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Ecommerce Introduces New Partner Program for the Autonomous Accounting…


on is dedicated to providing our partners with a program that offers the most innovative accounting solution, exceptional support, and a wealth of resources, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform for autonomous accounting and real-time insights, today announced the new Partner Program, which empowers resellers and technology providers with self-service enablement so they can deliver the AI solutions their accounting and finance customers need.

The program affords partners greater opportunities to increase enterprise-level revenue streams with new and existing customers. With the proliferation of automation and cloud accounting technologies, businesses are searching for the right partners to help them navigate their digital transformation journey and develop an AI strategy. That strategy includes intelligently automating back-office work like cost-side accounting, expense management, and reporting.

The new Partner Program expands the options for engagement with as a referral partner, a solution provider, or a software partner. This flexibility allows organizations to align their partnership with their business models. Solution providers can deliver products and serve as AI industry authorities by becoming a singular resource for their customers. Partners also have access to the expertise of the team, which has more than 2,300 customers worldwide.

“ is dedicated to providing our partners with a program that offers the most innovative accounting solution, exceptional support, and a wealth of resources,” said Todd Robinson, Head of Strategic Accounts at “Our new partner program reaffirms our commitment to our channel partners and we’re excited to help them welcome their customers into the era of autonomous accounting.”’s Partner Program benefits include:

  • New Revenue Opportunities: Solution partners can add new revenue streams to their current product and service offerings.
  • Sales Enablement and Support: supports solution partners throughout the entire sales cycle by providing sales expertise and dedicated training to close deals and nurture customer relationships.
  • Access to PartnerHub: An online microsite with co-brandable and pre-built marketing assets and tools, such as presentation decks and case studies, to help identify and drive opportunities with customers.

For more information about and how to join its Partner Program, please visit

Partner Quote

“ is a promising entry into the pre-accounting market. With their AI capabilities, deep historical database, and high accuracy for recognition, many firms can benefit from the product’s capabilities of helping with accounting decisions. While pre-accounting technologies are new, we think it is wise for VARs to partner with to assist their clients in a deep and meaningful way. I believe most people who see work will be surprised at the capabilities of the system today.”
Randy Johnston, CEO and Co-Founder, Network Management Group, Inc.

About is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Platform for Accounting Productivity.’s machine learning technology has been trained on over 200 million live accounting documents and transactions. Already surpassing human-level accuracy for many tasks with its Autopilot functionality, helps accountants, CFOs, controllers, and accounts payable (AP) teams perform truly autonomous accounting and become more efficient and reduce errors on routine accounting tasks.

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Premier Online Head Shop Now Offers Same-Day Shipping Worldwide For…



The selection of products available from Absnt Minded is virtually unmatched.

Absnt Minded today announced the availability of same-day or next-day shipping worldwide on all of its premium glass pipes, water bongs, heady glass dab rigs, rolling/dabbing accessories, terp slurpers, and more. Absnt Minded also hand delivers orders in Las Vegas and offers free shipping on all products ordered within the United States. Absnt Minded is one of the world’s top online head shops for those seeking exceptional selection, superior quality, and lightning fast shipping.

“The selection of products available from Absnt Minded is virtually unmatched,” says Beau Berman, former journalist and current e-commerce founder.

“The fact that you can place an order for a terp marble or dabber in New York on a Tuesday and get it next-day or by Thursday – shipped from Las Vegas – is remarkable.”

Absnt Minded specializes in offering truly unique glass pipes and pieces that can’t be found at the average smoke shop. Each piece of glass is a beautiful work of art in addition to being a piece of equipment crafted for your enjoyment.

You can find these products at Absnt Minded right now:

  • Glass Pipes
  • Water Bongs
  • Heady Glass Dab Rigs
  • Rolling/Dabbing Accessories
  • Terp Slurpers
  • Terp Marbles
  • Quartz Bangers
  • Bowls
  • Dabbers
  • CBD Products

Absnt Minded offers affordable everyday pieces but is passionate about its top of the line artistic creations such as the first of its kind Baby Yoda Rig made by Sayain Glass. You can also find Mario Bros. and Teenage Mutant Turtle styled terp slurpers and Bart Simpson styled pendants.

The brand also runs weekly giveaways on its popular Instagram page offering merch, blenders, terp slurpers, and more. Daily posts cultivate a community of like-minded dabbers always down to discuss the latest products and trends.

The goal is to let customers who are ready to drift into an “Absnt Minded” state do so without worry or hesitation – because the premier head shop in the nation is there to assist them in finding the newest and most unique pieces to complement their favorite dry herbs and concentrates.

For more information on Absnt Minded and its complete collection of products visit

About Absnt Minded: Your premier online head shop is located in Las Vegas and features more than 40 brands of heady glass, torches, quartz nails, dabbers, and more. With same-day and next-day worldwide shipping, it’s the optimal head shop for customers all over the globe.

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Recommender Engines: AI on Steroids for E-commerce




Olga Teslenko Hacker Noon profile picture

@olyateslaOlga Teslenko

I know how to use AI and XR in marketing and I just can’t keep this knowledge to myself.

When I open any website offering services or goods, I always check how well a recommender system works.  It’s my personal marketing thing, tic, and oddity. Whatever you call it. Big business also adores recommender engines as much as I do, so I am in good company.

“Recommender engines or recommenders, as they are sometimes called, are the most useful applications of Machine Learning Algorithms.” – Harvard Business Review.

No matter whether I am choosing Netflix movies or ordering delivery from a local grocery, I want personal recommendations:


Recommender engines help me to choose among millions of tracks on Spotify: 


And they help me to choose another plant to the disappointment of my husband ( “One more plant? We have a dozen of them already!”).


Each time I notice accurate and pleasant recommendations, the marketer in me, the one who strongly believes that bringing value to clients is the key to success, is pleased. Extremely pleased.



Recommenders are like gifts from best friends who know you well enough to take into account your tastes insead of their own.

What are other benefits of recommender engines for clients?

1. In all the 3 cases described above, recommendation engines (Spotify, Netflix, Epicentr K) saved me a lot of time. The more  I use them, the more accurate the recommendations become. Next time when I aim to buy a plant ( “Another one!”) or choose music, I have useful hints.

2. As a busy customer, and that may sound like a total coming out, I don’t always know what I want. I ask friends about good films or books, post on Facebook questions like “where should I eat in Split?” and ask about the brand name of a grill I am about to buy. I am in doubt and anxious to buy something good.

I adore personal recommendations. We all do. They are based on someone else’s mistakes.

3. So, in many cases, recommender engines help me to choose the things I need, offering the most popular foods, services that are often worth attention. Simply because they are checked by other people. And, no, I don’t believe that I am lured into buying things I don’t need because of some gross manipulations. I am immune to ads, and it’s almost impossible to make me buy things that I was not planning to buy in the first place, thanks to strict budgeting habits.

The more I listen to Spotify, the better music it offers to me, and consequently, the more I like it. The more shopping I do on one of the popular marketplaces, the better goods I see in my recommendation.  According to this article from towardsdatascience, Spotify uses collaborative filtering, Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze lyrics, comments, to make predictions of what I may enjoy.

Spotify analysts claim that 40% of the time, users are not sure what they want to listen to.


That was the confession of the user. Now, let’s take a look at the real stuff: business value. I don’t view recommender engines as a marketing gimmick, rather as a tool, a serious business tool for serious purposes. 

For businesses it is important to get the main idea: recommender engines are not the examples of the tactics that will help to sell more, they are a resource of never – ending insight resources compared to intuition and competitiors monitoring.

What is the real business value of recommender engines?

Recommenders can be a starting point for building a real “data culture” inside the company, the culture that will help to make decisions on the basis of knowledge (not the intuition of a marketing director or the gut feeling of the main investor of the company).  Until companies realize that they need to analyze the data that is sometimes scattered between different systems, they will miss the goal.


Recommender engines look a bit complicated at the moment, but marketers need to remember principles on which recommender engines are based: collaborative filtering and content-based filtering.


All in all, 38% of all AI solutions in businesses are dedicated to building algorithms that can find patterns in big volumes of data and use this knowledge to predict what a particular customer likes. Having this knowledge, e-commerce businesses can offer more relevant and worthy goods and services to their customers and increase loyalty.

Using modern capabilities of AI, it is possible to reach the heart of the consumer:

1. To build recommendations dynamically filling the slots on the basis of analysis of browsing and purchasing history;

2. Build lists and sort pages based on the popularity rate of products/services;

3. Show personalized search results;

4. Show recommendations for special events, like Halloween or Easter ( don’t forget to buy eggs!);

5. Show recommendations that can complete your order in some sense. You were buying 3 types of goat cheese. Why not offer a good wine that matches all those cheeses?


After all, we all like buying things but hate when someone sells us stuff. Recommender engines become the golden mean between being sold and pleasant shopping.

by Olga Teslenko @olyatesla. I know how to use AI and XR in marketing and I just can’t keep this knowledge to myself.Read my stories


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NPD: Both Brick and Click Are Exceeding Pre-Pandemic Levels Amid…



News Image

“Clearly, the e-commerce growth has not impeded opportunity for brick-and-mortar to grow,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry advisor, The NPD Group.

U.S. discretionary spending on general merchandise continues to be healthier than expected. Dollar sales for the week ending June 12, 2021 rose 15% over the same period two years ago, continuing at a pace that exceeds the 9% growth over last year, according to “Retail Early Indicator” data from The NPD Group.

E-commerce appears to have reached a level of maturity, at least for the time being. Following huge growth during the heights of the pandemic, data shows slippage in online sales growth for the first time.

  • Online sales accounted for an average of 29% of dollar sales for the 13 weeks ending May 29, 2021.
  • The latest e-commerce results were a decline from the 38% weekly average during the same time in 2020, but still elevated compared to the 21% average in 2019.

Brick-and-mortar results are a bit more unexpected. Physical store sales have not only rebounded, they have exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

  • The average weekly discretionary general merchandise dollar sales at U.S. brick-and-mortar retail for the 12 weeks ending May 15, 2021
  • The recent in-store sales were $1.7B higher than last year, and $400M above two years ago.

“Clearly, the e-commerce growth has not impeded opportunity for brick-and-mortar to grow,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry advisor, The NPD Group. “This dual-channel growth demonstrates the need to link digital and in-store experiences. Consumers want a multi-dimensional retail option, and retailers and manufacturers need to speak to needs in both environments.”

*Source: The NPD Group/Point-of-Sale Early Indicator Report, NPD Universe, 2021.

(Discretionary retail includes the following industries: accessories, apparel, auto parts, beauty, consumer technology, DVD/Blu-ray, footwear, housewares, juvenile products, office supplies, small appliances, sports equipment, toys, video games)

For more information, or to speak with Marshal Cohen, contact Janine Marshall at, and check NPD’s Now in Retail page and follow @NPDGroup on Twitter to see the latest insights across retail.

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Boost by Wrapify Now Included in the Samsara Marketplace Ecosystem



Boost by Wrapify, the SaaS subscription service enabling Transit Out of Home (OOH) and Branded Fleets, today announces its inclusion in the Samsara Marketplace.

Samsara enables more than 20,000 fleets with an easy and simple platform for GPS tracking, safety cameras, telematics, and more. The integration with Boost and Samsara provides fleet operators leveraging Samsara for fleet telematics with the ability to measure the audience exposed to these vehicles and retarget this audience across multiple digital channels including Display, Mobile and Video.

According to The Harris Poll and OAAA, consumers are noticing OOH the most while driving right now and Facebook even reported that OOH + Facebook is 13% more effective than Facebook Advertising expected.

Boost by Wrapify has been leveraged by Autonomous Fleets, Transit OOH operators including Truckside, Bus, Taxi and Rideshare Advertising operators as well as branded Delivery Fleets across the nation. This integration makes it easy for Samsara clients to connect their fleets with this first-of-its-kind media measurement and retargeting platform.

“This is a big step forward for measuring what anonymized folks exposed to branded vehicles do online, in-app and in retail environments,” says James Heller, CEO and Founder at Wrapify. “It’s no longer just a sticker on a bus, truck, van or bot; it’s money on the table.”

To learn more, please visit

View the Samsara integration here:

About Wrapify

With a powerful combination of OOH, digital and the gig economy, Wrapify empowers Fortune 500 brands to reach audiences in an omnichannel environment – while delivering measurable, actionable analytics to prove its effectiveness. This high-recall ad tech platform combines the impact of out of home advertising with the scalability, targeting and accountability of digital.

Brands including T-Mobile, Petco and Zoom reach and engage audiences that interact with Wrapified vehicles across channels and devices, driving awareness, attribution and conversion. Wrapify enables brands to target and scale ad campaigns nationwide, across screens and channels, as well as access to data in real time to measure performance.

300,000+ drivers in the U.S. use the Wrapify app to earn extra income simply by driving. Founded in 2015, Wrapify is headquartered in San Diego, California. Learn more at

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