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Haftalık Güvenlik Sadece Podcast'lerin Ötesine Geçiyor, Yeni Yönetici Ekliyor


Security Weekly, the security podcast network for the security community and security market validation company for the security industry, announced today it has named security industry veteran, Matt Alderman, as Chief Executive Officer.

“The security industry faces a constant addition of new security vendors in an already crowded and confusing market. Security Weekly cuts through the noise by simply understanding and communicating the problems and solutions needed to solve security challenges. Our security market validation approach helps security vendors with brand awareness, thought leadership, and lead generation by connecting them directly with the security community. This new approach requires additional leadership, which is why Matt Alderman is joining as Chief Executive Officer,” said Paul Asadoorian, Founder and now Chief Technology Officer of Security Weekly.

Alderman takes the helm after spending the last year as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer with Layered Insight, which was acquired by Qualys in October 2018. Alderman was previously VP of Strategy for Tenable, where he and Asadoorian worked closely on strategy, competitive intelligence, and research. He has been a guest co-host on Security Weekly and currently advises security start-ups through Alderman Advisory LLC, which he started after leaving Tenable in April 2017.

“Security Weekly is changing the way security vendors differentiate themselves from others by simplifying their message and value,” said Alderman. “Paul and I have been gradually changing the approach over the past year to help both legacy and new security vendors maximize their interaction with the security community, and the results are amazing. It definitely helped with the visibility, and eventual acquisition, of Layered Insight. Our goal is to truly become partners with security vendors and maximize their results.”

In addition to the existing network of security podcasts, Security Weekly offers sponsored advertising, lead generating webinars, and advisory services. In the near future, new subscription-based services will be launched for listeners, organizations, and security vendors to optimize their consumption of security content.

Asadoorian, Security Weekly’s founder, will become Chief Technology Officer and will focus on security research and maintaining relationships in the security community, while Alderman will focus on the security industry side of the business. Alderman will also become the primary host for Business Security Weekly, which focuses on the business of security, executive leadership, and security funding.

Source: https://securityweekly.com/2018/11/01/security-weekly-moves-beyond-just-podcasts-adds-new-executive/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=security-weekly-moves-beyond-just-podcasts-adds-new-executive


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