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Valarhash Launches New Service Series for its Mining Hosting Operations




CHENGDU, CHINA, Oct 31, 2020 – (ACN Newswire)-: Valarhash, a leader in digital asset services, officially launches a new series of cryptocurrency miners hosting services, now enabling customers with remote online access to the operations of their mining machines. Registered users will have many features such as selecting their mining pool, withdrawing options, and even re-selling their mining machine on the platform. Customers can purchase machines from Valarhash or other providers and have them shipped to the Valarhash mining farms.

Valarhash is launching the new service series following an earlier announcement launching miner machine hosting plans. With versatility being of the utmost importance, Valarhash adds a new series of features in order to distinguish itself from its counterparts. The Valarhash mining pool charges a handling fee of 2%, and users are free to assign a designated mining pool for their mining machine based on their needs, offering a customizable experience. This ensures a reliable supply of computing power to consumers which can be viewed in real-time via an app or web management system built by the platform.

Kevin Huang, the co-founder of Valarhash, said “given that higher BTC prices would result in a rise in the price of a mining machine, we have decided to allow users to opt-out of the hosting services and to re-sell their machines and computing power at any time.” Valarhash hosts a large mining community and manages 100,000 mining machines in its facilities, with maintenance available 24/7. In order to respond promptly to glitches and other concerns, on-site operations and repairs will be carried out by Valarhash staff as they occur, without the need for customers to pay fees in advance.

Valarhash, with its large scale operations, is able to standardize procedures and regulate mining costs because of its longstanding partnerships with local power stations. Customers can take advantage of the Valarhash hosting service for an annual fee of $0.046 (KW/H), in comparison to the rates provided on other sites where the annual fee is $0.055 (KW/H) and above. This hosting fee is inclusive of both the operating and maintenance costs of the mining machines.

For information about the new services, please visit our official website to get in touch with a representative.


About Valarhash
Chengdu-based Valarhash integrates mining machine sales, miner hosting, mining pool, and mine construction services. Led by CEO Fiona Lv, Valarhash aims to provide users with transparent and beneficial mining plans using advanced technology, with a lower barrier of entry. Business operations cover hardware research and development, digital asset transactions, and 1TMine hash power contract sharing. With a leading position in the hash power market, Valarhash integrates frontier resources with global vision, providing crypto compute service (CCS) and linking physical and digital worlds with blockchain technology. Email:

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