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War Hospital Launching January 11


Set during the first World War, players will be able to jump into action when Brave Lamb and NACON’s War Hospital releases on January 11 next year.

War Hospital tasks players with managing a British field hospital during World War I in 1918. During this tumultuous time, players must oversee the treatment and rehabilitation of countless wounded soldiers as Major Henry Wells in this outpost North of France.

Combining the world of real-time strategy titles with that of survival games, War Hospital is a single-player management sim that tasks players with making a number of tough choices. The unexpected always poses a threat, and players must overcome these adverse conditions by making the best possible use of whatever resources one can get.

The team behind the title set out to faithfully recreate the settings of the French Front during this time period, all while integrating World War I medical technology into the title.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Learn more with the release date trailer for the game below:

War Hospital | Release Date Trailer

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The game will come out for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. In the case of the latter, all those interested can wishlist the game on the official Steam page.

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