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Đánh giá về Fatso Strain

The Fatso weed strain was created by Colorado-based breeders Cannarado Genetics. It’s a potent THC-heavy hybrid that indica lovers are sure to appreciate.  Its THC content ranges from 20% to 26% on average, though many cultivators have tested levels of up to 31%. At its lowest, its THC is reportedly closer to 16%, but even …


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The Fatso weed strain was created by Colorado-based breeders Cannarado Genetics. It’s a potent THC-heavy hybrid that indica lovers are sure to appreciate. 

Its THC content ranges from 20% to 26% on average, though many cultivators have tested levels of up to 31%.

At its lowest, its THC is reportedly closer to 16%, but even then, it delivers a powerful knockout high thanks to its indica-leaning các tính trạng. 

Sativa / Indica Năng suất trong nhà Năng suất ngoài trời Thời gian ra hoa
30% / 70% 1-2 oz / ft2 15-20 oz mỗi cây tuần 8-10

Its parents Bánh quy GMO (GMO or Garlic Cookies) and Legends OG require little introduction; both are considered celebrity strains within the industry. 

No doubt Fatso, aka Fatso OG, is well on its way to achieving this same star status among cannabisseurs. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from a strain whose genetics tie back to big names like Scout Cookies girl (GSC), ChemdawgOG Kush.

Review: Fatso Strain

The Cannarado Fatso strain has a terpene profile as powerful as its THC content. Its dominant terpenes are myrcene, humulene, caryophyllene, linalool, and eucalyptol. 

This robust terpene profile more than makes up for the minimal amounts of CBD, which maxes out at just over 1%.

The terpenes, which contain earth notes, spice, florals, herbs, and sage, are also responsible for the enticing aroma and delectable taste.

Tìm kiếm giao dịch hạt giống cần sa? Đăng ký của chúng tôi giao dịch hạt giống để có quyền truy cập vào các ưu đãi hàng tuần về hạt giống cần sa!

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Đánh giá về Fatso Strain
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  • Vận chuyển miễn phí đến tất cả Hoa Kỳ
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Fatso Strain Information

GỐC GMO or Garlic Cookies) and Legends OG
TÁC phấn khích
Hạnh phúc
Sự đánh thức
HÌNH ẢNH Ground coffee, diesel, earth, fresh herbs, garlic
HOA Citrus, wood, pine, garlic, chestnut, gas
PHẢN ỨNG TRÁI NGƯỢC Dry eyes, red eyes, droopy eyes, cottonmouth, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks
HOA THỜI GIAN tuần 8-10
NỘI DUNG THC% 20% -26%
ẤN ĐỘ / SATIVA% 70% / 30%
ĐỘC LẬP 1-2 oz / ft2
YIELD NGOÀI 15-20 oz mỗi cây
hút cỏ
Hút cỏ dại

Fatso Strain Effects

The Fatso weed strain is a potent indica that’ll have you feeling like a Macy’s Day Parade balloon. Except instead of helium, you’re filled with lead

. You’re inflated and happy, buzzing with euphoric energy – but you’re not going anywhere. 

That’s okay, though, because you’ll be too tranquil and snug to want to do much anyway.

With that in mind, it’s best to clear your schedule when enjoying this one, as the high doesn’t just hit hard – it lasts long.

About as long as it would take to drag a giant lead balloon through the Macy’s Day procession.

Fatso starts with an uplifted head-high that elevates focus, arousal, sáng tạo, and mood before settling into a mellow euphoria that lulls the mind into comfortable bliss.

As the tingling buzz spreads from your head through your body, you’ll succumb to an overwhelming sense of relaxation until you’re one with the couch. 

hạt giống cần sa năng suất cao

Mua hạt giống cần sa năng suất cao

  • Dễ trồng
  • Đảm bảo năng suất cao
  • Người mới bắt đầu thân thiện
  • Trải nghiệm tốt

Fatso offers a heavy dose of relief from physical, mental, and emotional burdens.

As Fatso works its way through the body, it instantly soothes chronic pain, cramps, muscle spasms, stiff joints, nausea, arthritis, and general physical discomforts. 

Fatso works just as effectively on the mind, easing racing and negative thoughts, anxieties, and stress.

Fatso is great as a nightcap to give insomniacs the rest they seek, and even those without rối loạn giấc ngủ will experience the best slumber of their lives. 

Fatso Strain Fragrance

The first whiff introduces a rich combination of ground coffee, diesel, and earth. Shortly after, notes of wood, fresh herbs, and garlic come through, underlined with a touch of sweet trái cây and florals. 

The aroma, which is harsh but pleasant, hints at the flavors you’re about to enjoy. Overall, Fatso has that skunky but captivating fragrance synonymous with a true OG strain.

Fatso Strain Flavor
Fatso Strain Flavor

Fatso Strain Flavors

Fatso has all the makings of a delicious marijuana strain between its tecpen and genetics. 

Unless you’re not a fan of roasted coffee, which dominates its flavor profile. 

However, if you’re the type to enjoy a spicy vanilla latte, you’ll undoubtedly love it, especially the aftertaste, where the vanilla truly shines.

Hints of garlic, chestnut, gas, and người đê tiện also come through, balanced out by subtle notes of citrus, wood, and pine to create a balanced warm, and refreshing blend of flavors.

Fatso Strain Adverse Reactions

We’ve already spoken about the body-melting effects in this Fasto strain review, but it can’t be said enough. If you’re not a big fan of indicas or prefer to maintain full limb functionality from start to finish, this isn’t the weed for you. 

The name Fatso should be a hint of where the strain lands in terms of physical activity but, if that wasn’t clear enough – you’re almost guaranteed to become couch-locked. 

And you don’t need to consume a lot to make it happen. But since we’re on the topic of consumption, it’s still worthwhile to moderate your dose and pace yourself. 

chủng sativa
Best Sativa Strains

The smooth, tasty flavor makes this one easy to overindulge in, and even being glued to the couch doesn’t bother you; there are other adverse reactions you could experience – like anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.

You may also become drowsy or quickly sedated. 

The Cannarado Fatso strain wasn’t made for discretion, so steer clear if you’re trying to stay on the down-low. You’ll have dry, red, droopy eyes and cottonmouth đến độ thứ n. 

Your speech could even become fumbled and slurred. While eye drops and water will help keep you comfortable, they won’t remove these effects entirely.

Growing Fatso Strain
Growing Fatso Strain

Indoors it’ll be a more modest height of just under 3ft. The spade-shaped buds are plump, bulky, and dense with a thick coating of sticky trichomes. 

The nugs come in a range of minty to dark green shades, contrasted splendidly by the burnt trái cam of the pistils

. The crystalline trichomes, which appear almost amber, allude to Fatso’s potency.

This robust plant requires little intervention, though introducing the correct techniques will encourage growth and boost yields.

It likes a warm environment, so investing in proper lighting and heating equipment will go a long way when phát triển trong nhà

Methods like topping and pruning do well, as they help improve airflow and light exposure, especially towards the middle and lower areas of the plant. 

If you’re green when it comes to growing, check out our online grow guides, a great way to help get you started. You can also join a growing community online to help you achieve the results you want.

hạt giống cần sa chất lượng cao

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  • Hướng dẫn phát triển có sẵn
  • Kết quả đảm bảo


Flowering is usually 8-10 weeks. With the right expertise and cultivation techniques, flowering can take just seven weeks, which is considerably shorter than most. It has a harvest time of roughly nine weeks.

Năng suất trong nhà

The plant will be about 2.5 feet (30 inches or 76cm) tall. You can expect yields of 1-2 oz/ft2.

Năng suất ngoài trời

The plant can grow 5-6.6 feet (60-80 inches or 150-203cm) tall. You can look forward to yields of 15-20 oz/plant.

Tải xuống của tôi Cần sa miễn phí Phát triển kinh thánh so you can grow your own Fatso strain!

Nhận ưu đãi hạt giống

Đánh giá về Fatso Strain
  • Nhận tất cả các ưu đãi đặc biệt của chúng tôi
  • Vận chuyển miễn phí đến tất cả Hoa Kỳ
  • Giao hàng đảm bảo & nảy mầm

FAQ’s About Fatso Strain

Is the Fatso strain indica or sativa?

Fatso is a hybrid strain, meaning it has both indica and sativa traits. Most sources agree it has a 70:30 or 80:20 indica-leaning split, but some suggest the ratio is a much more balanced 50:50. It’s considered indica-dominant regardless, namely due to its deeply relaxing effects.

Are Cannarado Fatso strain seeds available for purchase?

It seems like breeder Cannarado keeps their fists tight on this one, so finding the original seeds is not easy. You may be able to source seeds from alternative cultivators or try getting your hands on clones instead.

Is Fatso a good strain for newbies?

Despite the high THC and hard-hitting indica effects, Fatso can be enjoyed by beginners as long as they pace themselves and keep their doses small to start. It’s also a good choice for those who usually go for sativa-dominant or balanced strains and are ready to try out at an indica.

Source: https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/strains/fatso-strain/

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