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Transformer Table launches a fully transformable and customizable…




The Transformer Couch is fully rearrangeable, configurable, versatile, and movable.

This week, Transformer Table launched The Transformer Couch on Kickstarter. The fully transformable couch, which combines beauty, versatility, and comfort, easily transitions into a loveseat, a sectional, a bed, and more. It is available on Kickstarter for the starting price of $1200 USD for two sections. The versatile couch is fast on its way to become a new Kickstarter record-breaker, having exceeded $500K USD in only days.

Transformer Table is known for its award-winning six-in-one Transformer Table. After successfully evolutionizing tables to make them flexible and extendable, they’ve put their collective brains toward doing the same for couches.

“We invented The Transformer Couch because we noticed that just about everyone hates something about their couch, ranging from it being hard to move, hard to clean, or just boring,” said Artem Key, CTO and Director of Marketing & Media at Transformer Couch. “With our couch, you’re not stuck with one piece of furniture. You can add and subtract pieces and change the color anytime you want – no more couch hate!”

The Transformer Couch is fully rearrangeable, configurable, versatile, and movable. Customers can buy as many or as few pieces as they would like. Each piece connects easily to another section with simple connecting clips to create formations ranging from loveseats to large sectionals big enough for the whole (extended) family.

Switching up your living room color scheme? No problem. There’s no need to commit to just one color. The Transformer Couch offers ten different colors of washable, removable, and exchangeable covers with varying material options. Colors and fabric types are: canary yellow (fabric), cardinal (velour), charcoal (fabric), earthstone (leather), lagoon blue (velour), midnight black (leather), navy blue (fabric), peacock blue (fabric), pearl white (fabric), and timberwolf grey (fabric).

The “couch in a box” ships free worldwide and perhaps best of all, is incredibly easy to put together. Unlike most assemble-yourself furniture which requires a patient team, this couch doesn’t ruin relationships. It can be assembled by one person in just a few minutes.

“We’re excited to take this step into expanding our offerings from the dining room to the living room,” said Key. “In a time when we’re all home a lot more, there’s now absolutely no reason to get complacent and bored with your living room setup.”

This new product is an extension in the company’s transformable smart furniture line, and its first foray from the dining space into the living room. It joins a product line including Transformer Table 3.0, Transformer Bench 3.0, The Dining Set 3.0, The Full Dining Set 3.0, and The Coffee Table 3.0.

The Transformer Couch is now available on Kickstarter. Price varies, with backers receiving a deeper discount the more sections they purchase. For more information or to interview Transformer Table personnel, please contact public relations agent Borjana Slipicevic at

About Transformer Table

Transformer Table is a company based out of Montreal, Quebec, founded five years ago by six friends. The team has a varied background including working in mining engineering, film and video production, financial services, and the armed forces. They launched their first product, The Transformer Table, on Kickstarter in 2017 and surpassed their goal. They’ve since had five campaigns for their products, appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and recently raised $3.2 million USD for their recent campaign for The Transformer Table 3.0, becoming the highest funded crowdfunding project in the furniture category and Canada’s top Kickstarter campaign. The company aims to become the IKEA of transformable smart furniture.

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Stripe acquires Bouncer, will integrate its card authentication into the Radar fraud detection tool




On the heels of a $600 million fundraise earlier this year, payments giant Stripe has been on an acquisition march to continue building out its business. In the latest development, the company has acquired Bouncer, a startup based in Oakland that has built a platform to automatically run card authentications and detect fraud in card-based online transactions. Its technology is tailored for mobile transactions and includes a flow to help users authenticate themselves if they are mistakenly flagged, to come back into an app legitimately (hence the name).

Terms of the deal are not being disclosed, but Stripe is acquiring both Bouncer’s technology and the team, which will be integrated into Stripe Radar. Started in 2018, Radar is Stripe’s AI-based anti-fraud technology toolset, and most of the tech — which is focused around preventing fraudulent transactions on the Stripe platform — has been built in-house up to now. Stripe says that Radar already prevents “hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud for businesses” each year.

“Bouncer is a great tool for modern internet businesses. It allows them to quickly identify stolen cards, while also ensuring legitimate customers can transact without being blocked,” said Simon Arscott, business lead for Stripe Radar, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to welcome the Bouncer team, and their years of experience building payment authentication software for businesses, to Stripe and to enable their technology for Radar users. With the addition of advanced card scanning capabilities, Stripe Radar will be able block more fraud and further increase revenue for millions of businesses around the world who rely on Stripe.”

The deal comes a couple of weeks after Stripe announced the acquisition of TaxJar to bring cloud-based sales tax calculating tools into its payments platform.

Like Stripe itself, Bouncer was incubated at Y Combinator, in its case as part of its Summer 2019 cohort. In addition to YC, it had raised funding from Commerce Ventures and the Pioneer Fund, but had never disclosed how much it had raised in total.

Not to be confused with the Polish marketing technology startup Bouncer, which provides bulk email verification, Oakland Bouncer was co-founded by Will Megson (CEO) and Sam King (chief scientist), who between them have an interesting pedigree when it comes to identity verification, from academia to working at fast-scaling companies in categories that have been some of the biggest adopters of verification technology.

Both previously worked for years at on-demand transportation service Lyft in fraud, identity and payment management. Before that, Megson was at Groupon; and King, in addition to holding a position as an associate professor of computer science at UC Davis, worked at Twitter on account security, founding the fake accounts team.

Groupon is among the customers that Bouncer currently works with, alongside OfferUp, ibotta and Dealerware. Bouncer will keep its current service and customers up post-deal.

Radar is currently sold in a number of tiers, ranging from free to 6p per screened transaction, depending on how it is being used (there is a more basic machine learning tier, and an enhanced tier for fraud teams, and the price varies also depending on whether customers are using Stripe’s standard pricing fees or something else). Stripe also offers a chargeback protection service priced at 0.4% per transaction, as well as analytics tools for Radar customers to get an overview of what is going on.

Stripe says that Radar has blocked more than $1 billion in fraudulent transactions since it was launched.

Bouncer is also currently priced at different tiers, ranging from free to $.15/scan for its basic solution, or a custom price for its more tailored services.

Integrating Bouncer’s card scanning and risk technology into the Radar stack will both sweeten the deal for people to buy those services from Stripe, but also make the tools more effective.

As Stripe describes it, when Radar flags a transaction, Bouncer’s card screening and verification technology will kick in as a “dynamic intervention” to confirm whether or not a customer had a legitimate card at the time of the transaction. This is done to help reduce false positives, which are more frequent in high-risk transactions (such as those for big-ticket items, or if a person has been making several transactions in quick succession, or other payment activity that just comes up as unusual in systems).

We’ve been in a wave of new authentication technology that includes things like biometrics and other innovations, but Bouncer takes an approach that is less high-tech at the point of ingestion — needing only a phone’s camera and the card that the customer is using. When a transaction is flagged up and sent to Bouncer for verification, Bouncer works by requesting a picture of the payment card (which can be based on any payment card type and can be a low-light picture).

It then runs that through its PCI- and GDPR-compliant system to see if it’s stolen or real. If it’s real, the transaction continues; stolen and the transaction is cancelled. The whole process can take less than a second (not including the time it takes you to take a picture, of course).

For Bouncer, the idea is that Stripe’s machine learning engine will in turn help Bouncer become more effective.

“I’m excited that we’ll be able to scale our advanced card-verification technology across the Stripe network to help businesses grow their revenue while further reducing fraud behind the scenes,” said Will Megson, CEO of Bouncer, in a statement. “The same signals that Radar learns from will make Bouncer more effective, and Bouncer will, in turn, make Radar more effective. We couldn’t be more excited to join the Radar team.”

Stripe has made a number of acquisitions over the years to bring in key pieces of technology, and in one case — when it acquired PayStack in Lagos (another YC alum) — to help Stripe enter and serve merchants in Africa and more emerging markets overall.

At least two of these have been made in aid of bringing on technologists and technology to build out its compliance and authentication tools. In 2016 Stripe quietly acquired Teapot, a Silicon Valley startup that had been working on APIs for identity verification, trust, credit and other tools needed in financial transactions. Its co-founders spent some years at the company before moving on to other things.

In 2019, Stripe acquired a startup out of Ireland called Touchtech to bring in technology to prepare for Strong Customer Authentication regulations in Europe.

The need for better, more sophisticated tools to ensure online transactions are legit is not going anywhere fast. Malicious hacking — and the consequences that has for obtaining personal data that can be used in consumer fraud — continues to be a persistent threat. And in the meantime, e-commerce continues to become an ever-more mainstream activity, widening the pool of consumers and the chances of things going wrong.

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IQST – iQSTEL Reports 182% Q1 Revenue; $60.5 Million Annual Revenue Forecast And New YouTube Channel




New York, NY, May 14, 2021 – McapMediaWire — iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC Pink: IQST) today released a letter to shareholders in conjunction with the publication of the company’s Q1-FY2021 financial report.  The letter includes the introduction of a new YouTube channel with videos detailing company operations.  The letter is included in its entirety below:

We issue this shareholder letter under the complicated economic environment resulting from Covid-19, but nevertheless, with much optimism.

The iQSTEL business plan is going according to plan. Continuously improving operational performance is reflected in continuously improving financial performance.

Q1 has been an inflection point for iQSTEL. As forecasted, we achieved our forecasted Debt Free status ( The impact is dramatic to both our current and future Balance Sheet, and the company’s Statements of Operations.

The following are some of the highlights found on our Balance Sheet this 10Q Q1-FY2021 vs Q4-FY2020:

  • Cash and Cash Equivalents $3.032 Million vs $0.753 Million representing a 302% increase.
  • Total Assets: $8.168 Million vs $5.951 Million representing a 37% increase.
  • Total Liabilities: $6.808 Million vs $8.346 Million representing more than an 18% reduction.
  • Total Stockholder´ Equity: $1.359 Million vs ($2.395 Million) representing an increase of $3.754 Million taking the company from a deficit to a surplus.

The following are some of the highlights found on our Statements of Operations this 10Q Q1-FY2021 vs Q1-FY2020

  • Revenues: $14.197 Million vs $5.017 Million representing a 182% increase.
  • Net Loss: ($1.878 Million) vs ($3.909 Million) representing a $2.031 Million positive improvement.
  • Dilution Loss per common share: $0.01 vs $0.13 representing a 92% improvement.

Of course, we still have room to improve, and every day the management team keeps focusing on increasing the company’s business value, reducing costs, reducing expenses, increasing profit, and increasing revenues, all at the same time.

With the company surpassing the $13.9 Million estimated revenue forecast for Q1, to almost reach $14.2 Million in definitive revenue for Q1, the management team now confirms we are on track to accomplish our overall $60.5 Million revenue forecast this FY-2021.

While we concede room for improvement as every operation has room for improvement, we modestly contend that our Q1 financial results indicate we are on the right track. The management team plans to close all gaps, no matter how small, and work toward the objective of achieving a consolidated break-even point for each of our Operating Subsidiaries and in turn, iQSTEL overall.

Our current cash position is allowing us to invest in all our operating subsidiaries, increasing their working capital, improving their profits, and developing new high margin products and services.

As previously announced, in the coming Q2 we plan to launch:

  • The Mobile Number Portability Application MNPA (Blockchain Platform) – we are working now on the marketing material, and the final adjustments to the Mobile App.
  • The development of the IoTSmartTank for a Fortune 500 client.
  • Our VisaDebitCard (VisaMoneyOne) for the EEUU market.

All these products and services have high potential revenue and margin and are expected to generate monthly revenue streams with high margins for the company.

At the same time, this Q2 we are working weekly with Modus/Alternet (ALYI) on our IoTSmartEv and our IQBatteriesEV for the Revolt Electric Motorcycles in accordance to the overall Revolt Ecosystem Plan for 2021.

In addition to working on new products and new sources of revenues with high margins, we are also working on our M&A Campaign for FY-2021.  In conjunction with our M&A efforts, we are working in a partnership with a fiber-optic network provider for 5G, that can serve more than 40 million direct and indirect customers as previously announced (

High on our priority list is our intended Up-listing. We are working weekly on this goal and will keep you informed every step in that direction. For more detailed information, please visit our website “home” section, and look for the blue button labeled “Up-Listing Path”.

It is our intention to be as transparent as possible with our shareholders, clients, and vendors.

Toward that end, we will make every effort to keep our shareholders updated on a weekly basis with the most up-to-date information. We believe maintaining transparency as a priority is the best way to gain your confidence about what we are doing, when, and how it might impact all of us.

In a new effort to make our transparency even better, the company recently created our iQSTEL – IQST Official Channel on YouTube ( and produced a couple of initial videos: 1) Company Overview, 2) Execution Plan 2021. The two videos explain our company, products and services and our execution plan.

This YouTube official channel complements our overall Social Media presence. We want to invite all our shareholders to visit our website we keep it up-to-date. Please take special time to review our “home”, “investors”, and “meet us” sections.

In the “meet us” section we have intended to show all the ways you can communicate with the company to include calling our office number, calling IR, visiting our social media presence, sending an email, or even asking for a phone call, video conference or a meeting face to face.

On the website, you can find out in which countries we have a presence, and/or an office. If you want to meet us in one of our offices, please ask for a face-to-face meeting to arrange it.

To further improve our availability to shareholders, we plan to announce very soon our IQSTEL Quick Video Talk initiative, where the management team is going to answer questions from our ambassadors. We invite you to become an ambassador in our “home” section on our Website.  Look for the red button.

Our company is getting better every day. The management team is committed to executing on the vision and is working hard every day to keep improving the company business value by continuously growing the business, developing new high margin products and services, and keeping the expenses and costs as low as possible, while at the same time, improving our business relations with all our customers.

Thanks to all our 19,000 shareholders, investors, partners, clients, and vendors for your support in this enterprise.

Warm regards from everyone on the iQSTEL management team.

About iQSTEL Inc.:

iQSTEL Inc (OTC Pink: IQST) ( is a US-based publicly listed company offering leading-edge Telecommunication, Technology and Fintech Services for Global Markets, with presence in 13 countries.  The company provides services to the Telecommunications, Electric Vehicle (EV), Liquid Fuel Distribution, Chemical and Financial Services Industries. iQSTEL has 4 Business Divisions: Telecom, Technology, Fintech and Blockchain, with worldwide B2B and B2C customer relations operating through its subsidiaries: Etelix, SwissLink, QGlobal SMS, SMSDirectos, IoT Labs, Global Money One and itsBchain. The Company has an extensive portfolio of products and services for its clients: SMS, VoIP, 4G & 5G international infrastructure connectivity, Cloud-PBX, OmniChannel Marketing, IoT Smart Electric Vehicle Platform, iQ Batteries for Electric Vehicles, IoT Smart Gas Platform, IoT Smart Tank Platform, Visa Debit Card, Money Remittance, Mobile Number Portability Application MNPA (Blockchain Platform) and Settlement & Payments Marketplace (Blockchain Platform).

Safe Harbor Statement: Statements in this news release may be “forward-looking statements”. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements that express our intentions, beliefs, expectations, strategies, predictions or any other statements relating to our future activities or other future events or conditions. These statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about our business based, in part, on assumptions made by management. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual outcomes and results may, and are likely to, differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Any forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this news release and iQSTEL Inc. undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this news release.


IR US Phone: 646-740-0907, IR Email:

Source: iQSTEL Inc. and its subsidiaries:

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Miller Manufacturing Company Selected As Minnesota Manufacturing…




2020 brought unprecedented growth to our business, and our team answered the challenge with aggressive facility additions, manufacturing and warehouse capacity expansion, automation, job growth, and reshoring products currently being made in China and other global locations…

Miller Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of farm, ranch and pet products was announced as Family-owned Manufacturer of the year in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journals 2021 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards honorees. The complete article can be viewed at the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal website:

“This is a great honor for the Miller team. 2020 brought unprecedented growth to our business, and our team answered the challenge with aggressive facility additions, manufacturing and warehouse capacity expansion, automation, job growth, and reshoring products currently being made in China and other global locations as a part of our Buy American initiative. Our team did all of this while dealing with the challenge of keeping our teams safe during the pandemic. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and this award reinforces these accomplishments” said Miller CEO, Dan Ferrise.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s fourth annual Minnesota Manufacturing Awards recognizes some of the industry leaders that drive our region’s economy and grow their companies through innovation and strategic evolution. The 2021 honorees will be featured in the Business Journal’s July 16 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards special edition, as well as online.

Miller Manufacturing Company is a market-leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of farm, ranch and pet products which are sold under the brand names of Little Giant®, API®, Hot-Shot®, Springer Magrath®, Double-Tuf®, and Pet Lodge®. Today, Miller Manufacturing’s catalog features over 1200 products which are sold through a large network of farm and animal health supply distributors, retailers and ecommerce merchants in the United States and over 30 countries around the world. Miller Manufacturing started as a family-owned business in 1941 and today is owned and operated by Dennis Frandsen and Frandsen Corporation of North Branch, MN.

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ALOM Featured in NAM 2021 State Of Manufacturing Address Saluting…




News Image

ALOM President & CEO Hannah Kain

This past year showcased the resiliency and determination of the manufacturing and supply chain industries to hold nothing back in being part of the solution and helping save lives, all while doubling their efforts to keep their workers and communities safe during the pandemic. ALOM CEO Hannah Kain

ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management today, announced its support of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute during their ninth-annual State of Manufacturing Address in Baltimore, Maryland. The address, held virtually, acknowledged the hardworking and highly skilled men and women in manufacturing that met urgent needs—from household essentials to test kits and vaccines, and their efforts to step up and provide innovative manufacturing and delivery solutions during COVID-19. ALOM was featured in a short video during the event, highlighting its significant contributions to the manufacturing industry assembling and distributing COVID-19 test kits over the past year—and its outlook for the future.

“ALOM is proud to join the NAM in this important address to the nation,” said Hannah Kain, ALOM President and CEO. “This past year showcased the resiliency and determination of the manufacturing and supply chain industries to hold nothing back in being part of the solution and helping save lives, all while doubling their efforts to keep their workers and communities safe during the pandemic. We are proud to play a role in this groundswell of manufacturing industry success and innovation. For manufacturers, the role of the supply chain has never been more important. Recovery-related demand swings and supply chokeholds create challenges that require strong supply chain management to prevent production from being brought to a halt. The bottom line is that the state of manufacturing is strong, and that is surely worth celebrating.”

The NAM address will showcase the manufacturing industry’s innovative response to COVID-19, highlighting the vaccination events of their address host, Marlin Steel Wire Products, and the industry’s commitment to four educating policymakers, media and the public about modern manufacturing through its industry-leading Creators Wanted tour.

“In the second quarter of last year, with the pandemic bearing down on us, only 34% of manufacturers reported a positive outlook. Now, manufacturers are incredibly optimistic, with nearly 88% saying they have a positive outlook for their businesses,” NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons will say in his remarks. “The vaccine is also one important reason why manufacturers see the light at the end of the tunnel leading to the next, post-pandemic world. The state of our industry is growing stronger with each and every vaccination. Manufacturers in America are determined to see us through this crisis, and to build a world better than any we’ve known before.”

The remarks will be delivered virtually to manufacturers, business and community leaders in order to keep community members safe and limiting the spread of COVID-19.
The full remarks from Jay Timmons can be viewed here.

About NAM -The Manufacturing Institute:
The National Association of Manufacturers is the largest manufacturing association in the United States, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. Manufacturing employs 12.3 million men and women, contributes $2.33 trillion to the U.S. economy annually and has the largest economic multiplier of any major sector and accounts for 63% of private-sector research and development. The NAM is the powerful voice of the manufacturing community and the leading advocate for a policy agenda that helps manufacturers compete in the global economy and create jobs across the United States. For more information about the NAM or to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, please visit

The MI grows and supports the manufacturing industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing. The MI’s diverse initiatives support all workers in America, including women, veterans and students, through skills training programs, community building and the advancement of their career in manufacturing. As the workforce development and education partner of the NAM, the MI is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with resources necessary to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. For more information on the MI, please visit

About ALOM:

ALOM is a global supply chain management services and solutions provider serving as a partner to its Fortune 100 clients in the technology, automotive, government, medical, telecommunications, and utility/energy sectors. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, its expert team of strategists, technology engineers, and supply chain specialists operate globally from 19 locations. ALOM manages the physical supply chain from procurement, inventory management, contract assembly, digital media and print as well as omni-channel fulfillment. ALOM also manages the data supply chain with e-commerce solutions, visibility tools, digital delivery tools, data management and strong back-end systems, as well as the financial supply chain. ALOM is proud to deliver its clients’ products and services impeccably, enrich the end-user experience, and uphold their brand reputations.

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