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THESPIKE.GG under new ownership, says writers and staff members have finally been paid after months of waiting

THESPIKE.GG under new ownership, says writers and staff members have finally been paid after months of waiting

Five months after multiple THESPIKE staff members spoke out about not being paid by former CEO Artur Minacov, the company announced today that it has “closed a transfer of ownership” that includes payment for all staff members and writers. 

In May, members of the THESPIKE writing staff accused Minacov of owing them $40,000 for months of unpaid work. After the entire staff contacted Minacov about the issue and didn’t receive a response, they went public with their situation. They have since waited for THESPIKE to find new ownership to be paid what they were owed. 

After months of waiting, THESPIKE announced that the company is under new ownership and all staff members and writers will receive payment. 

“Today marks an exciting change for the future of THESPIKE.GG,” the tweet reads. “After months of deliberation, we’ve finally closed a transfer of ownership, which includes the payment to all the writers and staff members that were due for their work and Artur Minacov stepping down completely from the business.”

Minacov also responded to the announcement, apologizing for his behavior. He explained how he was in a “dark moment in his life” and impacted those involved with THESPIKE. Some writers have already received payment and the remainder of the staff should get what they’re owed soon.

It’s unclear who now owns THESPIKE, but fans can rest easy knowing the staff members are finally getting their much-deserved payday. 

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