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Top 100 Stoner Podcasts


According to Wikipedia, “a podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.” So, what does this mean in the cannabis context? Well, a cannabis podcast is undeniably the piece of sound work that you would need to get going.

Below, find the most dependable stoner podcasts, and if time allows, it’ll be a win for you if you listen to all.

1.& Investing in Cannabis

Investing in Cannabis is arguably the best weed podcast and gets hosted by Brandon David. This podcast majorly focuses on the cannabis industry business-wise. Necessarily, this is the listen-to top cannabis podcast for those who would like to learn the ropes and keep their feet wet before investing in any cannabis business.

2.& The Hash

The Hash is a top-rated stoner podcast based in San Fransisco and gets fueled by the famous Leafly. It focuses on educating the listeners on the cannabis promotional events, legal status updates, and the local laws surrounding cannabis.

3.& Let’s Talk Hemp

Rick Trojan and Morris Beegle host the Let’s Talk Hemp marijuana podcast, discussing everything that matters industrial hemp and the cannabis plant in general. They base their argument that hemp is cannabis.

4.& Periodic Effects

The Periodic Effects cannabis podcast gets tailored in such a way for those who would like to indulge or are already in cannabis businesses; they get detailed information on how to stay afloat. Also, it focuses on scientific research on cannabis.

5.& Chronic Relief

As the name gives away, the Chronic Relief stoner podcast incorporates different comedians who share their experience with chronic conditions, specifically mental health sufferers. One of the recognized comedians in the USA – Rachael Wolfson is the host where she brings other comedians on board to share their different experiences in struggling with mental conditions.

6.& Marijuana Today

The Marijuana Today weed podcast focuses on marijuana politics and businesses. Those who adore getting updated about what happens in cannabis politics and businesses swear by this podcast that airs once per week since 2014.

7.& Weedsday Wednesday

Medical marijuana enthusiasts wouldn’t get a better ganja podcast to listen to other than the Weedsday Wednesday. The podcast focuses on marijuana product reviews, cannabis interviews and news, and many more.

8.& Connect in Cannabis

Brian Holler hosts Connect in Cannabis and bases this cannabis podcast on having celebrities, lawmakers, and respected CEOs share their insights on what is not about the cannabis industry.

9.& Cannabis Marketing

The Cannabis Marketing stoner podcast is a cannabis marketing agency that helps its clients grow. If you would like your cannabusiness to grow big time, then think of listening to the Cannabis Marketing podcast.

10.&&On Something

On Something is a Colorado-based marijuana podcast and gets fueled by Colorado Public Radio. The podcast gets focused on the political, cultural, and legal effects of weed legalization. Whenever there is any change in the cannabis industry, the On Something podcast brings about the listeners’ talk. Keep yourself updated with the On Something weed podcast.

If there is any insider you would like to learn from, then you will probably hear them from this top cannabis podcast. Mathew Kind hosts the show, where he interviews the best insiders in the cannabis industry. The interviewees share more about their businesses and how best they have gone to realize their dreams become realities.

12.&&The Adam Dunn Show

Adam Dunn is an experienced fellow in the cannabis industry, and listening to his podcast is a sure way to get to know how he’s come such far. As of today, his experience clocks to 25 years, and this means that listening to him is a fantastic way of spending your free time.

High Friends is one of the best stoner podcasts that focus on giving cannabis-supporting women the platform to air out personal experiences. Gill Plard and Rachel Colic interview female cannabis supporters from North America.

14.&&The Pot Cast&

Ask anyone who swears by the pot, and they’ll tell you that they listen to the Pot Cast podcast. This one is all about learning how to breed cannabis and the overall marijuana culture.

15.& &Dude Grows Show

The Dude Grows Show covers cannabis growing, news, and culture. If you would like to learn anything about cannabis behind the scenes, then the Dude Grows Show is your go-to podcast. Think highly of it.

The above 15 are the best stoner podcasts as per user reviews and recommendations. Other equally essential podcasts comprise:

  1. Cannabis Tech Talks
  2. Ask The Stoner Mom
  3. Hollywood Babble-On
  4. Ace Labs
  5. Blunt Business
  6. High and Mighty
  7. Casually Baked
  8. Marijuana Patients
  9. The Marijuana Solution
  10. The CannaLinguists
  11. GrowCast
  13. Four High Assholes in a Basement
  14. High Dias
  15. PotStock Radio
  16. Dipsomaniac
  17. Hockey Strike Webcom
  18. 1994
  19. Blunt Blowing Mama
  20. Tha Bruthas
  21. Smart Recovery
  22. Inhale Intellect
  23. Casually Baked
  24. Vermontijuana
  25. The Maryjane Experience
  26. SMART Recovery
  27. Blazed and Confuzed
  28. Ron Durbin
  29. Potcast Logo
  30. WeedWeek
  31. Potcasts
  32. Anslinger
  33. Hanging with Cold Lew
  34. Doobie Talk
  35. Highbrow Reviews
  36. Cannabis Confidential
  37. Hijacked Headspace
  38. Psychedelic Salon
  39. Quiet Time
  40. Let’s Be Blunt
  41. Rain City
  42. Medicinal Mass
  43. Dope Stories
  44. Cannabis Cultivation and Science
  45. In the Weeds
  46. When I’m high
  47. Herboxx
  48. High Bred Crew
  49. Maskell Podcasting Network
  50. The Green Rush
  51. That Time I Got Arrested
  52. RollinThatPif
  53. Wine and Weed
  54. That’s What I call Weed!
  55. Broad Topix
  56. Weed + Grub
  57. Cheap Home Grow
  58. &Prohibition
  59. Marijuana Startups
  60. Oops Caught Me Smoking
  61. Nod Squad
  62. IWS Radio
  63. I’m Too Effing High
  64. Neo420’s
  65. Great Moments in Weed History
  66. Cannabis Economy
  67. Maria + Jane
  68. Broccoli Talk
  69. The Roll-up
  70. Cannabis and Main
  71. The Cannabis Enigma
  72. Exchanging Dialogues
  73. Timbo Sugarshow
  74. The Chong and Chong Show
  75. The Joe Rogan Experience
  76. Sufficiently Chai
  77. Ganjapreneur
  78. Stoner
  79. The Brave New Weed Podcast
  80. Professionally Cannabis
  81. Consider Cannabis
  82. The Grow Show
  83. Great Moments in
  84. Vote Cast
  85. Getting Doug with High

Getting Doug With High had to crown this top 100 stoner podcasts. Doug Benson, a famous comedian brands himself as a successful marijuana comedian. He interviews fellow comedians where they talk about the cannabis industry in general. He also talks about different cannabis strains and ganja smoking accessories to let the listeners stay at par with the utter best.

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.

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