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Valorant: Meet the top 4 EU teams qualified for VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Final




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The highly anticipated VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals will feature some of the best teams across the regions of Europe, CIS and TR. 

The tournament will see a total of eight teams competing for a prize money of a whopping $100,000+ USD, with the top two teams being able to participate in the Global LAN event in Iceland.

Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Challengers Playoffs EU teams:

The four EU teams that have made it to the EMEA Challengers Playoffs are:

  • FPX
  • Fnatic
  • Liquid
  • Guild Esports

Guild Esports were the runners-up of VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 1 while FPX were the champions. Fnatic and Liquid, who’ll face off against each other later today in the VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 2, have already secured their slots for the VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Final.

The VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers finals are scheduled to start from 23rd April. The top 2 teams will secure tickets for the LAN event in Iceland.

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[ASL11] Ro16 Groups + Schedule




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WriterDefeating a sandwich only makes it tastier.


Romania5107 Posts

Thank you Ziggy ! Zero should make it first and after him Mini or Mong. The rest of the groups are tough to call…

Lee JaeDong Fighting! The only church that illuminates is the one that burns.


Bulgaria681 Posts

Groups B through D are really stacked. Hype!

WriterReV hwaiting!


7663 Posts

These are hard to call (for me).

Group A: Zero, Mini
Group B: soma, Best
Group C: Bisu, Snow
Group D: Royal, Light

I think of those two picks at least one should make it out of each group. A lot can happen though, it’s nice to have 4 groups without 2 clear favourites this time.


606 Posts

ZerO // Mini
soma // Best
SnOw // Larva
sOrry // Rush

Moldova1183 Posts

A: Zero+Shuttle
B: Soma +Jyj
C: Bisu + Effort
D: Light + Hero

The copyright of this post belongs solely to me. Nobody else, not teamliquid, not greetech and not even blizzard have any share of this copyright. You can copy, distribute, use in commercial purposes the content of this post or parts of it freely.


Finland592 Posts

A: Zero Mini
B: soma Best
C: Larva Effort
D: Rush Light

Pusan fan #1, bad sair/reaver enthuisiast.


599 Posts

A: Queen, Mini
B: Soma, Best
C: Bisu, Larva
D: Rush, Light

These were quite easy actually.



D is pretty hard, I think sorry has great TvT

Brood War EICWoo Jung Ho, never forget.| Twitter: @BLinDRawR

TL+ Member

Romania5107 Posts

It will be nice to see an upset on group D and hero to qualify

He only has one match to prepare – versus terran !

Lee JaeDong Fighting! The only church that illuminates is the one that burns.


Poland1959 Posts

group C is absolutely nuts.. geez.. hope for some awesome games!


odi profanum vulgus et arceo


Vietnam870 Posts

Group A: Mong, Mini
Group B: soma, Best
Group C: Bisu, effort
Group D: Rush, Light


Canada1653 Posts

Group C group of death!!!

Hope bisu survives…

Too bad flash won’t be around


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Nigma make impressive debut versus Team Secret in Europe Season 2 DPC league




Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

headline picture courtesy of WePlay

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi back to the mid lane and Igor “iLTW” Filatov taking the carry duties for Team Nigma in the second season of Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues seems to be the winning formula.

Europe’s most dominant squad, Team Secret were the first to feel the thirst for victory of the recently shuffled Team Nigma. Igor “iLTW” Filatov was added to the roster just ahead of the second DPC season start to most fans’ surprise. While many expected to see Syed “SumaiL” Hassan replacing Aliwi “w33” Omar in the midlane, Nigma surprised everyone with their choice.

iLTW’s arrival at Nigma was received with skepticism by the Dota 2 community, but his debut in the second season of DPC Europe upper division from this past Saturday proved all doubters wrong.

In his debut match against Team Secret, he was drafted Juggernaut, while Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi went to the mid lane on Puck. The big surprise of that game came, however, from Team Secret, who decided to start the DPC campaign with a jungle Venomancer for Clement “Puppey” Ivanov. Puppey’s objective was to get a fast Helm of the Dominator along with Mekansm. He stayed in the dire jungle triangle, being relatively close to Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg, who was playing Bounty Hunter in the offlane, to give him a helping hand if needed in the lane. 

While Zai’s game wasn’t going particularly well, Puppey managed to complete Helm of the Dominator in just six minutes and proceeded on bullying Nigma in their safe lane. Nonetheless, iLTW survived through all the madness brought by Puppey’s Veno, who at the 10-minute mark was above his own carry in terms of net worth, and was able to keep his farm going while his supports died countless of times doing everything in their power to protect him.

Secret’s incredibly powerful early and mid game faded out however past the 30-minute mark. Nigma built three Aghanim’s Scepters and they got one more from Roshan to boost their team fight damage. Miracle- went for the Ethereal Blade nuke item build on Puck and together with iLTW, they decimated Secret to start the series with a win.

The innovations continued in the second game, as Nigma surprised Team Secret, and more precisely Michał “Nisha” Jankowski, with a mid lane Sand King. As pointed out by Purge on the official broadcast, with SK not being exactly a common pick for the mid lane, Nisha was unable to anticipate how awful his lane would be on Void Spirit. He was absolutely annihilated by Sand King’s Caustic Finale, while the other lanes were also won by Nigma with an Io in the hands of Maroun “GH” Merhej and an offlane Dark Seer for Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov.

As the game progressed, Nigma proved to be highly superior in team fights with Sand King’s Burrowstrike initiation followed up by Epicenter, the Vacuum-Wall DS combo and a Gyrocopter Call Down, which were all too much for Secret to handle.

First week of DPC Season 2 Europe league upper division concluded with Team Nigma, OG and Alliance all winning their opening series. At the bottom of the standings are Hellbear Smashers, Team Secret and Team Liquid who lost their matches. Brame and Tundra Esports got to play two series on week one and closed week one with 1-1series score.

In week two, which will start on April 20, Nigma, Secret and Alliance will play two series, Brame will not have any matches scheduled, while OG, Tundra and Hellbear Smashers will play one series.

Europe DPC league upper division Week 2 schedule:

April 20

April 21

April 24


Were you taken by surprise by Team Nigma’s performance versus Team Secret?

Thank you for voting!

Thank you for voting!

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Was Jake Paul’s first-round knockout of Ben Askren rigged?




Is Jake Paul a serious boxer? The results of his latest fight may have shown that he’s good enough to beat an aged mixed martial arts champion.

What was viewed as an exhibition by most fans came to a very real conclusion as Paul took a first-round knockout victory over former Bellator MMA and ONE FC champion Ben Askren. The result capped a weird night of combat sports and music with a memorable highlight and a touch of controversy. 

The bout between Paul and Askren basically what one would have expected between the two after watching their most recent combat endeavors. Paul pressed the action but remained disciplined, something that carried him to victory in both of his previous bouts. Askren plodded around the ring, but largely avoided any damage from Paul’s early spurts of offense.

Whether it was force of habit from MMA or just his lack of actual striking experience, Askren’s lead hand drifted out and up. A jab followed by a looping right hook from Paul caught Askren flush on the temple and dropped him hard.

Askren was up quickly, but was shaky on his feet for a time. He recovered inside the 10-count but Paul moved in too quickly, prompting the referee to wave him back.

In a confusing conclusion, the fight was then waved off with Paul being declared the winner.

As with every other large boxing match regardless of the outcome, “rigged” trended worldwide on Twitter ahead of promoter-designated hashtags. Nonetheless, it still looked like a damning night for the former MMA champion and a vindicating one for Paul.

Was Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren rigged?

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren was almost certainly not rigged. While Triller’s shoddy camera work didn’t pick it up perfectly, it appears that Askren was knocked out cleanly.

Though he was standing under his own power by the count of eight, Askren was visibly stumbling long after the count. Even after getting extra bonus time to recover after the count when Paul advanced early, the referee could be seen beckoning Askren to step forward. Askren continued to hobble sideways, prompting the stoppage.

Understandably, Askren’s loss was a tough pill for MMA fans to swallow. 

Though Askren is aged and showed up to the fight more chunky than Funky, he’s still a former Olympic wrestler, was the champion of two major MMA promotions, and was widely regarded as a top-10 fighter in the highly competitive welterweight class for nearly a decade. Theoretically, those credentials should allow him to walk off the street and make quick work of someone that’s best known for social media hooliganism, but that’s not so. 

This was far from the best version of Ben Askren that fans have seen. Though Askren’s weight was a hot topic of conversation after the weigh-ins, coming in at 191 pounds after finishing his MMA career at 170 pounds, that wasn’t necessarily because of a lack of motivation. 

Askren’s been very open regarding his physical status, particularly as it relates to the fact that he likely needs hip replacement surgery. But even if this wasn’t the case, the fact that Askren’s outstretched hand literally went over Paul’s head as the final punches came in showed the glaring weaknesses in his actual striking.

How much did Jake Paul and Ben Askren make?

The reported payouts for Jake Paul and Ben Askren for their boxing match on Triller were $690,000 and $500,000, respectively. No details on other sources of revenue, particularly shares of the pay-per-view purchases, were disclosed.

Is Jake Paul a good boxer?

While Paul’s haters will find a way to explain away each of his victories, it’s getting more difficult to dismiss him as a sideshow act. Paul is still undeniably raw when it comes to boxing, but there’s enough grit, technical acumen, and pure punching power there to commend.

Jake Paul’s first boxing match came on the undercard of Logan Paul’s first boxing match opposite Deji Olatunji. During that fight, Paul copied Floyd Mayweather’s boxing stance with a low lead hand. Given his lack of head movement, shoulder rolling, and hand speed, he was smacked around for the first few rounds before gutting out a late stoppage.

It was a display of toughness that many didn’t expect, and Paul has improved technically since then.

Paul remains a social media personality first and latecomer to combat sports second, and that puts a hard ceiling when it comes to any notion of him being a legitimate boxer. But in another reality where Paul found boxing at a younger age and poured his whole self into it, he may have been a legitimate contender.

What is Jake Paul’s next fight?

No details were given regarding Jake Paul’s next fight and it’s anyone’s guess as to who he may face next. Both Paul and Askren made a lot of money from their match and that has seen a number of people get in line for a money fight against the YouTuber.

Dillon Danis, a Conor McGregor hanger-on best known for getting pelted with water balloons by Jake Paul last year, staked a claim for the match and makes as much sense as anyone else. It could also be another social media influencer or another crossover athlete. The possibilities are endless.

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