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UAE’s Buy Now Pay Later Fintech Spotii to Support Business Growth with Microsoft AppSource by using its Network to Co-Market Services




Dubai’s Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Fintech firm Spotii has officially launched on Microsoft AppSource, which is an app store and online marketplace for companies using various Microsoft products.

Spotii’s digital platform allows fashion, beauty, and lifestyle retail outlets to provide more flexible payment plans to their clients. The Fintech firm’s payments options allow users to make four equal installments for any purchases they make via Spotii. As covered, the UAE-based Fintech startup had introduced its services in the UAE back in May 2020. The company had secured a “seven-figure” seed investment just two months after its launch.

The partnership will allow Spotii to use Microsoft AppSource as a platform to market its BNPL services to different retailers using various products and solutions of the global tech giant. As a Microsoft partner, Spotii will be able to work directly with the sales and marketing departments to market its products to the tech firm’s business clients based in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other MENA region countries.

Spotii’s management claim that they’re the very first BNPL platform in the Middle East to team up with a global enterprise tech firm like Microsoft. However, it’s worth noting that this is not some major partnership, as many startups like to claim. Microsoft offers similar deals to many other companies, which are quite basic and just makes it easier to use the tech company’s line of products and services.

Anuscha Iqbal, founder and CEO at Spotii, noted that Microsoft has helped with launching products which can be quite challenging right now due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, Microsoft Corp., noted that Microsoft AppSource gives customers access to the solutions that are only accessible from the company’s partner ecosystem.

Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups MEA, said:

“We are proud of the milestone that Spotii has achieved by publishing their solution on Microsoft AppSource to become an enterprise-ready partner solution. The value of the Microsoft for Startups program is in enabling Spotii to accelerate their business growth with our co-selling, co-marketing and go-to-market services and unlock access to markets at scale.”

Ahmed Khizer Khan, CEO at Daman Investments (a Spotii investor), had stated in July 2020:

“The launch of this payments platform couldn’t have come at a better time, especially as business owners navigate the current market turbulence in order to position themselves for future success. We have been monitoring the startup landscape for businesses that are able to traverse the current situation and would also be active contributors to the growth of the region.” 

Khan had said in July this year that his firm feels confident that the Spotii platform will be able to contribute towards the fast developing Fintech sector in the GCC region.



BackerKit Webinar: Performance Marketing Secrets




Are you trying to figure out the best way to promote your next project? Facebook Ads can be a powerful marketing tool. However, there are special considerations that crowdfunding creators must be mindful of if they want to optimize ad performance and drive more pledges to their campaigns. 

The BackerKit team has helped develop the ad strategies for some of the most successful creators in the crowdfunding community. In our next webinar, we will be sharing the performance marketing secrets behind these million-dollar projects. 

Join us for an in-depth discussion, followed by a live Q&A, on everything you need to know before using ads, including:

    • How to determine if running ads makes sense for your campaign
    • Why super-efficient returns can be misleading
    • How to drive traffic in the middle of a campaign
    • What makes a strong advertising image or video
    • How to optimize your Kickstarter campaign
    • How to use your ad budget throughout your campaign. 

Hosted by:

Robert Wickham

Account Executive, BackerKit

Justin Hannigan

VP Operations, BackerKit

RSVP and mark your calendar for Thursday, September 24th at 11 AM PT.performance marketing webinar

Follow us on Crowdcast to get details about all of our upcoming webinars, and click the links below to check out our past presentations:

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CROWDFUNDING FAVORITES! Featuring: ervét™ + Sanitized® Bedding, Whipr, VSSL JAVA & Many More




#1 Staff Favorite

The secret to ervet™ with Sanitized® protection comes from two of nature’s antimicrobial agents: Zinc and Bamboo. Zinc pyrithione is woven into their bamboo blend during the manufacturing process. Cooling, moisture-wicking sheets made from a sustainable organic bamboo blend and infused with Zinc so your sheets stay fresher, longer.

Whipr: 3-in-1 Paddle, Ski & Rowing Machine

LAST DAYS! The world’s first 3-in-1 stand up paddle, cross country ski, and rowing machine specifically designed for your lifestyle. At just 6x6x6″ and weighing around 6lbs, Whipr is sized to fit in any home gym, studio apartment, or workout space. Get a full-sized workout, pack it down in seconds, and store it next to your sneakers.

VSSL JAVA | Brew Epic Coffee Anywhere

FINAL DAYS! An unbreakable, packable, premium coffee hand grinder intentionally designed for outdoor use. They’ve elevated the importance of consistently ground beans and provided an excellent coffee drinking experience, from your camp spot to your tailgate.

MateCaps | Compostable Energy Boost

MateCaps created naked yerba mate Caps to enjoy in a multi-use reusable bottle, as a new source of energy and focus without the jitters. It’s time to discover a new source of clean energy, the one that would help you focus on reaching your highest potential. Receive super early bird prices saving up to 40% off retail now!

HEX | Anti-Microbial Bag Collection

FINAL DAYS! These bags are actively working to repel and resist up to 99% of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus! This anti-microbial technology targets harmful microbes by altering their ability to convert nutrients into energy, inhibiting microbial survival, and reproduction.

QUELL | Real gaming. Real exercise. Zero compromise.

Welcome to the future of fitness gaming. Quell is the first game to offer you a high-intensity, resistance-based combat workout at home. Travel through an exciting fantasy world fighting enemies with your bare hands and get fit at the same time.

Secure Deliveries Made Easy with SmartDrop

Eufy Security’s SmartDrop mailbox is an intelligent solution for protecting your packages. Designed to be idiot-proof for your delivery man, the on-device AI and 1080p camera lets you view and keep track of each delivery from start to finish. Should the courier encounter any issues, you can jump to the live-stream and communicate with them via the 2-way audio. Built using cold-rolled steel and with advanced locking mechanisms, this device will fend off and deter any potential porch pirate lurking in the distance.

Gel Blaster SURGE | Water Blaster

The Gel Blaster SURGE shoots biodegradable, non-toxic, water-based Gellets™ with just enough sting to make it exciting. Gellets™ explode on contact and immediately begin to disintegrate, leaving no mess and no cleanup. Experience the next EVOLUTION OF FUN.

VAVA Portable SSD Touch

The VAVA Portable Solid-State Drive (SSD) Touch gives you the ultimate fingerprint security and 540MB/s transfer speed in a palm-sized package. Experience the convenience of securing and unlocking your critical files with the touch of a finger.

Mobility Wall | Vertical Foam Rolling & Deep Tissue Massage

They’ve fundamentally redesigned how you foam roll, keeping you on your feet, giving you more control, getting those hard-to-reach areas, and providing a cleaner experience. You’ll be able to apply different levels of pressure, increase the number of touchpoints from any angle, and more!

Aster of Pan | 4 Hours Left!

War. Plague. Famine. Death. The metaphorical horsemen had a field day with humanity, driving civilization to ruin before we could even make it to the next century. The post-apocalyptic society of Pan now survives by growing rice and scavenging among the wreckage of their destroyed civilization. But their precarious existence comes under threat when the powerful, technologically advanced Federation of Fortuna forces them into a dangerous choice—submit to Fortuna’s rule or best them in a barbaric, ritualized game known as “Celestial Mechanics”. Pan’s only hope? A hot-headed outcast they’d rejected for being too “un-Pan”: a girl named Aster.


A video game programmer & designer made the coolest mask possible, utilizing skills that are unique to him. As a result, he came up with this interactive voice-controlled facemask that you can make smile, frown, or talk on-demand.

Tiny Treehouses | Just Launched!

Transform your pots into miniature wonderlands with these DIY model kits and be the envy of every plant owner in town! These model kits have a range of difficulty levels and only take 2-4 hours to build, so anyone can do it. Every model comes with LED lights to keep your treehouse shining.

Side by Side Kit | Last Day!

A three-in-one solution to carry all your protective essentials together; helping you stay stress-free during commute or travel. This practical pouch has a multi-compartment + 1x touch-pen keychain and refill carabiner-bottle.

Motis: Mobile Standing Desk

Always have the best view in the office, even if your office is at home or on-the-go. Need to move your work to a different room in the house? Easy, it takes 30 seconds. Working on the go? You no longer need to force your way onto a crowded table, spread out your paperwork all over the floor, or sit slouching for hours in airport chairs during layovers.

3-in-1 Injector Basting Barbecue Mop

JUST LAUNCHED! Their 3-IN-1 injector basting mop is a must-have tool for anyone who likes juicy, tender meat. This easy to clean, space-saving kitchen gadget allows you to inject your favorite sauces directly into your meat, baste your bird or roast, and mop sauces onto ribs, wings, and more — all in one amazing device!

Timebirds: Purpose Built Workout Timer

The wall-mounted gym timer that fits in your pocket. Purpose-built to be portable, visible, and durable. Timebirds is small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to see during a workout. It’s water-resistant with no loose components, so durability remains high.


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Missing voices: guide to female philosophers counters absence in textbooks




Missing voices: guide to female philosophers counters absence in textbooks

The Philosopher Queens highlights thinkers from Hypatia to Hannah Arendt who the authors say are missing in most accounts of the subject

Rachel Weisz as the philosopher Hypatia in the 2009 film Agora.

Two philosophy graduates are bringing out a book celebrating history’s unsung female philosophers, after realising that most textbooks and guides they found on the subject didn’t include a single woman.

Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting came up with the idea for The Philosopher Queens while searching for a book about history’s greatest female thinkers.

“There were none,” said Buxton. “We did however find a book called The Great Philosophers, where every chapter was about a man, and every chapter was written by a man. This is common, with most public philosophers being men and most classrooms only teaching the ‘greats’ – who all happen to be men. Even very recently, the philosopher AC Grayling published a book on The History of Philosophy, which includes no chapters on any female philosophers and a three-and-a-half-page review of ‘feminist philosophy’ which only mentions one woman by name.”

This is not, stresses Buxton, because there are no female philosophers. She pointed to Hypatia of Alexandria, a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who “was hugely famous in her day – politicians used to go to her for advice and she was known as simply ‘The Philosopher’”, and to Mary Astell, the 17th-century early feminist thinker.

“It wasn’t that these women were never taken seriously as rigorous and intelligent individuals by their contemporaries, so why have they been forgotten?” she asked. “The response usually given by people who have not included women in their accounts of the history of philosophy is that none were influential enough or produced high enough quality work to be included. However, once you know a little about the women in the book you can see that some of them were actually very well known in their day.”

There are a few studies of female philosophers, Buxton added, but these are aimed at an academic audience. So after finding “countless women who were worthy of the ‘great philosopher’ title”, Buxton and Whiting decided to bring out a riposte to The Great Philosophers, with every chapter both about a woman philosopher, and written by a female philosopher. Crowdfunding publisher Unbound picked it up, and the title smashed its pre-order target in just 28 days, with sales to international publishers in five different languages.

Moving from Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir to Ban Zhao, the renowned Chinese historian, and Angela Davis, the political activist, it is intended to highlight for the general public “the ways the history of philosophy has not done women justice”.

According to Buxton, many people have an “entirely skewed” understanding of the history of philosophy. “In order to properly understand the past, we need to pay attention to who has been forgotten,” she said. “These women also had incredibly valuable ideas that still impact the way that we think about the world today. For example, there has never been a better time to read Angela Davis’s Women, Race and Class. Her book tells us so much about our current moment and deserves far more attention.”


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