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Turquoise Hill Comments on Letter from Short-Seller Odey Asset Management



MONTREAL, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (“Turquoise Hill” or the “Company”) today issued the following statement regarding the published letter to Rio Tinto plc from Odey Asset Management LLP, a short-seller in Turquoise Hill’s stock and claiming to be a shareholder of Rio Tinto who, in stark contrast and opposition to our shareholders, profits from a decline in Turquoise Hill’s share price:

“Odey’s letter to Rio Tinto contains a number of false assumptions and misinformation about Turquoise Hill and its funding plan. While Odey has a clear financial motive to depress Turquoise Hill’s share price, the Company is focused on executing its funding plan and maximizing value for shareholders.”

“Turquoise Hill’s management team and independent directors have previously announced a funding plan that seeks to maximize debt at the Oyu Tolgoi LLC level and minimize (or possibly even avoid) a rights offering, for the benefit of Turquoise Hill shareholders. We are pursuing tangible measures to execute on that plan, including engaging with Rio Tinto and our minority shareholders, market-testing debt and hybrid financing alternatives and initiating arbitration to clarify Rio Tinto’s obligations to Turquoise Hill.”

“The funding Memorandum Of Understanding between Rio Tinto and TRQ (the “funding MOU”) remains in place and continues to reflect the understandings between the parties as to funding-related matters. Work is ongoing to implement the funding MOU in full. Neither TRQ nor Oyu Tolgoi LLC has any intention or plan to prepay or refinance Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s existing US$4.4 billion project finance facilities (with proceeds of a rights offering or otherwise). This facility is expected to remain in place until its maturity. Contrary to Odey’s misleading assertions, Rio Tinto has no right to require the prepayment, refinancing or “removal” of Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s existing project finance facilities.”

“Odey mischaracterizes important aspects of the existing financing arrangements for the Oyu Tolgoi project, including the basis on which Rio Tinto has provided a completion support undertaking (CSU) to the project lenders. Rio Tinto does not, in fact, “subsidize” TRQ through the provision of this CSU or otherwise. The CSU is a limited, contingent commitment for which Rio Tinto is paid agreed CSU fees until “project completion,” the achievement of which is largely within Rio Tinto’s control as manager of the Oyu Tolgoi project (and in which capacity Rio Tinto also receives management fees). From 2012 through 30 September 2020, cumulative CSU fees paid to Rio Tinto amounted to approximately US$ 250 million, and cumulative management fees paid to Rio Tinto amounted to approximately US$ 360 million (including approximately $115 million in cumulative management fees capitalized).”    

“If the full re-profiling of Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s existing project loans is achieved and Senior Supplemental Debt in the amount of US$500 million is raised (as contemplated by the funding MOU), the Company then estimates an additional US$ $1.1 billion would need to be sourced from further bank debt, bonds or metal streaming to fully fund Oyu Tolgoi LLC. In this scenario, no equity would be required (based on the assumptions underlying Turquoise Hill’s most recent public disclosures). If neither the re-profiling nor any additional debt (including Senior Supplemental Debt) or hybrid financing is completed, Turquoise Hill expects that it would need to raise additional equity of at least US$3.0 billion (based on the same assumptions).”

“Contrary to Odey Asset Management’s misleading assertions, in practice, Rio Tinto’s right under the 2015 financing support agreement to initiate a process potentially leading to a mandatory Turquoise Hill rights offering can, under the terms of the agreement, be countered by Turquoise Hill either certifying it has at least 180 days of cash resources or presenting a commercially viable alternative funding proposal. As a practical matter, the earliest time a rights offering could be triggered is estimated to be around December 2021, being approximately six months prior to Turquoise Hill’s cash resources being depleted. As of September 30, 2020, Turquoise Hill is forecast to have adequate cash resources to meet the requirements of the Company, including its operations and underground development, into Q2 2022.

Assuming successful re-profiling of the existing project debt the Company  estimates that Oyu Tolgoi will begin to generate sufficient cash flow to fully fund its operations (including any capital expenditure requirements requirements and assuming successful re-profiling of existing project debt as previously disclosed) and to meet its debt service obligations approximately 12-14 months after October 2022 (the estimated timing for the achievement of sustainable first production). Turquoise Hill is, consistent with its previously announced funding strategy, actively taking steps to address its funding gap (in whole or in part) and to extend its liquidity depletion date by examining and evaluating various financing options for the Oyu Tolgoi project. Such options include additional debt from banks or international financial institutions, an offering of global medium-term notes and a gold streaming transaction.”

“Turquoise Hill has not failed in any way to deliver the Oyu Tolgoi project; the project is exclusively managed by a subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc pursuant to the terms of a management agreement.”

About Turquoise Hill Resources

Turquoise Hill is an international mining company focused on the operation and continued development of the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia, which is the Company’s principal and only material mineral resource property. Turquoise Hill’s ownership of the Oyu Tolgoi mine is held through a 66% interest in Oyu Tolgoi LLC (Oyu Tolgoi); Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi LLC (Erdenes), a Mongolian state-owned entity, holds the remaining 34% interest.

Forward-looking statements and forward-looking information

Certain statements made herein, including statements relating to matters that are not historical facts and statements of the Company’s beliefs, intentions and expectations about developments, results and events which will or may occur in the future, constitute “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation and “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements and information relate to future events or future performance, reflect current expectations or beliefs regarding future events and are typically identified by words such as “anticipate”, “could”, “should”, “expect”, “seek”, “may”, “intend”, “likely”, “plan”, “estimate”, “will”, “believe” and similar expressions suggesting future outcomes or statements regarding an outlook. These include, but are not limited to, statements and information regarding: the arbitration proceedings, including the potential benefits, timing and outcome of the arbitration proceedings; the expectations set out in the OTTR20; the timing and amount of future production and potential production delays; statements in respect of the impacts of any delays on the Company’s cash flows; expected copper and gold grades; the merits of the class action complaint filed against the Company; liquidity, funding sources, funding requirements and planning and the status and nature of the Company’s ongoing discussions with Rio Tinto and its subsidiaries with respect to future funding plans and requirements (including as contemplated by the MOU); the amount of any funding gap to complete the Oyu Tolgoi Project; the amount and potential sources of additional funding; the Company’s ability to re-profile its existing project debt in line with current cash flow projections; the amount by which a successful re-profiling of the Company’s existing debt would reduce the Company’s currently projected funding requirements; the Company’s and Rio Tinto’s understanding regarding the raising of supplemental senior debt and the Company’s ability to raise supplemental senior debt; the Company’s and Rio Tinto’s understanding regarding the process for identifying and considering other funding options; the Company’s and Rio Tinto’s understanding regarding the scope and timing for an equity offering by the Company to address any remaining funding gap; the Company’s intention to prioritise funding by way of debt and/or hybrid financing over equity funding; the Company’s expectation of the anticipated funding gap; the timing of studies, announcements and analyses; status of underground development; the mine design for Panel 0 of Hugo North Lift 1 and the related cost and production schedule implications; the re-design studies for Panels 1 and 2 of Hugo North Lift 1 and the possible outcomes, content and timing thereof; expectations regarding the possible recovery of ore in the two structural pillars, to the north and south of Panel 0; the possible progression of SOPP and related amendments to the PSFA as well as power purchase agreements; the timing of construction and commissioning of the potential SOPP; sources of interim power; the potential impact of COVID-19 on the Company’s business, operations and financial condition; capital and operating cost estimates, timing of completion of the definitive estimate review and the scope thereof; mill and concentrator throughput; the outcome of formal international arbitration proceedings; anticipated business activities, planned expenditures, corporate strategies, and other statements that are not historical facts.

Forward-looking statements and information are made based upon certain assumptions and other important factors that, if untrue, could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements or information. There can be no assurance that such statements or information will prove to be accurate. Such statements and information are based on numerous assumptions regarding present and future business strategies, local and global economic conditions, and the environment in which the Company will operate in the future, including the price of copper, gold and silver; projected gold, copper and silver grades; anticipated capital and operating costs; anticipated future production and cash flows; the anticipated location of certain infrastructure in Hugo North Lift 1 and sequence of mining within and across panel boundaries; the availability and timing of required governmental and other approvals for the construction of the SOPP; the ability of the Government of Mongolia to finance and procure the SOPP within the timeframes anticipated in the PSFA, as amended; the willingness of third parties to extend existing power arrangements; the status of the Company’s relationship and interaction with the Government of Mongolia on the continued operation and development of Oyu Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi LLC internal governance; the status and nature of the Company’s ongoing discussions with Rio Tinto and its subsidiaries with respect to future funding plans and requirements (including as contemplated by the MoU) as well as the commencement and conclusion of the arbitration proceedings, including the potential benefits, timing and outcome of the arbitration proceedings.

Certain important factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements and information include, among others: copper, gold and silver price volatility; discrepancies between actual and estimated production; mineral reserves and resources and metallurgical recoveries; development plans for processing resources; the outcome of the definitive estimate review; public health crises such as COVID-19; matters relating to proposed exploration or expansion; mining operational and development risks, including geotechnical risks and ground conditions; litigation risks, including the outcome of the class action complaint filed against the Company; regulatory restrictions (including environmental regulatory restrictions and liability); Oyu Tolgoi LLC or the Government of Mongolia’s ability to deliver a domestic power source for the Oyu Tolgoi project within the required contractual time frame; communications with local stakeholders and community relations; activities, actions or assessments, including tax assessments, by governmental authorities; events or circumstances (including strikes, blockades or similar events outside of the Company’s control) that may affect the Company’s ability to deliver its products in a timely manner; currency fluctuations; the speculative nature of mineral exploration; the global economic climate; dilution; share price volatility; competition; loss of key employees; cyber security incidents; additional funding requirements, including in respect of the development or construction of a long-term domestic power supply for the Oyu Tolgoi project; capital and operating costs, including with respect to the development of additional deposits and processing facilities; and defective title to mineral claims or property. Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements and information, there may be other factors that cause actions, events or results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. All such forward-looking statements and information are based on certain assumptions and analyses made by the Company’s management in light of their experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments, as well as other factors management believes are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances. These statements, however, are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements or information.

With respect to specific forward-looking information concerning the continued operation and development of Oyu Tolgoi, the Company has based its assumptions and analyses on certain factors which are inherently uncertain. Uncertainties and assumptions include, among others: the timing and cost of the construction and expansion of mining and processing facilities; the timing and availability of a long-term domestic power source (or the availability of financing for the Company or the Government of Mongolia to construct such a source) for Oyu Tolgoi; the ability to secure and draw down on the supplemental debt under the Oyu Tolgoi project financing facility and the availability of additional financing on terms reasonably acceptable to Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Rio Tinto and the Company to further develop Oyu Tolgoi as well as the status and nature of the Company’s ongoing discussions with Rio Tinto and its subsidiaries with respect to future funding plans and requirements (including as contemplated by the MOU); the potential impact of COVID-19; the impact of changes in, changes in interpretation to or changes in enforcement of, laws, regulations and government practices in Mongolia; the availability and cost of skilled labour and transportation; the obtaining of (and the terms and timing of obtaining) necessary environmental and other government approvals, consents and permits; delays, and the costs which would result from delays, in the development of the underground mine (which could significantly exceed the costs projected in OTTR20); projected copper, gold and silver prices and their market demand; and production estimates and the anticipated yearly production of copper, gold and silver at Oyu Tolgoi.

The cost, timing and complexities of mine construction and development are increased by the remote location of a property such as Oyu Tolgoi. It is common in mining operations and in the development or expansion of existing facilities to experience unexpected problems and delays during development, construction and mine start-up. Additionally, although Oyu Tolgoi has achieved commercial production, there is no assurance that future development activities will result in profitable mining operations.

Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information or statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve numerous assumptions, inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, which contribute to the possibility that the predicted outcomes will not occur. Events or circumstances could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially from those estimated or projected and expressed in, or implied by, these forward-looking statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ from these forward-looking statements are included in the “Risk Factors” section in the Company’s AIF, as supplemented by the “Risks and Uncertainties” section of the Q3 2020 MD&A.

Readers are further cautioned that the list of factors enumerated in the “Risk Factors” section of the AIF and in the “Risks and Uncertainties” section of the Q3 2020 MD&A that may affect future results is not exhaustive. When relying on the Company’s forward-looking statements and information to make decisions with respect to the Company, investors and others should carefully consider the foregoing factors and other uncertainties and potential events. Furthermore, the forward-looking statements and information contained herein are made as of the date of this document and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update or to revise any of the included forward-looking statements or information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law. The forward-looking statements and information contained herein are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement.




Nel ASA: Receives purchase order for 5MW alkaline electrolyser



OSLO, Norway, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS, a division of Nel ASA (Nel) (OSE: NEL), has received a purchase order for a 5MW alkaline water electrolyser from SGN, for the world’s first 100% hydrogen-to-homes heating network on the east coast of Scotland.

“Nel is honored to be part of this new milestone achieved in the development of a commercial green hydrogen infrastructure, clearly showing that hydrogen for domestic use is becoming a reality today. We look forward to delivering a reliable, safe, and efficient source of green hydrogen,” says Raymond Schmid, VP Sales and Marketing EMEA, Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser.

The 5MW Alkaline electrolyser is a fully redundant system and the contract includes installation and commissioning as well as a service and maintenance contract. The electrolyser will deliver up to 2,093kg/day of green hydrogen at 30barg to SGN’s H100 Fife project in Levenmouth, Scotland. This project is the first ever 100% hydrogen network of scale supplying green hydrogen from electrolysis to customers for the purposes of heating and cooking. The system will be powered by a nearby offshore wind turbine and grid electricity. The newly built hydrogen gas distribution network will supply up to 300 households initially with zero carbon heat, however both the electrolyser and network have been sized to have the capacity to supply up to 900 homes as part of the planned future expansion of the H100 Fife project. 

The H100 Fife project is a groundbreaking demonstration in evidencing the role that hydrogen can play in decarbonizing heat as alternative to natural gas. SGN is one of the UK’s largest gas distribution network companies, operating across Scotland, southern England and in Northern Ireland and is supplying gas to 5.9 million homes and business.

For further information, please contact:
Jon André Løkke, CEO, +47 907 44 949
Kjell Christian Bjørnsen, CFO, +47 917 02 097 

About Nel ASA |

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy, and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Our roots date back to 1927, and since then, we have had a proud history of development and continuous improvement of hydrogen technologies. Today, our solutions cover the entire value chain: from hydrogen production technologies to hydrogen fueling stations, enabling industries to transition to green hydrogen, and providing fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as fossil-fueled vehicles – without the emissions.

This information was brought to you by Cision–receives-purchase-order-for-5mw-alkaline-electrolyser,c3420937

The following files are available for download:


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Energy Leaders Launch 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact



Alphabet and Google Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat Calls on Global Community to Join Compact in Address to United Nations General Assembly

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading energy buyers, suppliers, solutions providers and governments announced today the formal launch of the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All and the UN Energy. The Compact represents a new global effort to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free electricity sector to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. SEforALL and Google made the announcement today during the United Nations High level Dialogue on Energy in New York. In addition to Google, founding signatories of the Compact include The AES Corporation, Orsted, EDP, the city of Des Moines, Iowa, the government of Iceland, and others.

A carbon-free electricity sector is the foundation for creating a net-zero emissions global economy. Electricity generates 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and is key to decarbonizing other sectors of the economy, including buildings, transport, and industry. Meeting this challenge will require a rapid acceleration in the pace of clean energy deployment, the development of advanced carbon-free energy technologies, and significant policy changes.

SEforALL and Google are calling on companies, governments, and other stakeholders to join the Compact in the lead up to November’s COP26 Conference in Glasgow and commit to advancing policies, procurement practices, tools, and data that are critical to fully decarbonizing the world’s electricity systems. The Compact lays out a set of principles and actions that actors can take to adopt, enable, and advance 24/7 Carbon-free Energy, focusing on hourly decarbonization of local and regional electricity grids.

“The world is at a crossroads. We can either continue with business as usual or embrace change that leads to a more sustainable and equitable future. This starts with making the important link between energy and climate. The Energy Compacts that have been put forward as part of this historic UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy have resulted in ambitious commitments and actions that will help address energy poverty while working towards decarbonization. The 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact represents a critical partnership across business, countries, cities and others that will propel us closer to our 2030 Global Energy Goals,” said SEforALL CEO & Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General Damilola Ogunbiyi.

“Tackling climate change requires government and business to work together with urgency and focus. The Compact is the first collective action group to bring together companies, national and local governments, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and investment in 24/7 carbon-free electricity grids, and we are hopeful that it will facilitate significant progress. Time is not on our side– we need to act now– and we look forward to others joining with Google in our efforts,” said Google CFO Ruth Porat.

Founding signatories of the Compact include: 8 Rivers Capital, The AES Corporation, ClearTrace, the city of Des Moines, Iowa, EDP, Energy Tag, Fervo Energy, FlexiDAO, Google, the government of Iceland, Iron Mountain, the city of Ithaca, New York, LevelTen Energy, M-RETS, Orsted, Power Ledger, Statkraft, Tomorrow, and X. Signatories of the Compact commit to advance the procurement practices, market mechanisms, policies, technologies, and energy data transparency needed to enable the rapid and cost-effective achievement of 24/7 carbon-free energy for all.

“As a developer of cutting-edge clean energy solutions, 8 Rivers is excited to work with Google and the world-class partners in this Compact to accelerate the global energy transition to a 24/7 carbon-free power system, so anyone can access reliable clean electricity any hour of the day,” said 8 Rivers Capital Chief Executive Officer Cam Hosie.

“Taking action against climate change is the most important and urgent issue facing us today, and AES is proud to join the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact. Together, we’re co-creating new solutions, such as the first-of-its-kind agreement to supply 24/7 carbon-free energy to Google’s data centers in Virginia, that will accelerate a smarter, greener energy future,” said AES President and Chief Executive Officer Andrés Gluski.

“As we strive for a net zero future, it’s clear that corporations — who are among the largest energy consumers — need solutions to help them accurately manage and track power-related emissions. We are proud to support and enable the transition to a carbon-free energy future,” said ClearTrace Chief Executive Officer Lincoln Payton.

“I want to commend and thank the many global partners who join me in supporting the transformation of electric grids to ‘absolute zero’ – or full decarbonization – by adopting, enabling, and advancing the 24/7 CFE Compact Statement. Our commitment as a City to decarbonized energy systems supports a future for clean energy and ensures that all residents have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy,” said Mayor of Des Moines, Iowa, Frank Cownie.

“EDP is thrilled to join the Global Compact for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy. We are proud to be at the forefront of the development of new technologies to accelerate the decarbonization of electricity systems and promote the globalization of access to clean energy,” said EDP Chief Executive Officer Miguel Stilwell Andrade.

“24/7 carbon-free energy is a critical development in energy procurement practices and EnergyTag is delighted to be a signatory of this Compact. EnergyTag is an industry-led, non-profit initiative to define and build a market for granular energy certificates, which enable consumers to verify the source of their electricity consumption on an hourly basis and harness consumer demand for 24/7 carbon-free energy to drive investments,” said EnergyTag Founder Dr. Toby Ferenczi.

“24/7 carbon-free energy is the next step in advancing progress to address climate change. Fervo Energy is excited to sign on to this important effort and to continue driving forward geothermal innovations to create a truly carbon free grid,” said Fervo Energy Chief Executive Officer Tim Latimer.

“At FlexiDAO, we provide software solutions and advisory to help companies achieve their net-zero goals and become true leaders of the energy transition. For this reason, we are extremely excited to partner with Google and to join the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact,” said FlexiDAO Chief Executive Officer Simone Accornero.

“Iron Mountain recognizes both the urgent need to decarbonize our energy grid and the opportunity we have as an energy buyer to make a meaningful impact. We support the ultimate ambition of meeting each kilowatt needed every hour with generation from a local carbon free source and have made this a cornerstone of how we buy and consume power,” said Iron Mountain Director of Energy and Sustainability Chris Pennington.

Carbon free electricity is essential to achieve full decarbonization. By joining the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, the City of Ithaca, N.Y., reiterates its commitment to expanding access to carbon free electricity as a pathway to a clean energy future,” said Director of Sustainability for the City of Ithaca, New York, Dr. Luis Aguirre-Torres.

“Matching every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption with carbon-free electricity sources requires a transformative approach to energy procurement, and LevelTen is committed to building the software solutions required to give more organizations this opportunity. Together, with our network of energy and sustainability advisors, we look forward to helping more energy buyers achieve their 24/7 carbon-free goals,” said LevelTen Energy Chief Executive Officer Bryce Smith.

“M-RETS is excited to participate in this initiative as the first registry to support an hourly REC claim in partnership with Google. This initiative is an important step in facilitating a data driven renewable energy market,” said M-RETS President and Chief Executive Officer Ben Gerber.

“Ørsted’s vision is to create a world running entirely on green energy, and this includes meeting demand every hour of every day. We already know the solutions to get a long part of the way towards 24/7 renewable energy and we’re committed to facilitating the last difficult stretch of the journey together with our partners,” said Ørsted Senior Vice President – Region Continental Europe Rasmus Errboe.

“The movement to 24/7 renewables with hourly matching through PPAs and RECs is the best solution to scale renewable energy because it puts a price signal on when and where power is needed and supports an energy system that is stable, low cost and low carbon. The Powerledger platform can stamp the time and location data from clean energy production onto renewable energy certificates and other commodities, enabling energy retailers like eKwateur and RE100 companies on registries like M-RETS to seamlessly trade, match and manage their portfolios on an hourly basis,” said Powerledger Chairman & Co-Founder Dr. Jemma Green.

“With the increased penetration of renewable energy on the grid, it becomes even more crucial to measure emissions at a high resolution. At electricityMap we’re very excited to see this initiative come to fruition, and we hope that it will help bring the measurement of emissions closer to the physical reality,” said Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Olivier Corradi.

“We are proud to join this crucial Compact. At X, we recognize that the complexity of decarbonising the grid in the time required to tackle climate change requires commitment and collaboration of governments and businesses throughout the value chain and across the world to the actions necessary to design and operate a decarbonized power grid. Our moonshot is to work with partners to develop and apply advanced computing to support the design and operation of a decarbonized, affordable, reliable and resilient power system,” said X Vice President Audrey Zibelman.

Each signatory will capture their specific commitments in their own Energy Compact, an innovation introduced by SEforALL and backed by UN-Energy as a key outcome of the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy. The Energy Compacts are public and trackable commitments, with specific actions, made by governments, companies and others to achieve energy transition goals by 2030 – including universal access to affordable and clean energy. For more on the Energy Compacts registry, visit

For more on the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact, visit Stakeholders across the energy ecosystem are invited to sign on to the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, and can do so by contacting Sustainable Energy for All at [email protected].


About Sustainable Energy for All

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is an international organization that works in partnership with the United Nations and leaders in government, the private sector, financial institutions, civil society and philanthropies to drive faster action towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) – access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030 – in line with the Paris Agreement on climate. SEforALL works to ensure a clean energy transition that leaves no one behind and brings new opportunities for everyone to fulfill their potential.

SEforALL is led by Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy. Follow her on Twitter @DamilolaSDG7. For more information, follow @SEforALLorg.

Logo –

For further details on the reports or any interview requests, please contact:
Sherry Kennedy 
Sustainable Energy for All 
[email protected] 
[email protected] 
+43 676 846 727 237


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Die richtige Autobatterie ist nur der halbe Weg: Exide stellt neue Funktionen seines Battery Finder-Tools vor



Ein Batteriewechsel war niemals leichter, dank des erweiterten Battery Finder-Tools von Exide Technologies. Vom Eintreffen des Fahrzeugs in der Werkstatt bis zur Übergabe an den Kunden – Kfz-Mechaniker haben stets alle relevanten Information für den schnellen und professionellen Einbau zur Hand.

Nach Identifizierung der richtigen Batterie – anhand der Fahrzeugmarke/des Modells, der Fahrzeugidentifikationsnummer (FIN) oder der KBA-Nummer – zeigt Exide die benötigten Detailinformationen zum Einbau an:

  • Lage der Batterie – Je nach Fahrzeug variiert die Lage der Batterie stark: Sie kann sich rechts oder links vom Motor, vorne oder hinten im Fahrzeug, unter der Motorhaube oder im Kofferraum befinden. Exide erspart den Benutzern das Konsultieren des Fahrzeughandbuchs und zeigt die Lage der Batterie für das jeweilige Modell an. Damit sparen sie Zeit und Energie.
  • Ungefähre Arbeitszeit – Der Batteriewechsel ist je nach Fahrzeug und Modell unterschiedlich komplex. Die Kenntnis dieser Komplexität ermöglicht es den Mechanikern, die ungefähre Arbeitszeit und die Kosten der Reparatur im Voraus präziser abzuschätzen.
  • Durchführung des Batteriewechsels – Mechanikern wird angezeigt, wie man die Fahrzeugbatterie an- und abklemmt und die zugehörigen Funktionen einrichtet, wie z. B. die Initialisierung von Fensterhebern und Getriebeeinstellungen – das Tool führt sie durch den gesamten Prozess.
  • Erforderliche Validierung der ausgewechselten Batterie und Registrierung im Batteriemanagementsystem des Fahrzeugs. Die Registrierung ist ein wichtiger Teil des Batteriewechsels: Sie ermöglicht es dem Fahrzeug, sich an die Kenndaten der neuen Batterie anzupassen. Wird eine neue Batterie nicht korrekt registriert, kann dies dazu führen, dass das Fahrzeug nicht anspringt oder das elektrische System oder die Batterie selbst beschädigt werden. Das Batterie-Registrierungs-Tool von Exide vereinfacht den Prozess und gibt Sicherheit.

Die Referenz für den Einbau von Autobatterien: jetzt verfügbar

Der erweiterte Exide Battery Finder ist kostenlos im Web oder als herunterladbare App auf mobilen Geräten verfügbar. Er hilft Kunden, die richtige Batterie für ihr Fahrzeug zu finden und korrekt einzubauen – und damit das Risiko von Pannen und vorzeitigen Batterieausfällen zu verringern.

Über Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies, mit Hauptsitz in der Nähe von Paris, Frankreich, ist ein führender Anbieter von fortschrittlichen Energiespeicherlösungen für den Automobil- und Industriemarkt. Das Unternehmen entwickelt, fertigt und vermarktet heutige und zukünftige Batterietechnologien, die in einem breiten Spektrum von Anwendungen eingesetzt werden – von der Automobil- und Geländefahrzeugindustrie bis hin zu Intralogistik, stationären Anwendungen, Schienenverkehr und Verteidigungsanwendungen. Exide Technologies bedient die globalen Märkte mit erstklassigen Batterietechnologien, Know-how und Service unter vielen bekannten Marken. Als Erstausrüster führender Automobil- und Industrieausrüstungshersteller war Exide Technologies an vielen bahnbrechenden Energiespeicherentwicklungen beteiligt, die heute auf allen Märkten Innovationen ermöglichen. Mit zwei F&E-Einrichtungen, neun Produktionsstätten und drei Recycling-Anlagen in Europa setzt Exide auf hochwertige Technologien, Fertigung und Recycling, um der Welt weiterhin die effizientesten Energielösungen anzubieten und Kunden dabei zu helfen, ihre Produktivität und Leistung zu maximieren. Im Geschäftsjahr 2021 erzielte Exide einen Umsatz von 1,3 Milliarden Euro.


Foto –

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Global Flame Retardant Chemicals Market 2021 with Pre – and Post COVID-19 Impact Analysis by End-user (building and construction, electricals and electronics, textile, transportation, and others);by Geography (APAC, Europe, North America, MEA, and South America)



The rise in infrastructure development is notably driving the flame retardant market growth, although factors such as environmental and health concerns caused by flame retardant may impede market growth

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As per Technavio, the stringent fire safety standards will have a positive impact on the market and contribute to its growth significantly over the forecast period. This research report also analyzes other significant trends and market drivers that will influence market growth over 2021-2025.

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Flame Retardant Chemicals Market: Segmentation Analysis

This market research report segments the flame retardant market by End-user (Building and construction, Electricals and electronics, Textile, Transportation, and Others) and Geography (APAC, Europe, North America, MEA, and South America).

54% of the market’s growth will originate from APAC during the forecast period. China, India, and Japan are the key markets for flame retardant chemicals market in APAC. 

APAC has been recording a significant growth rate and is expected to offer several growth opportunities to market vendors during the forecast period. Stringent fire safety standards will facilitate the flame retardant market growth in APAC over the forecast period.

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Some of the key topics covered in the report include:

Market Challenges

Market Drivers

Market Trends

Vendor Landscape

  • Vendors covered
  • Vendor classification
  • Market positioning of vendors
  • Competitive scenario

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