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Thorin’s CS:GO World Rankings, June 2021




Photo courtesy of DreamHack

After some time away I’ve decided to bring back my CS:GO world rankings and their new home is here at DBLTAP. In light of the time since the last edition I’ve decided to reset the rankings entirely and not highlight the change in position between each team.

While other rankings are based on strict points formulas, tweaked by those who design and maintain them, the philosophy of this ranking from the outset, when it was the first significant world ranking in the game, has always been to incorporate an expert’s eye and explain each position qualitatively as well as quantitively.

(Be sure to check out May’s CS:GO World Rankings)

The basics:

Time span: 8th March 2020 – 8th June 2021

Tournaments (or tournament portions) impacting the ranking (due to teams ranked attending):

Mar 08 – Apr 11 ESL Pro League Season 13 [Online]

Mar 08 – Mar 10 Snow Sweet Snow #2 [Online]

Mar 08 – Apr 04 Pinnacle Cup [Online]

Mar 10 – Mar 14 DreamHack Open March 2021: North America [Online]

Mar 19 – Mar 21 Winstrike CIS Cup Spring 2021 [Online]

Mar 15 – Apr 07 BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 [Online]

Mar 23 – Mar 25 Fantasyexpo Cup Spring 2021 [Online]

Apr 12 – May 05 Spring Sweet Spring #1 [Online]

Apr 13 – Apr 18 Snow Sweet Snow #3 [Online]

Apr 19 – Apr 26 Funspark ULTI 2020 [Online]

Apr 29 – May 09 DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 [Online]

May 10 – Jun 02 Spring Sweet Spring #2 [Online]

May 10 – May 30 Flashpoint Season 3 [Online]

May 12 – May 30 EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 [Online] [NEW]

May 20 – May 30 cs_summit 8 [Online] [NEW]

Jun 03 – Jun 13 Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer [Online] [NEW]

10. Team Spirit [degster, mir, somedieyoung, magixx and chopper] [-1]

Photo courtesy of Team Spirit

Recent form:

Winstrike CIS Cup Spring 2021 (1st) [Online]

Pinnacle Cup (3rd-4th) [Online]

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 (3rd-4th) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (9th-12th) [Online]

Spring Sweet Spring #1 (5th-8th) [Online]

EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 (4th) [Online]

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer (9th-12th) [Online]

Bo5: N/A

Bo3: GMB (EPIC) [Online], Na’Vi (EPIC) [Online]

One map: GMB (Pinn) [Online], G2 (BLAST Show) [Online], VP (EPIC) [Online], VP (IEM Sum) [Online]

Spirit remain the CIS team everyone forgets about until they beat their fellow regional rivals. Their results are all over the place but you can’t argue with their resume of wins for a 10th ranked team. I suspect a few teams can push them out of the rankings soon, but for now credit remains with the fourth best CIS team and a top 10 team in the world – what a statement to be making in 2021!

9. Team Liquid [EliGE, NAF, FalleN, Grim and Stewie2k] [-1]

Recent form:

DreamHack Open March 2021: North America (3rd-4th) [Online]

ESL Pro League Season 13 (9th-12th) [Online]

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 (9th-16th) [Online]

cs_summit 8 (1st) [Online]

Bo5: FURIA (sum 8) [Online]

Bo3: FURIA (sum 8) [Online]

One map: N/A

Despite winning cs_summit 8, the NA RMR, Team Liquid dropped a spot, thanks to the emergence of teams like mouz and NiP. Competing in NA means the only big named team they have to face right now is FURIA and so tournament wins are hard to compare favourably to stacked European tournaments. The potential to fall further looks likely with a bunch of teams making surprise play-off runs at IEM Summer, where TL are nowhere to be found.

8. mousesports [ropz, frozen, acoR, dexter and bymas] [NEW]

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (21st-24th) [Online]

Fantasyexpo Cup Spring 2021 (7th-8th) [Online]

Snow Sweet Snow #3 (1st) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (9th-12th) [Online]

Flashpoint Season 3 (1st) [Online]


Bo3: G2 (EPL) [Online], Ast (FP3) [Online], G2 (FP3) [Online]

One map: N/A

The Flashpoint RMR was obviously not one of the most stacked tournaments of the year, as so many of the top teams at the top were from the CIS region and thus not competing. Still, the dominant nature of mouz’s wins, dropping only one map and taking down G2 en route as well as the new pretenders of NiP showed ropz and the gang were potentially once more a relevant team in European Counter-Strike. Certainly, the narrative that karrigan leaving would make FaZe what mouz used to be has not played out on either end.

One tournament does not an elite team make, though. I’ll certainly be looking forward to mouz facing off against the top CIS squads.

7. Astralis [dupreeh, Magisk, gla1ve, Xyp9x and Bubzkji] [-]

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (5th-6th) [Online] [device]

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 (9th-16th) [Online] [device]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (5th-6th) [Online]

Flashpoint Season 3 (5th-6th) [Online]

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer (9th-12th) [Online]

Bo5: N/A

Bo3: TL (EPL) [Online], VP (EPL) [Online], coL (DH Spring) [Online]

One map: G2 (DH Spring) [Online]

One has to marvel at the tenacity of Astralis. Without device most expected them to fade into irrelevance. They managed to still make an impact at Flashpoint and if anything they were unlucky to meet Gambit, the game’s number one team, in the second round of the lower bracket at IEM Summer. How far can Astralis go? Nobody can really say but they still have some amazing names and good players in their starting line-up.

6. [YEKINDAR, buster, Jame, qikert and SANJI] [-2]

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (7th-8th) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (7th-8th) [Online]

EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 (2nd) [Online]

Bo5: N/A

Bo3: Spirit (EPIC) [Online]

One map: Ast (EPL) [Online], coL (EPL) [Online], GMB (EPIC) [Online]

A strong run at the CIS RMR, again failing to best rivals Gambit, ensures VP remain one of the better teams in the game, but there’s no getting away from that lack of ranked wins. What they do in the IEM play-offs will determine if this team is ready to again climb up to near S Class status.

5. Ninjas in Pyjamas [device, plopski, REZ, hampus and LNZ] [NEW]

Recent form:

Snow Sweet Snow #2 (5th-8th) [Online] [nawwk]

Pinnacle Cup (5th-8th) [Online] [nawwk]

ESL Pro League Season 13 (3rd-4th) [Online] [nawwk]

Flashpoint Season 3 (2nd) [Online] [ztr]

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer (7th-8th) [Online]

Bo5: N/A

Bo3: Vit (EPL) [Online], Heroic (FP3) [Online], G2 (FP3) [Online], Heroic (IEM Sum) [Online]

One map: G2 (FP3) [Online], VP (IEM Sum) [Online]

A finals run at Flashpoint included quality wins over the likes of Heroic and G2. Another Heroic win came at IEM Summer, but the team somehow fell apart against VP and failed to make the play-offs. Having so many of their results with line-up changes makes it tricky to rank them but their resume of series won is no joke. The future looks promising for NiP.

4. G2 Esports [NiKo, huNter-, nexa, AmaNEk and JaCkz] [+1]

Photo courtesy of G2 Esports

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (7th-8th) [Online]

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 (1st-2nd) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (3rd-4th) [Online]

Flashpoint Season 3 (3rd) [Online]

Bo5: N/A

Bo3: Vit (EPL) [Online], TL (EPL) [Online], Spirit (BLAST Show) [Online], VP (BLAST Show) [Online], Ast (BLAST Show) [Online], Heroic (FP3) [Online]

One map: GMB (DH Spring) [Online]

A third place finish at FP3 looks good on paper and is the usual limit for this team, but the lack of the elite CIS teams make it a bit of a miss for G2. Beating Heroic was a nice change of pace but this team still looks to be hovering on the brink of becoming a full blown elite side in their own right.

3. Natus Vincere [s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto and B1T] [-1]

Photo courtesy of Natus Vincere

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (9th-12th) [Online] [flamie]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (1st) [Online]

EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 (5th-6th) [Online]

Bo5: GMB (DH Spring) [Online]

Bo3: VP (EPL) [Online], VP (DH Spring) [Online], FURIA (DH Spring) [Online], Heroic (DH Spring) [Online], GMB (EPIC) [Online]

One map: TL (EPL) [Online], GMB (EPL) [Online], GMB (DH Spring) [Online]

As much as the difficult run at the CIS RMR hurt Na’Vi, it is not competing at IEM Summer which may yet cost them most of all. With teams like mouz, NiP and a refreshed Vitality on the rise they will have to again show us why they are a team capable of beating anyone and winning any tournament.

Na’Vi are as ever consistently inconsistent, even despite having the best player in the world in their ranks. Even at said CIS RMR they were able to beat Gambit yet again in the Swiss system portion.

It is worth considering they may have been playing questionable circumstances in that RMR and the event will likely live in infamy.

2. Heroic [stavn, TeSeS, cadiaN, sjuush and refrezh] [+1]

Photo courtesy of Heroic

Recent form:

ESL Pro League Season 13 (1st) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (3rd-4th) [Online]

Flashpoint Season 3 (4th) [Online]

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer (9th-12th) [Online]

Bo5: GMB (EPL) [Online]

Bo3: BIG (EPL) [Online], coL (EPL) [Online], FURIA (EPL) [Online], BIG (DH Spring) [Online], Ast (DH Spring) [Online], coL (FP3) [Online], Ast (FP3) [Online]

One map: GMB (BLAST Show) [Online], Na’Vi (DH Spring) [Online], G2 (FP3) [Online]

Heroic should on paper have had a wide open path to the Flashpoint title if they were truly contending for the top spot, with Gambit and Na’Vi playing in a different RMR, but somehow they flopped out in fourth, establishing NiP as a new potential counter to them. At IEM Summer they have already been eliminated with the play-offs not even having taken place. Despite all of this they managed to pass up Na’Vi, with the CIS squad relying on that IEM finish to keep their results looking strong and failing to perform at their own RMR.

1. Gambit Esports [sh1r0, Ax1Le, interz, nafany and Hobbit] [-]

Photo courtesy of Gambit Esports

Recent form:

Snow Sweet Snow #2 (5th-8th) [Online]

Pinnacle Cup (1st) [Online]

ESL Pro League Season 13 (2nd) [Online]

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 (1st-2nd) [Online]

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 (2nd) [Online]

EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 (1st) [Online]

Bo5: VP (EPIC) [Online]

Bo3: Na’Vi (EPL) [Online], FURIA (EPL) [Online], Ast (EPL) [Online], FURIA (BLAST Show) [Online], Heroic (BLAST Show) [Online], G2 (DH Spring) [Online], Na’Vi (DH Spring) [Online], G2 (DH Spring) [Online], Spirit (EPIC) [Online]

One map: N/A

It says a lot about how far Gambit are ahead as a consistent elite team, a rare commodity in the online era, that even losing their monster IEM Katowice win couldn’t knock them down a spot. Winning the EPIC CIS RMR was another very legit performance, with the likes of Na’Vi and Spirit in attendance, even if there was an ominous tone to some of the other results.

Gambit have a monster resume everywhere and remain the game’s best squad.

The rankings will return in a few weeks, following the conclusion of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

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HLTV Confirmed with guest nafany: joining Youngsters, becoming IGL, climbing to #1



Winning their third consecutive tournament on Sunday, the BLAST Premier Spring Final, Gambit have cemented themselves as the best team in the world. As the online era seems to be coming to a close, they have left the second-placed Natus Vincere 355 points behind them in the world ranking.

To understand how a team that was considered an academy squad just eight months ago become such a powerhouse, we invited their 20-year-old captain Vladislav “⁠nafany⁠” Gorshkov to join the HLTV Confirmed show.

nafany will talk about his journey in Gambit

Together with Chad “⁠SPUNJ⁠” Burchill, Milan “⁠Striker⁠” Švejda, and Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin, the Russian player will give his insight on the most recent news, talk about the results at BLAST Spring, and preview the upcoming StarLadder CIS RMR tournament.

Topics for the show:

Hot seat with nafany
– First events and motivation to compete
– Joining Gambit Youngsters in 2019
– Becoming top 40, CIS Minor and MSI Finals
– Playing through 2020 summer break
– Assuming IGL role, Hobbit addition
– Breaking into tier 1, biggest wins, best moments
– Looking forward: return to LAN and Major
Recent news
– Major in Stockholm under question?
– woxic teases new team
– daps back to CS:GO
– mouz academy announced
BLAST Spring
– Gambit – NAVI rivalry
– G3rd-4th Esports
– Assesing NIP with device
– How do VP, Spirit, and Entropiq match up?
– Which scrappy underdog will surprise?
– Parimatch matchmaker game
– Viewer questions and leftover topics

Keep track of the show on social media: on Twitch
HLTV Confirmed on Twitter
HLTV Confirmed on Youtube
HLTV Confirmed Audio

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Sources: Stockholm still a priority for 2021 CS:GO Major



The organisers of PGL Major Stockholm remain committed to hosting this year’s Counter-Strike Major in Stockholm, understands. Concerns have been raised about Stockholm’s ability to stage the event after Valve announced that it is considering alternative European locations for The International 10 following an impasse with Swedish authorities over holding the showpiece Dota 2 competition in the Swedish capital later this summer.

The plans to hold the Counter-Strike Major in Stockholm in the fall have not been affected by this development as of yet, sources said. And bringing the event to the Swedish capital for the first time remains a priority for PGL, which has hosted several CS:GO events in the past, including the 2017 Major in Krakow.

Despite TI10 concerns, plans for PGL Major Stockholm are still on

Valve revealed on Monday evening that moving TI10 out of Stockholm is a strong possibility after the Swedish Sports Federation voted against accepting esports into the organisation. The game developer’s request to have the Dota 2 tournament reclassified as an elite sporting event was subsequently declined by the Swedish Minister of the Interior.

Without the official recognition from Swedish authorities, Valve explained, anyone seeking a visa to enter Sweden, “including players, talent, and staff”, will likely be denied due to the international travel restrictions put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have started looking for possible alternatives elsewhere in Europe to host the event this year, in case the Swedish government is unable to accommodate The International – Dota 2 Championships as planned,” Valve said. The event is slated to take place at the Avicii Arena — the same venue that will host the CS:GO Major — from August 5-15, with a whopping $40 million prize pool on offer.

PGL Major Stockholm will take place from October 23 through November 7, with the playoffs being held in front of a live audience. It will mark the return of CS:GO Majors after a two-year gap caused by the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced Valve and ESL to cancel plans to hold a Major in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in 2020.

Counter-Strike fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of in-person events after over a year of mostly online action. IEM Cologne, scheduled for July 6-18, is expected to be the first top-tier CS:GO tournament to be held on LAN since the coronavirus pandemic started. It will be held in a studio environment with 24 teams in attendance and will have $1 million up for grabs.

The qualifying process for PGL Major Stockholm is in full swing in all six regions (Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania). The 24 participants at the event will be determined by the Regional Major Rankings (RMR), with each region hosting at least two RMR events, including one on LAN, according to Valve.

PGL Major Stockholm will be the 16th Major in CS:GO history and the third to be held in Sweden following the 2013 and 2014 DreamHack Winter events in Jönköping. It will have $2 million on the line — a record prize pool for a Valve-sponsored CS:GO tournament.

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How to watch the PMPL EMEA Championship season 1



The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) EMEA Championship season one will happen from June 24 to 27. Sixteen teams from Europe, Middle East, and Africa will lock horns for the title of champions and a share of the $150,000 prize pool. 

While 15 teams have qualified through regional Pro Leagues, the winner of the EMEA League 2020, Natus Vincere, has received a direct invite to the championship. Here is everything you need to know about PMPL EMEA Championship season 1.


  • The teams will play 24 matches (six per day) to decide the champions.
  • The matches will be played on Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. 



  • Natus Vincere (Winner of the EMEA League 2020)

PMCO Africa

PMPL Arabia

  • Gunz Esports
  • Rico Infinity Team
  • Sudor Esports
  • Nasr Esports
  • Fate Esports


  • Team Unique
  • 1218
  • Natus Vincere
  • Konina Power

PMPL Turkey

  • Next Ruya Gaming
  • World of Wonders
  • Futbolist

PMPL Western Europe

  • Panda
  • Destiny

Points Distribution

Here are the points distribution for the PMPL EMEA Championship. Each kill will grant one point.

  • First place: 15 points
  • Second place: 12 points
  • Third place: 10 points
  • Fourth place: Eight points
  • Fifth place: Six points
  • Sixth place: Four points
  • Seventh place: Two points
  • Eighth to 12th place: One point
  • 13th to 16th place: Zero points


All matches will be livestreamed on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTubeFacebook, and Twitch channels. 

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How to earn gems for free in Brawl Stars?



Gems are a currency in Brawl Stars used to buy the premium pass, boxes, pins, Brawlers when they are in the shop, additional coins to level up Brawlers, and skins.

Brawl Stars is not a pay-to-win game, but players will need to play for a long time to max a few Brawlers and optimize their performance in games. They must first earn trophies by playing them, then max out their level with coins, as well as earning at least one gadget and star power.

But these are necessary time periods to the subtleties of the game, improving before taking your chances in the Power League.

How to earn gems for free on Brawl Stars?

The most reliable way to earn free gems is to complete the battle pass of every season. Although the pass doesn’t offer enough gems to buy the premium version every time it is refreshed, you’ll earn enough gems by completing tiers to buy a premium pass every three seasons on average. Supercell might adjust this in the future, though.

For example, the season seven battle pas, Jurassic Splash, rewards 90 gems to the owners of the free pass. The premium version, however, doesn’t reward additional gems, contrary to many games which allow the players to buy the next battle passes with the currency rewarded so that they don’t have to buy every pass if they play enough.

The other main way of obtaining gems for free is believing in luck and earning some in random boxes. The odds of getting gems this way are slim outside of Mega Boxes, however.

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