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These 3 Factors Stand in The Way of VR Mass Adoption




To answer this, I thought of how people interact with video games today.
Sitting in a relaxed couch, talking with friends, using a controller they’re familiar with and being a safe distance from the screen. I’ve concluded that for VR to become a widespread entertainment device, it should follow some of the same guidelines.

  1. Design

Anything that goes on your face, has to be comfortable.
Think about buying a new pair of sunglasses, only to learn 2 hours later that they’re too tight on your jawline. An uncomfortable experience can ruin a great product.

Battery life, heat, weight, build quality, price — all of these must be considered when designing for the human face. The last thing we need is another Samsung Galaxy scenario.

However this all falls apart if the price is too high, VR must be affordable enough that people can justify buying one.

2. Who Else is Gonna be There?

Games like Fortnite and Animal Crossing are transcending play, becoming social platforms in their own right.
On April 23, 2020, players of Fortnite logged in to watch a 3D digital avatar of Travis Scott teleport around a beach, tower against a blood-red sky, and launch audience members into outer space. It was all part of a 10-minute virtual concert, the game’s biggest event ever, and 12.3 million players were reported to have tuned in. The Travis Scott attendance surpassed the previous Fortnite milestone for the over 10 million players who logged in for an in-game Marshmello DJ set in 2019.

1. How to use subtle AR filters to survive your Zoom meetings?

2. The First No-Headset Virtual Monitor

3. Augmented reality (AR) is the future of Restaurant Menu?

4. Creating remote MR productions

These artificial experiences are so potent that they go viral in the real world!

3. Safety

Virtual Reality is the first device that offers auditory + visual immersion.
Unfortunately this has also tacked on some new problems we’ve never dealt with before.

“Many people report headaches, eye strain, dizziness and nausea after using the headsets. Such symptoms are triggered by the VR illusion, which makes the eyes focus on objects apparently in the distance that are actually on a screen just centimetres away.”
Science Focus

Battery life, heat dispersion, weight, materials — all of these are extremely critical to creating a safe experience for VR.


Even today with all the unknown health risks, the number of VR users are growing and people are enthusiastic about this technology.

Eventually the costs of hardware and manufacturing will decrease, thus bringing about affordable consumer level VR headsets, on that day we should ask ourselves: will our virtual memories becomes greater than our earthly ones?



Virtual Roundtable: How Connected Worker Technology will Shape the Future of Industrial Transformation




Online | September 29, 2020 – 11:00 am EST

Join us for a virtual roundtable of industrial transformation experts as they discuss how connected worker technology will shape the future of industrial transformation for manufacturing and service companies. Hear from:

  • Andy Lowery, Co-Founder and former CEO @ RealWear
  • Andy Timm, Founder and CEO @ CrucibleWorx
  • Russ Fadel, Co-Founder and CEO @ Augmentir

Industrial companies continue to turn to emerging digital technology to equip and train their workforces with the tools and knowledge needed to perform at higher levels of safety, quality, and productivity in today’s new normal. Technologies such as mobile and wearable devices, augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping to connect a new generation of workers, and are allowing organizations to proactively and continually deliver the right level of support, guidance and improvement.

Still, despite promise of new technology, it still takes a coordinated and connected ecosystem of technology providers and solution specialists to realize digital transformation.

In this webinar you’ll hear from a panel of industry experts as they share proven approaches to achieving digital transformation for today’s frontline workforce:

  • How wearable technology helps to improve productivity and ensure safety for a connected workforce
  • How AI is being used to optimize worker performance and uncover opportunities for improvement across the organization
  • How digital orchestration helps to deliver a complete solution
  • How connected worker platforms can serve as a marketplace for a connected ecosystem


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Microsoft to Acquire Bethesda’s Parent Company ZeniMax for $7.5B




Microsoft today announced that it’s entered into an agreement to acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of game studio Bethesda Softworks. According to TechCrunch, the price was set at $7.5 billion.

The acquisition is slated to include all of ZeniMax’s properties including Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog, and Roundhouse Studios.

Once approved, this will make Microsoft the owners of some of the most influential titles in modern gaming, including franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM, Dishonored, Prey, Quake, and Starfield.

ZeniMax’s fleet of studios have also been responsible for a number of VR titles such as DOOM VFR, Fallout 4 VR, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, and Skyrim VR.

Image courtesy Bethesda Softworks

Microsoft says in a blog post that the inclusion of ZeniMax’s studios will help continue the company’s commitment “to deliver a breadth of amazing games to discover and play on Xbox.”

Although Microsoft hasn’t said as much, it’s likely Bethesda will be narrowing its focus to develop their long-standing franchises for Xbox—an expensive weapon in the coming battle with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

“One of the things that has me most excited is seeing the roadmap with Bethesda’s future games, some announced and many unannounced, to Xbox console and PC including Starfield, the highly anticipated, new space epic currently in development by Bethesda Game Studios,” says Phil Spencer, head of Xbox.

Although it’s still unclear how the acquisition will affect Bethesda’s future VR aspirations—Microsoft still has no clear plan for VR headset support on its Xbox platform—Oculus’ Consulting CTO John Carmack says the acquisition may be a good thing for him at least.

Carmack co-founded id Software and was lead programmer of titles such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. Ever since ZeniMax and Facebook’s Oculus were engaged in a lengthy legal battle over the alleged theft of intellectual property developed by Carmack back when he was employed by id Software, he was understandably unable to publicly engage with the games he developed.


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Fallout & Doom Creator Bethesda is Being Acquired by Microsoft




Microsoft is in the habit of buying developers to bring under its Xbox brand, doing so in grand fashion today by announcing the acquisition of Zenimax Media and its videogame publisher Bethesda Softworks, which is behind big IP’s like Fallout, DOOM, Skyrim, Wolfenstein and many more.

DOOM VFR screenshot
Doom VFR

The agreement sees Microsoft purchase Zenimax Media for $7.5 billion USD (£5.85bn GBP) in cash. This will mean Microsoft has 23 studio teams under its banner – up from 15 – with Bethesda’s franchises now guaranteed to be added to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has stated plans to bring: “Bethesda’s future games into Xbox Game Pass the same day they launch on Xbox or PC.”

This may make quite the difference to fans of Bethesda’s franchises planning their next console purchase, with both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on their way this holiday season. “Generations of gamers have been captivated by the renowned franchises in the Bethesda portfolio and will continue to be so for years to come as part of Xbox,”  said Phil Spencer, executive vice president, Gaming at Microsoft in a statement.

So what does this mean for virtual reality (VR) gamers? Bethesda has supported the VR community with a range of ports and original content over the years, from Fallout 4 VR to Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. At this stage, there’s no reason to believe that support for VR will stop, even if Xbox Series X doesn’t support the technology. Microsoft previously acquired inXile Entertainment in 2018 and by the end of 2020, the studio will be releasing multiplayer shooter Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

There is a greater possibility going forward that Bethesda and its subsidiaries won’t be releasing any content for PlayStation 5 and therefore future PlayStation VR headsets. But this won’t be happening right away, as this type of process isn’t quick with Microsoft expecting the acquisition to be completed in the second half of 2021. “We’re still working on the same games we were yesterday, made by the same studios we’ve worked with for years, and those games will be published by us,” adds SVP of PR & Marketing Pete Hines in a blog posting.

The announcement continues a selection of acquisitions affecting the VR gaming landscape, with Koch Media purchasing Vertigo Games this month, the team behind Arizona SunshineSkyworld, Ghost Patrol VR and A Fisherman’s Tale. Whilst Facebook picked up Ready at Dawn, the creator of Lone Echo and Echo VR, currently working on Lone Echo 2.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax Media, reporting back with further updates.


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