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Top 25 Virtual Reality Software Development Companies


Virtual reality is a groundbreaking technology that immerses people in any surrounding they want and allows them to gain experience that is impossible to receive in the real world. If it’s new to you, then you can learn more about how VR works. Also notable is the fact that the technology is widely used in enterprise, through business software that improves various indicators by optimizing workflow and providing cost-effective job training.

That’s why it’s important to collaborate with top virtual reality companies that not only provide services for developing custom apps for VR, but also consider all the specifics of an individual enterprise and satisfy their needs. In this article, we’ve collected a list of the most trustworthy providers, to help you find the best VR app development company that will meet your requirements.

We’ve examined the best VR companies that provide development services from all over the Internet and the world using trustworthy aggregators like Clutch and TopDevelopers. You can find a ranking of reliable B2B companies and honest reviews on each of them. Hundreds of different VR development studios worldwide have been examined, and we have highlighted the 25 strongest contenders.

Listed below are the 25 finest companies working on virtual reality that provide outsourcing and insourcing development.

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4. Enterprise AR: 7 real-world use cases for 2021

  1. Program-Ace
  2. Vakoms
  3. Setapps
  4. Skywell Software
  5. Transition Technologies PSC
  6. Bornfight
  7. HQSoftware
  8. Novoda
  9. CXR
  10. Groove Jones
  11. 4Experience
  12. Fingent
  13. NEXT/NOW
  14. WeAR Studio
  15. TSUKAT
  16. ScienceSoft
  17. Realworld One
  18. AVRspot
  19. SubVRsive
  20. Onix-Systems LLC
  21. Exyte
  22. Mutual Mobile
  23. Itransition
  24. OTR
  25. Spire Digital

Let’s take a closer look at each of the top VR studios to explore their strengths and the successful relationships they have built with thousands of clients all over the world.

  1. Program-Ace

Founded in 1992, Program-Ace is one of the leading virtual reality companies, with over 25 years of development experience in different projects and fields. The core of the company’s expertise lies in VR app development and AR/MR technologies, VR tours, training and simulations, gamification, and product configuration.

Program Ace is a prominent B2B provider that works on projects for various enterprise segments — logistics, gaming, education, medicine, automotive, energy, AgriTech, and more. It also happens to be one of the major VR companies that’s not only a member of Clutch and TopDevelopers platforms but has lots of awards and recognitions. For example, Top B2B companies, Top 1000 companies according to Clutch, Top AR/VR Clutch developers, Top 100 global outsourcing by IAOP, and many others.

Moreover, the company is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council. It has established itself as a leader in this field thanks to a result-driven team dedicated to clients’ success.

This Ukrainian company was founded in 2010, and focuses on VR development for healthcare, real estate, and fintech industries. Besides, Vakoms does web design, UI/UX development and provides related services. The company has multiple positive reviews on Clutch and boasts partnerships with some very prominent companies.

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This Polish company was founded in 2009 and provides design, web, and mobile app development services. Since 2015, they have offered XR solutions in education, media, gaming industries, and 3D modeling.

The company was founded in 2008 and has locations in Switzerland and Ukraine. The central core of their expertise lies in the fintech, AgriTech, and logistics industries, providing them with software solutions as well as AR/VR technologies.

One of the biggest VR companies, based in Poland, focused on augmented and virtual reality solutions development in manufacturing, automotive, and transportation. It was founded in 1991 and has a wide range of additional digital services, including industrial Internet of things and cloud solutions.

The company has provided web/mobile development, software development, digital and VR solutions since 2009 and is based in Croatia. It’s mostly focused on educational training, fintech, and healthcare industries.

A US company that also has a location in Estonia, started its path in 2001. Since then, HQSoftware has provided clients with modern technological solutions such as augmented and virtual reality, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company is also on the list of reliable developers by Clutch.

Novoda was founded in Germany and also has offices in the US, UK, and Spain. It is a digital agency focused on improving mobile products using modern tools and technologies, including VR. Moreover, the company offers design, product management, technology engineering, and consulting services.

This US company is a newcomer, being founded less than two years ago, in 2020, but they already have a solid and competent team. CXR offers custom AR/VR solutions for industrial, medical, commerce domains and digital solutions for enterprise.

Groove Jones is a small US agency that focuses on consulting, developing next-generation technologies such as Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, Extended realities, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Besides, they offer app development and design.

This Polish AR/VR development company has provided their services since 2015 and has expertise in developing virtual reality training applications for VR headsets and augmented reality apps for mobile gadgets.

The US company has offered technical solutions for the education, retail, and manufacturing industries since 2003. The company’s professional arsenal includes expertise in software, AR/VR, infrastructure development, and security management. Over time, they have completed hundreds of projects worldwide and gained customer recognition.

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Technical specialists in marketing, retail, and entertainment, these developers started their activity in the US in 2011. They claim to be an all-in-one partner for Turnkey Digital and XR solutions, providing services in a modern way.

The Estonia-based studio has a small team, but boasts impressive results in AR/VR development and consulting. They have been in the market since 2015 and already have exciting cases in the marketing, retail and automotive industries.

Since 2017, this US company has been 100% focused on developing applications for virtual and augmented reality that help designers, architects, and different industrial companies train and grow their businesses.

One of the oldest virtual reality companies on the software development market, ScienceSoft has kept up with the times since 1989. Their team is big enough to provide customers with AR/VR solutions in many different industries — healthcare, automotive, commerce, and more.

Manufacturing, science, sales, and marketing are the main fields for the Realworld One US company in the development of augmented and virtual reality solutions, as well as digital content creation. The company has provided its services all over the globe since 2017.

This company has the same year of founding as the previous one — 2017, as well as the country it’s based in — the US. Recently they rebranded, so for now, it’s better to say Smart Tek when we talk about this company. So the company provides AR/VR, cloud, web, mobile, eCommerce development, and some additional services. such as cybersecurity, IoT, etc.

The studio works on AR/VR applications and does commercial video production and 180&360 video production, primarily for marketing, shopping, and education. They were founded in 2015 in the US and have a small but progressive team of professionals.

One more Ukraine-based agency that has been satisfying customers’ needs worldwide since 2000. Onix-Systems LLC has an enormous team of specialists who have expertise in modern technology development in video gaming, interior design, and marketing.

Mobile, AR/VR, and Blockchain Development Services are the main service offerings of this US company with 7+ years of experience in software development. Besides, clients can get mobile development for iOS and Android and exceptional UI design.

Professional design strategy, technology & engineering, and product management are the core expertise for Mutual Mobile, which has offered technological partnerships in education, marketing, and healthcare industries since 2009.

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One more agency whose experience is pretty broad, as their development activity started in 1998 and the team is impressively large. The company is an expert in smart automation, technology advisory, and engineering services for finance, healthcare, and retail industries.

The UK studio bringing innovative solutions into real estate, education, and manufacturing since 2000 has a large team of professionals and hundreds of successful cases in VR/AR development. Besides, OTR robotizes business processes with RPA services and develops custom software for many purposes.

This global technological expert studio from the US has broad experience in different development fields — digital transformations, mobile/web applications, artificaial intelligence, IoT, enterprise software. The main fields of development are healthcare, entertainment, and retail.

We’ve highlighted only the 25 best VR development companies in our opinion, but how many VR companies are there in general? According to Grand View Research, the global virtual reality market size was valued at USD 15.81 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.0% from 2021 to 2028.

It is hard to count how many companies are developing VR-related products, but there are both Clutch and have over 2000 companies listed. In all probability, the actual number is several times bigger. Another important metric is the number of VR users. According to the eMarketer, there are an estimated 58.9 million VR users in the US alone.

Program-Ace is a leading development company with more than 25 years of experience. We have all the capabilities for professional VR development for various industries and fields: healthcare, education, training, real estate, manufacturing, construction, and many more. Our team knows not only how to develop helpful technological solutions, but also how to implement them most cost-effectively.

Moreover, Program-Ace provides their customers with:

  • Remote AR/MR Assistance solutions
  • Business Process Gamification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Engineering
  • R&D and Innovations
  • Teams for Outsourcing

Are you looking for any of these, or maybe you have some closely related needs? Contact us anyway, and we will provide you with complete information with haste!

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