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Top 3 Best Tank Weapon Combos in New World

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We've compiled a short guide to the best weapon combinations for tanks in New World.

We’ve compiled a short guide to the best weapon combinations for tanks in New World. / Amazon Games

We’ve compiled a short guide to the best weapon combinations for tanks in New World.

Amazon Games put all the power in the players’ hands with its MMO, New World. There are no classes and pipelines—only light suggestions, ability trees, and the opportunity to make whatever weapon you feel comfortable using work for you. Of course, there will always be a few more suited to certain styles of gameplay than others.

Here are our top three picks of weapons for tanks.

For context, all of these will also feature the traditional Tank weapons: the sword and shield. This should be your go-to as a tank character in New World due to its defensive bonuses. Players should already be spending points in Defender tree. All three weapons we’ve highlighted also scale off strength, just like sword and board, for maximum convenience.

Warhammers were known for their excellent crowd control capabilities in the early stages of the game. This hasn’t changed much, thankfully. Complete with stuns, knock backs, and AoE attacks, players should be able to stand their ground quite well while annoying the life out of their opponents—and making it easy for the DPS to pick them off.

We recommend grabbing the Armor Breaker ability off the Juggernaut tree to partner with Shockwave from the Crowd Crusher tree.

Great Axes are best used to start and finish fights as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much room for the defense, so anyone looking to pick up this weapon should lean heavily into the shield’s bonuses. Players should focus their points on the Reaper tree with Charge and Execute with a potential caveat with Marauder’s Gravity Well for extra crowd control.

Charge will allow players to engage a target immediately and potentially surprise them while Execute will deal a massive amount of damage in order to end the fight once the opponent’s HP is low enough. Other abilities in this tree also prevent opponents from running off before Execute becomes effective—trapping them before their doom.

You’ll want to stick to the Berserker line for this one. Throwing could be useful in PvE content for a bit of extra damage or to engage multiple targets at a single time from a distance, but otherwise, tanks won’t find that tree as useful. Berserker features some serious bonuses to sustainability that tanks will benefit from immensely. We recommend maxing out its passives as soon as you can.

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