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Top 10 Marketing Trends in 2021



The world of marketing is competitively fierce as businesses compete for the attention of potential clients. Here, we’ll cover 10 of the most popular marketing trends for 2021 that will help give you an edge over your competitors.

That includes some of the most cutting-edge business and call center technologies in the world!

1.  Visual content marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content is any information that is captured visually rather than orally. This includes videos, images, infographics, and interactive text.

Marketers invest heavily in using graphic designers and artists to create visually stunning images for their marketing campaigns. This is because they understand the power of using images to attract the eye of potential clients.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce is another internet phenomenon that has created a stir in the marketing world. Many companies, including some of the world’s largest companies, have gone online to establish their presence.

These companies sell everything from books to electronics to clothing and other merchandise. As internet usage continues to increase exponentially around the world, e-commerce businesses are growing at an exponential rate.

This industry is flourishing so rapidly because it provides companies with a huge audience that is extremely likely to purchase the products or services they offer.

3. Mobile phones

The rapid growth of mobile phones and Internet use makes the Internet the most popular traffic source for the market. In marketing, the most important thing to focus on is visibility.

By using mobile apps, games, and social media marketing, marketing professionals use these channels to enhance their products and services to a wider audience. Businesses are increasingly using conversational IVR systems to offer service and marketing as well.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing trends continue to increase by the day. Using short videos or long videos on various media outlets, marketers continue to embrace this marketing strategy to promote their products. As a result, they reach out to a wider scope of potential clients who then submit contact details to learn more. It’s a short step from there, to your business’s auto dialer, meaning you can contact new leads within minutes.

5. Display Marketing

Display advertising targets people in your local community who are most likely interested in the products or services you have for sale. Display marketing can help you generate a lot of traffic in your area since it is a great way to inform those around you what you have to offer.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new type of social marketing in which companies or businesses use endorsements or recommendations made by influential individuals and organizations with purported expert status in their respective fields.

Influencers are usually consumers, business professionals, public figures, and celebrities. Their endorsements provide companies and brands with the opportunity to reach out to a more diverse audience and generate additional publicity, lead generation, and brand awareness.

This type of marketing has become one of the most popular forms of online advertising due to its benefits. Unlike other online advertising techniques, it relies on users to share positive reviews about a product or service with their networks.

By hiring an influencer to participate in a campaign, businesses can dramatically increase their presence in their target markets while creating lasting relationships with those consumers who are most likely to purchase their products or services.

7. In-store Marketing

In-store marketing works by evaluating your client’s needs by observing and analyzing their past and current purchases.

For instance, a customer who has bought a mobile phone recently on your website and is currently buying a phone charger can also be suggested for other phone accessories that are on offer at your store. This can increase the chances of making more sales by one customer.

The main advantage of using in-store marketing is that you avoid spending money on finding new customers. Instead, you can maximize on making more sales to already converted customers.

8. Social Media Marketing

Today, almost all adults and many teens regularly use social media websites. In fact, social media websites have even surpassed traditional websites such as Facebook and Twitter in terms of total daily usage.

While most social media sites’ primary goal is to obtain new customers or encourage existing customers to purchase products or services, they have also become a valuable tool for branding.

For example, restaurant chains can create a social media page that prominently features their menu and available discounts. In contrast, manufacturers can create a Facebook page to showcase their products or service offerings.

9. Pay per click

Companies pay different websites based solely on the number of clicks made by an individual visitor through this strategy. It is quickly becoming the mainstream method of acquiring targeted traffic to websites.

This form of advertising has become wildly popular because advertisers can target highly likely individuals to purchase a product or service.

10. Focus on Customer Experience Marketing

Were your customers satisfied with what you had to offer? Customer satisfaction metrics are the key to increasing focus on customer experience. Research by PWC indicated that 73% of most consumers decided to purchase based on other consumers’ reviews.

This is why many companies spend a lot of time and effort on customer feedback, as they understand that this can greatly influence their sales.

The marketing trends of 2021 are about integrating technology into every aspect of a business. With the rise of internet users on the planet, a new marketing paradigm has taken hold of the marketing industry.

To survive in the ever-changing market, business owners will need to embrace technology in their marketing strategy. A good way to ensure that your products or services stand out is by changing your strategies as often as possible. This will help your business survive the ever-changing face of the business market.


About babelforce

babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focused on No-Code integration and automation. It allows non-technical people to build even the most complex integrated processes for customer-facing teams, particularly in the call center.

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How Knowledge Base Systems Can Take Your Career To The Next Level



Have you ever wished that you had some real-time support while working on your projects?

Has any incident occurred where you felt having the access to comprehensive knowledge related to the project you are working on could make you the next best employee at work?

Truth being said, if you did, you are not wrong.

Most of the time’s team collaboration or individual work quality suffers due to incomplete information related to the work at hand. No matter who you are, a product designer, developer, marketer, or customer representative, having comprehensive knowledge can change your productivity levels forever.

The problem is having access to comprehensive knowledge is hard. Even if you make it possible, retaining every minute detail of the product in one briefing session cannot do the trick. This is exactly where a knowledge base system comes in handy.

Alleviating the problems of insufficient and misaligned information, a knowledge base software acts like the recipe book to your project’s success.

But if you are still unsure of the potential it has to change the trajectory of your career, by the end of this blog post you will not have any. 

Simply put, knowledge management software is much more than just a project detailing software. It is the tool that can improve your productivity and efficiency at work by exponents.

It bridges the gaps between the product developers and customers creating a more cohesive communication.

A knowledge base system ensures you have comprehensive knowledge about the product in the most organized structure giving you real-time access to exactly the portion of knowledge you need. This means it is flexible, agile, and dynamic. 

But to put it in clearer words, here are the top 5 benefits that a knowledge base system can help you with.

1. Easy information access and retrieval


One of the most critical areas of performance at work is the ability to access relevant information on the go. Don’t you agree?

Why do you think the internet became so wildly popular? It gave the ability to people to access anything from anywhere simply by one search.

A knowledge base software acts just like the internet but is personalized and customized just for your access. Its tags and category sectioning features help you to create organized, meaningful information architecture which you can access anytime, anywhere. This brings you flexibility and creates more agility in your work process.

Unlike traditional ways of project briefing, you wouldn’t have to undergo a complete brief all at once. You can just access the portion aligned to your current stage of work. The best part? The most powerful knowledge base systems have a search button that can give you access to your information just like the internet. Yet again, you do not need to make your device memory loaded with all this information.

You can keep everything on the cloud safely and just download the active projects on your devices for faster processing.

2. Easier document management

Document management is one of the most unproductive yet critical tasks that you can do in your daily day of work.

Think of a situation where you had to dig into a 9-month-old project for some reference or ad hoc reiteration asked by your manager. Are you already intimidated by the hassle you have to go through if the documents are unmanaged?

Fail to keep your documents updated with the latest information and your quality of work will start to deteriorate. Yet again, invest a lot of time in managing and maintaining files and you lose your productive hours which can often result in overtime. You wouldn’t want to work for long hours now, do you?

This is exactly what the knowledge base software alleviates. Bringing cosmos the chaos of your documents keeps you updated on your projects and ensures your work quality never suffers due to insufficient or outdated information. In short, it saves you from every embarrassment in front of clients.

The best part?

To streamline this process, the best knowledge base software enables seamless collaboration so that the documentation process is never the task of one person. Instead, the whole team included can create it making it dynamic, fast, and lean.

It also has tags and categories to create proper sections and distribute content on the basis of relevance and topic clusters. This means if your marketing team needs help they would not land up in the design team help section and vice versa.

3. More creative room

Performance is one of the many benefits that a knowledge base system can provide you with.

A study by Mckinsey found that an average employee spends nearly 20% of their working hours communicating through emails and platforms like Slack.

Decluttering your workspace from the turbulence of mismanaged communication streams, documents, and files, the software creates a centralized management system. This means, there is no more redundancy in the information and communications. There would be no more long chains of inefficient email threads for communications that require real-time support.

Addressing your customer’s real-time questions can be easily streamlined with easy access to updated information.

Keeping everything in their order, a knowledge base system can give you more execution time than planning and collecting information to work upon. In short, you get to do work that matters. But that is not all.

An efficient knowledge base system can keep a track of your contacts, people whom and when you’ve met. This can help you track and organize your future work time distribution better and improve future performances.

Again, it creates a shorter response time. With real-time assistance, your daily task completion process can be managed and planned better. The standard protocols of your team operations in hand make sure you can keep up with the quality standards.

The best part is it  saves you from burnout giving you the creative flexibility to improve the quality of work. 

4. Access to authentic information

Having answers to your real-time questions is good but having the best answers for your real-time questions is where your performance shines through.

A knowledge base software ensures that you get the very best answer to your question. Dividing the knowledge base creation task amongst each and every team member creates a lean, fast and authentic information kiosk.

This means your product features questions will directly be answered by the product development team while the design questions are answered by the design team. This creates clutter-free, error-proof cohesive information flow which can alleviate your individual performance in your team.

Also, it reduces room for redundancy, a phenomenon common in every team collaboration task.

Once answered, the common question does not need to be answered again by any of your team members. They can treat it like a self-help document that can streamline the process and create the collaboration path of least resistance.

5. Secured information storage

One of the most critical areas of document storage is security.

No matter how structured and easy it is to access your documents if it is vulnerable to cyber threats, it hardly brings any benefit to your daily task.

Mitigating this core problem, a knowledge base software not only creates a system of easily accessible information but a secured environment of storage. This means it can only be accessed by authorized team members. If you are creating a documentation system for yourself only, you can keep it to yourself by all means.

Moreover, you can give restricted access too. This feature comes very handy when you are to collaborate for a short span. Using strong password authentication and encryptions keeps your documents safe and secured on the cloud. You can access whenever required without fearing any cyber attacks like ransomware or malware. 

Bonus point

A knowledge base software is powerful no doubt. But to witness significant growth you would have to be cognizant of how you document your operations at work.

Start with prioritizing the information that is primary, secondary, and tertiary and documents them according to your unique categories for seamless access and utilization. This can create smoother work processes for you.

It is only when you blend the power of a knowledge base management software with good documentation hygiene that the difference becomes significant. What follows is naturally the best version of yourself at work.


A knowledge base software not only proves itself to be leveling up your career but can improve communications and productivity for your entire team. By now, its strengths must have been clear to you. However, here is a word of advice.

No matter how powerful your knowledge base software is, if you are not documenting the vital information for your teams, it will fail. This means the core task still remains with you.

Document information that can alleviate your tasks.

Let us know in the Comments section below when you are planning to integrate a knowledge base software in your career growth path. 

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Kerala’s welfare fund for IT-ITES staff ensures Rs 3K pension



Government of Kerala has announced a welfare fund for the staff of the information technology (IT) and information technology-enabled services (ITES) sectors in the state, that will ensure them Rs 3000 as pension. As part of the fund, women employees will be eligible for financial assistance of Rs 15,000 during pregnancy and Rs 10,000 for marriages.

The fund will benefit more than 1.5 lakh employees and it is hoped it will give them a better sense of security.

The employees of the IT sector had long been demanding this welfare fund since 2016, following which the Kerala government had mooted the fund under the Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Workers Welfare Board, in February 2021.

At the time, it was revealed that the fund will cover not just the employees, but their families as well. Employees in the 18 to 55 age bracket, working in IT or allied sectors, were to be eligible for membership in the welfare fund, which was to also cover smaller firms, with even less than 10 employees.

The fund, it was announced then, would offer pension as well as pregnancy and marriage-related benefits, educational benefits for children and financial aid for medical treatment and monetary support to the family in case of death.

The demand for this fund had been first put forward about five years ago, by Prathidhwani, an organisation of IT employees in Kerala. Over the past five years or so, the organisation has been raising the issue of creating a fund with the state government.

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Why restyle contractual employees as outsourced?



Mahaboob Ali, who was satisfactorily working with the UP Higher Education Services Commission (UPHESC), since 2011, was asked in early September 2021, to join as an outsourced employee.

Ali filed a petition, following which the Allahabad High Court had stayed the order. It has asked the state government as well as UPHESC to file their responses within two weeks. The Court also directed that Ali be permitted to continue working at the Commission as he had been while the petition was pending.

The Commission will have to clarify why it has been forcing its contractual employees to join as outsourced employees of a third-party contractor engaged by the Commission itself

Advocate Tanisha J Monir, representing Ali had questioned why there was a need to make a contractual employee directly employed by the Commission about a decade ago, to re-join as a third-party or outsourced staff? Monir argued that this was proof that the Commission was not acting in the interest of the employees; and that the Commission wanted to stop its contractual staff from seeking regularisation and related benefits in the future.

The court observed, that there was no solid need or logical reason for the Commission to force the petitioner, Mahaboob Ali, to serve as an outsourced employee, when he had been successfully working under direct contract of the Commission all these years.

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New workplace pension technology designed to boost employee engagement



Adapting to virtual meetings, embracing remote working, even adopting virtual work avatars – over the last 18 months the UK workforce has never been more tech-savvy. And yet pensions, which should be one of the most impactful and beneficial workplace perks remain archaic and unchanged.

Despite the introduction of auto-enrolment nine years ago, savers’ engagement with one of their biggest lifetime investments is still falling short. 

New research by Penfold has revealed that three-fifths of Brits (61%) are not confident the value of their pension pot will be enough to live on, while over a third (37%) have absolutely no idea how much they’ve saved to date.

And this, says Penfold, is down to a lack of technological innovation in the pension space, which is where its new app will change the game for HR teams and tech-adopting employees alike. Features such as open banking will allow users to quickly and confidently access their pension, while simple processes such as payroll integration help employers manage pensions more efficiently, saving time and money.

Pete Hykin, co-founder of Penfold, explains: “Auto-enrolment was introduced in 2012 as the answer to all our pension problems – however, it’s definitely not solved the issue. Auto-enrolment is, in reality, a nightmare for HR teams to set up and so more often than not, employees are handed a Nest pension where they receive one annual paper statement a year, often to an out-of-date address, and no guidance on how to save for the future. Employees then lack any engagement or interest in it and often mistakenly just assume they may be covered for retirement when they most definitely are not.”

Penfold, the digital pension provider set up in 2019, originally revolutionised the savings of over 30 thousand self-employed Brits. Its platform provided them with a simple, flexible, digital way of saving for retirement – an app which users claim is as easy to access and manage as online banking.

Now, two years on, Penfold is set to do the same for the employed market, becoming one of the first fintechs to launch a workplace pension.

Pete explained: “We’ve rebuilt the back-end pension infrastructure from scratch to allow all processes to happen instantly, quickly and flexibly. For savers, our product uses open banking to allow workers to seamlessly top up their pensions independently of their employer contributions – just like an online bank account. And importantly, it notifies them when their employer contributes to their pension which we know from our research can significantly boost engagement and interaction with their savings.

“And for employers and their HR teams, automated complex processes like Salary Sacrifice take the headache out of pensions. We also offer a pension education programme to businesses to ensure they maximise the potential their pension scheme has for engaging their employees.”

Hykin says the business was based on personal frustration with the industry. Despite working in the financial services industry for many years he found setting up a workplace pension for employees difficult, complex and painful.

“The most exciting thing to see amongst people who engage with their pension is not just the total mounting up but also the activity on the app. Users log into Penfold on average ten times a month to add more, see employer or HMRC contributions, pause additional payments etc. They are engaged and involved in their savings – something which is essential in changing the way people view pensions.”

Initially targeting the SME market, Penfold pensions take less than five minutes to set up and users are offered choices between sustainable, shariah, high, medium or low risk investments. The ‘Have Your Say’ dashboard allows savers to view where their cash is invested and shows which businesses have annual general meetings coming up and what is being discussed, so users can tell their fund managers how they think they should vote and take a stance on issues that are important to them. The fund managers submit the legal vote on behalf of savers and report the final outcome through the dashboard.

‘Find My Pension’ also allows savers to consolidate old workplace pension pots into one place, by simply providing the name of their former workplace – Penfold does the rest.

The Penfold workplace pension is available to any UK-based business with more than five employees. For more information visit 

Case studies available:

Fanbytes is the UK’s number 1 Gen Z agency, specialising in social media and influencer marketing for brands looking to win with Gen Z. They have over 50 employees based out of their London office. They appointed Penfold as their auto-enrolment pension provider earlier this year.

Sarah Cran, People & Culture Partner at Fanbytes, said: “Our auto-enrolment pension scheme is our most expensive employee benefit and, until we onboarded Penfold, the team barely noticed it. We’re now able to demonstrate to each employee how much we’re investing in their future each month and the response has been overwhelmingly positive since the switch over. We’re confident that our pension scheme is now working hard for us to improve employee engagement and retention. In today’s competitive job market, providing tangible reasons for great talent to join and stick around has never been more important.”

Uncommon, a coworking space with four locations across London and over 40 staff has become one of the first businesses to offer its 40 employees Penfold workplace pensions as a benefit.

Magda Jedrychowska, Uncommon FD, said:As an employer, we were looking for a more flexible and interactive pension platform for our team.  Penfold gives our employees the opportunity to choose how their money is working for them, and having different investment options including sustainable ones was very important to us. The app significantly increased our team’s engagement as everyone has full control and visibility of their savings, seeing their pension pot grow regularly.

“The implementation was very easy and smooth, most of the transitional tasks were performed by the Penfold team and they really supported us in this change process.

“I personally found the app extremely engaging and easy to use, it was very quick to transfer my previous pension pots and I was able to adjust the risk and the plan immediately. It’s very flexible and I can contribute additional funds on top of my regular monthly contributions. It’s really great to see the pot increase month on month, each time my employer contributes.”

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