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UK tech companies hiring at record levels post-pandemic


The top UK tech companies and startups continue to hire at record rates with a 128% increase in jobs on offer since September 2020, according to job sites Adzuna.co.uk and WorkinStartups.com. This makes up 4,895 advertised vacancies. 

UK tech companies hiring at record levels post-pandemic
UK tech companies hiring at record levels post-pandemic

The switch to online services that accelerated during the pandemic has been fueling the industry, creating an abundance of opportunities right across the UK. The Office of National Statistics reported almost 20,000 new tech companies had registered on Companies House during the pandemic, so the record growth in tech jobs comes as no surprise. 

Which tech companies are hiring?

The UK Foodtech scene remains very well-positioned and has continued to show the largest growth in hiring. The pandemic has notably accelerated the online food delivery business, with London creating a strong foundation as a global hub for FoodTech innovation. Foodtech giants, Deliveroo (239 vacancies), Gousto (117 vacancies) and Hellofresh (41 vacancies), continue to flourish post-pandemic with huge increases in their number of vacancies compared to this time last year. 

Citypantry, the UK corporate catering marketplace who were acquired by Just Eat in 2019, has seen the largest growth in number of vacancies (75 vacancies), indicating employees returning to the office and is now in full swing. 

Amazon remains the highest advertiser (1,571 vacancies) amongst the top UK tech firms with their number of jobs doubling from last September. 

Deliveroo is notable for a further reason, which it shares with FTSE 250 cyber security AI business Darktrace: both were among the thirty tech and consumer internet companies to list their shares on the London Stock Exchange so far this year and both raised money when doing so. They therefore have enhanced funds to drive expansion, including by recruitment. Darktrace is actively recruiting across all roles, with over 70 vacancies in the UK and over 250 globally. The growing popularity of the tech IPO has demonstrated the vital link between strength in stock markets and the real economy.

What tech jobs are in demand and where are they?

Tech vacancies have been analysed by the most popular searched job titles within the industry to indicate where the demand is. With online presence being more important than ever, it’s no surprise that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has seen the largest year-on-year growth, at 274% and a creation of 6,997 jobs. 

Programming and Developer jobs continue to lead the way with 74,000 vacancies currently on the market. This growth has continued right through the pandemic and isn’t showing signs of slowing. 

London and South West England remain to be the strongest regions with the number of tech jobs available however, Eastern England and the West Midlands have seen a similar growth (130%) since September last year, with an additional 10,000 jobs on the market between them. 

In March 2021, we celebrated the milestone of hitting 1 million vacant jobs in the UK after seeing a real low last May, with just 350,700 on the market. There are now over 1.2 million jobs on the market with tech jobs making up 13% (150,000) of the total UK vacancies according to Adzuna data. Comparing this to May 2020, that is a 348% increase. 

Vicky Vitkay, general manager at Work in Startup comments: It’s exciting to see UK tech unicorns and startups continuing to thrive. We can certainly celebrate the UK being the global capital of innovation, however efforts and focus need to go into ensuring diversity and inclusion are fulfilled within this huge ecosystem and importantly, we need to be providing more entry level job opportunities for graduates who are entering the market. 

 Table 1: Vacancies & Growth rate by Job type

Job Type September 2021 vacancies  YoY % Change 
SQL 31,695 146.69%
Product Manager  26,405 114.14%
Digital  Marketing  17,900 127.27%
Java 16,251 124.18%
IT Support 14,813 174.62%
Web Developer  8,585 77.56%
Data Scientist  10,408 151.52%
PHP 6,907 106.30%
SEO 9,545 274.61%
Front End Developer  5,348 121.54%
Social Media Manager  4,071 133.43%
Web Designer  3,243 128.38%
Ruby 2,832 117.51%
CTO 2,381 113.93%
IT Sales 3,433 208.72%
Perl  1,212 67.17%
DBA 991 87.33%

Table 2: Tech Job Vacancies, Growth rate and Average Salary by Region

Region   September 2021 tech vacancies YoY% change  Average advertised salary
UK wide* 147,671 142% £60,315
London 49,145 141% £75,085
South East England 25,298 153% £59,722
North West England 11,588 105% £49,430
South West England 9,843 76% £50,222
Eastern England 8,797 135% £49,450
West Midlands 8,943 132% £50,222
Yorkshire And The Humber 5,389 105% £47,411
Scotland 6,299 114% £51,827
East Midlands 4,361 94% £59,722
Wales 2,238 97% £42,212
North East England 2386 114% £43,154
Northern Ireland 1831 70% £45,969

Further data can be made available on request.

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Source: http://hrnews.co.uk/uk-tech-companies-hiring-at-record-levels-post-pandemic/

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