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TL Digital Pride Parade


TL Digital Pride Parade

This year, community matters more than ever. We have all had to limit ourselves to keep each other healthy while also standing in solidarity with our friends, family, and loved ones of color and queerness. We’ve also seen how much change we can bring to the world when we all come together.

In these times especially, we want to help facilitate that change. We want to bring more people together and inspire even more action, art, and healing. For this year’s Pride, we want to highlight the wonderful artists, streamers, performers, and often underrepresented members of our communities.

That’s why the Team Liquid Discord will be hosting a Digital Pride Parade for the LGBT+ community on Saturday, June 27th!

Join The Pride Parade

Throughout June 27th our Twitch and Discord channels will host different LGBT+ talents as they show off their skills – whether it’s streaming, drag, cosplay, art, or anything else in a digital streaming parade. We will take applications from any member of the LGBT+ community who would like to be involved.

All proceeds from donations and bits will go straight to the person streaming at the time or to any person in the parade that the donor chooses. Everyone involved in the parade can stream from their own channel if they have one. If they do not, or prefer not to use their channel, we can provide ours. We will also provide special graphics and Discord privileges to help with outreach and community interaction.

We’re here to host, to raise awareness, and to help moderate. This parade is NOT intended to showcase our players, our brand, or our organization. Instead, we want to give a platform to the underrepresented LGBT+ voices in gaming. We encourage all colors and orientations in the LGBT+ community to apply. If you have any questions, please send them to support@teamliquid.net.

Sign up and tune in

Just click this link and fill out the form. Let us know about yourself! Tell us who you are, what you do, and your part in the gaming world and the LGBT+ community! We’d like to know what makes you tick and what you’re proud of. We’re closing applications on June 22nd and will announce the participants and full schedule through our Discord on June 26th. We hope to see all kinds of acts from all parts of the community!

Join our Discord and check out our Twitch channel on June 27th to celebrate, support, ask questions, or drop some wholesome copypastas. Whether you’re an ally, activist, advocate, or member of the community, we hope you’ll join us, because community matters, Black Lives Matter, and Pride matters. We do better when we come together!

Source: https://www.teamliquid.com/news/2020/06/15/tl-digital-pride-parade

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