Kripto Vergisi: Binance, “Binance Tax”i Piyasaya Sürüyor; Kripto Yatırımcıları İçin Bir Vergi Aracı


Crypto trading can be complicated, especially when you have to calculate the kripto vergisi and make adjustments accordingly. Kripto para birimi değişimi Binance hopes to change this by launching Binance Tax, a tool to help users calculate the tax obligations on their crypto transactions.

Binance Tax: Your Best Friend this Tax Season

This amazing tool helps crypto investors to calculate tax obligations for up to 100,000 transactions and is available initially to users in Canada and France.


In its recent blog Facebook post Binance announced, “If you’re struggling to stay on top of your crypto taxes, or just looking to speed up the process, make sure to check out our recently-launched crypto tax calculator, Binance Tax.” and further added “In one click, you can now import your Binance transactions into our calculator and obtain a simple yet comprehensive estimate of your tax obligations depending on your jurisdiction,”.

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What Is Crypto Tax?

Today, thousands of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Solana, etc., are traded in the şifreleme piyasası. However, since the beginning, it has largely been controversial due to its volatile nature. But it didn’t stop many countries from accepting digital assets with open arms.

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You already know that cryptocurrency is taxable if you sell it for a profit, or earn it as income. But the percentage of tax is different in every country along with the exact taxable conditions and brackets. For Instance, in December 2023, Italy brought in a 26% tax on crypto trading gains. Meanwhile, India this month added a new set of rules to its crypto tax obligations.

Why Use Binance Tax?

With constantly changing rules around crypto taxation makes it challenging and time-consuming for traders to file their taxes. Binance Tax is a free tool that offers several tangible benefits like instant updates on crypto-related tax liabilities.


Talking about the Binance Tax tool, Mayur Kamat, head of product at Binance said, “We’re always looking at how we can build products to make our customers’ lives easier, and that often means listening and reacting directly to user feedback,” He also added, “We heard that our users wanted an easier way to be able to see and understand their taxes, so we’re excited to bring this new, free-to-use tax tool to our community, starting in France.”

Hence, Binance Tax is an ideal tool to simplify the calculation of gains and losses throughout the year and avoid spending hours to ensure correct calculation. It is available initially to users in Canada and France but will extend to other regions soon.

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Sunulan içerik yazarın kişisel görüşünü içerebilir ve piyasa koşullarına tabidir. Kripto para birimlerine yatırım yapmadan önce pazar araştırmanızı yapın. Yazar veya yayın, kişisel mali kaybınızdan sorumlu değildir.


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