hasn’t stopped Riot Games from launching an esports scene this year. The Horizon Cup will be the first global esports event for the MOBA game. Riot has said that a full-fledged esports scene will be introduced in 2022. The exact format for the Horizon Cup hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Related: Wild Rift: Horizon Cup 2021 will not be the “first Wild Rift Worlds”

Here are all the teams that have qualified for the event.

  • Da Kung Gaming
  • ThunderTalk Gaming
  • KT Rolster
  • SBTC Esports
  • Team Secret
  • Team Queso

Summoner Series (North America)

  • Tribe Gaming

Japan Cup

  • Sengoku Gaming

Wild Tour (Brazil)

  • eBRO Gaming

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