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VALORANT Episode 3, Act 3 introduces festive battle pass perfect for the holiday season

VALORANT players can enjoy a new battle pass in Episode Three, Act Three that contains a lot of exciting cosmetic items, like weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. Players will be pleasantly surprised to see several of these items reflecting the holiday season and get a glimpse at what some of their favorite agents do in their spare time. 

The new battle pass features several items that represent notable upcoming holidays, like Halloween and the winter holidays. Items like the Living the Nightmare player card showing Omen and Sage in Halloween costumes and the Sock of Cheer gun buddy are excellent choices for players who want to get into the holiday spirit. 

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Celebrating the end-of-year traditions was a goal for the Act Three battle pass, according to associate art director Sean Marino. The team created several items referencing the holiday season and also made items to match weapon skins. These include the Genesis gun buddy and the Goldwing player card, which are perfect accessories for their associated skins. 

The Act Three battle pass includes 10 gun buddies, 12 player cards, 15 sprays, and three new weapon skin lines. The Aero skin line features skins for the Frenzy, Guardian, Phantom, and Spectre. The Genesis skin line introduces skins for the Bucky, Bulldog, Operator, Shorty, and a new Genesis Arc Melee. Players can also enjoy new Ares, Classic, Ghost, and Judge skins in the Goldwing skin line. 

Act Three will be released on Nov. 2 and the battle pass costs 1,000 VP. Fans can unlock several items like the Aero Frenzy and Edible Ornament gun buddy for free, but the majority of the items require a premium pass.

Act Three ends on Jan. 11, so fans have 10 weeks to grind through the pass.

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