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Trainer’s Guide to Reshiram in Pokemon GO: Everything You Need to Know


We've compiled a comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO trainers looking to get their hands on Unova's legendary dragon, Reshiram.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO trainers looking to get their hands on Unova’s legendary dragon, Reshiram. / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for Pokemon GO trainers looking to get their hands on Unova’s legendary dragon, Reshiram.

Unova’s Mythical dragon Pokemon are taking over Raids for the first half of December 2021. According to a post on the official Pokemon GO news blog published on Tuesday, Nov. 30, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem will be headlining five-star Raids from Wednesday, Dec. 1 to Thursday, Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. local time.

Here’s everything trainers need to know about Reshiram before heading into a Raid against it.

Reshiram can be caught after a successful Raid. It is currently available as a five-star Raid boss from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. local time.

We recommend collecting Golden Razzberries and practicing curveballs in the time between raids.

Yes, Reshiram can be shiny in Pokemon GO.

Its appearance alongside Zekrom as a five-star Raid headliner this month, December 2021, serves as its shiny debut. Reshiram was originally released into Pokemon GO on May 26, 2020.

Shiny Reshiram maybe difficult to tell apart from its typical color palette. The only difference between the two is that shiny Reshiram’s bands around its neck and tail are gold.

As a dual dragon and fire-type, Reshiram is strong against bug, electric, and steel-types with double resistance to grass and other fire-types. However, it is vulnerable to ground, rock, and other dragon-types—so we’ll be relying on these to bring it down.

The best counter choices against Reshiram are:

For trainers who find themselves missing one or all of the Pokemon listed above, these are decent substitutes:

Reshiram can have up to 53,394 CP as a five-star Raid boss.

Reshiram has the following stats:

Its best moveset is the quick move Fire Fang paired with the charged move Overheat or Draco Meteor. All of these moves will do 20% more damage thanks to the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) condition.

Of its two quick moves, Dragon Breath and Fire Fang, Fire Fang is the superior choice. It does more damage per second (DPS) while generating more energy per second (EPS)—16 and nine, respectively. Dragon Breath only does 14 damage while generating eight EPS.

Definitively making a call between Reshiram’s top two charged moves, Overheat and Draco Meteor, is difficult, to say the least. The two are extremely close in numbers with Draco Meteor doing slightly more damage for equally more energy per cast. Personally, we prefer Fire Fang, as its energy cost is only 25 to Draco Meteor’s 28 with a damage difference of two—48 to 50, respectively. The final call is on the trainer.

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