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There is no such thing as good malware




Malware attackReading Time: 4 minutes

There used to be a meme going around that stated “there are two types of companies in the world, those who know they have been hacked, and those that don’t know they have been hacked”. We all used to read the various versions of this meme, nod, smile and move on.

Maybe we didn’t take all hacks seriously in the past, or maybe we just didn’t understand the importance of security, or maybe we just realized at the time that being hacked was inevitable and we felt powerless to act in a way to stop in from happening.

The issue today is absolutely everything is connected, and the potential risk from giving control of everything or at least a large part of everything to an unknown illicit force is shocking. The impact of stolen security credentials disrupted computing environments and stopped manufacturing and infrastructure are equivalent to blanket bombing a city, both in terms of gold and blood. People die and billions can be lost when computers break, it’s that simple.

There is no such thing as good malware

The classic model of security, one that dates back to the beginning of policing, is to identify a bad guy and tell everyone to look out for the bad guy. And just like in the days of the Wild West, the bad guys can use disguises to defeat most levels of detection (wanted posters = digital signatures).

Policing has got a lot smarter over the years, and it’s time for computer security to make a significant improvement. It is no longer acceptable to wait for “experts” to first see a new piece of malicious code (malware) and update their customers. What is needed is a system that treats every file of an unknown security state with prejudice. This is not a trivial task, technically, but is critical to ensure all malware can be defeated.

Here’s what is needed (and I’m simplifying)

1. All files entering a system must be scanned to identify their already known security status.

a. If they are already known to be malware, block them!
b. If they have previously been assessed and are known to be safe, allow them in!
c. If they are of an unknown security condition, i.e. Have not been seen before then they must be contained and their actions monitored and any potentially malicious activity stopped from doing anything evil.

When an “unknown “ file is encountered then the following process must be enacted.

1. A copy of the file must be made in the cloud where is can be analyzed by artificial intelligence to determine if it will perform any malicious act or not.
2. Some files will not perform a malicious act until some future event takes place, to ensure these are trapped, humans must also engage to identify really sneaky malware (if you are a computer scIentist, this is to avoid what Alan Turing referred to as the halting problem)
3. Once a file is determined to be malware, it is blocked and the signatures identified used by all available systems are updated to block all future copies.
4. Once a fIle is determined to be good, it is allowed into the system, and the white list is updated so all future copies of this file are allowed into systems, without needing further containment and evaluation.

While the copy of the file is being evaluated in the cloud, a copy is also made available to the target system within a virtual container. This allows the host system to continue to use the file, but the virtual container stops the file from doing anything that could be malicious. This works by providing the file access to only a virtual registry, a virtual com and a virtual hard disk. As these are the only interfaces available through a modern operating system, any and all potentially malicious acts are stopped.

To date the system that I have described is only available for a single vendor. And to date the 100 million end points running this particular system have had a total of zero infections. This is the only system that does not rely on prior knowledge of any malware to ensure protection.

It works, it requires zero user retaining, doesn’t slow down the users system in any noticeable way, and stops all types of malware.

RANSOMWARE – stopped
Viruses – stopped
Worms – stopped
Bots – stopped
Key loggers – stopped
If it’s malware – it’s stopped.

The days when the lab test was “which anti virus scanner can detect the most malware” are over. The issue today is what do you do with any unknown file.

If your system has a default allow policy for unknown files – you are at risk

If your system has a default deny policy for unknown files – you cannot live in today’s digital world, as you won’t be able to use web, email or files in a timely manner.

What you need is a default deny level of security with a default allow level of usability. And this can only be delivered with the system I’ve described above.

Want to find out how exposed you currently are. Run the free analysis of unknown files in our environment

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Cyber Security

How the PS5 Will Completely Change Gaming As We Know It?





It’s fair to say that the PS5 isn’t exactly being released at the perfect time. While gaming is as big as it has ever been, the world is in a global pandemic and people are less secure about their finances than ever before.

So a new $500 console perhaps isn’t going to be at the top of everyone’s priorities. That said, it’s a device that could be a real gamechanger. Which is only a good thing for console gaming.

Table of Contents

Video Gaming Falling Behind Online & Mobile

In recent years, video gaming has fallen significantly behind the likes of mobile gaming, with the latter enjoying a huge book during the pandemic. During March, when the pandemic first broke, weekly game downloads rose 35% to 1.2billion.

While video games also saw a surge, it couldn’t be further behind. Across the board, mobile games were thriving. From the likes of puzzles, to online bingo and casino, games were being enjoyed by the millions.

In the case of the latter two, that was in part due to brick-and-mortar bingo halls and casinos being closed, but the sheer volume of people visiting online bingo sites (see here) has taken the industry to entire new levels, which are expected to be sustained for some time to come.

Enter the PS5

The PlayStation 5 from Sony, alongside the new Xbox being launched by Microsoft are expected to be the savior of console gaming, resurrecting it and placing it back at the forefront of the gaming mainstream.

There are expected to be some incredibly new features which will change gaming forever, and below you’ll find the features we believe will do that.

Making 4K the Norm

The PS5 is expected to make playing with 4K the normal, adding further quality to an already life-like gaming experience.

You will need much more internet bandwidth to get through games of this quality which is worth noting, as many players could begin to get frustrated by this.

AI Companionship

You’ve always been able to play against the computer, but one that reacts to your emotional state and offers its own? Well, that’s a different ball game.

The PS5 and gaming developers are going to integrate artificial intelligence into gaming more than ever before and allow players who are required more frequently to play alone, to do so with AI.

It’s also believed AI will be a key part of how we game too, with non-playing characters expected to be more intelligent than ever before, producing unique gaming experiences for each and every player.

Three Dimensional Audio

As well as significant graphics improvements, the PS5 will use 3D audio being branded as the Tempest Engine.

It’s set to add even more depth to the playing experience and be more immersive than ever before.

This is set to be a landmark moment for blind gamers, with the sounds within them able to give blind gamers a better picture of the game and therefore more chance of navigating through levels.

Exclusive Games & A Netflix-like Catalogue

Many brands are now wanting to become the Netflix of gaming and it could be Sony who takes the crown. The brand are launching bigger franchises than ever in the likes of God of War, The Last of Us and Uncharted, and that’s only going to advance with the introduction of a new console.

It’s unsure as to what will be launched just yet, but we can expect plenty more strong storytelling from the brand, which blows the likes of puzzle games and mobile-friendly titles out of the water.


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Compromised Credentials used by Hackers to Access the Content Management System





Security analysts suspect that hackers used stolen passwords to access the content management system behind the website of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Hackers managed to hack into the website on Tuesday and modify the content on it. The message ‘This domain was confiscated’ was posted on for a brief amount of time.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh, who also announced that law enforcement had been called on to investigate, reported the attack. He also said no personal data had been compromised.

The hackers said they managed to compromise confidential details on President Trump in the message posted on the website. They also provided two wallet IDs for cryptocurrencies, stating that if visitors sent money to them, they will release the details.

A Pretty Decent Privacy (PGP) public key was also included in the letter, which can be used to validate possible communications allegedly coming from hackers.


The hackers most likely used stolen login codes, allegedly targeting the underlying Expression Engine content management system ( CMS), which is an alternative to WordPress, according to WordPress protection solutions provider Defiant, which produces the Wordfence product.

Although the content of the site was immediately restored, hours after the event was fixed, the “Privacy Policies” and “Terms & Conditions” sections also provided a “404 page not found” bug.

This suggests that the content management system itself, rather than the Cloudflare setup, has changed something. We also assume that the CMS being hacked is therefore more likely to be compromised than Cloudflare, Defiant says.

The platform uses Cloudflare as a content delivery network ( CDN), and Defiant insists that this could only have been used as an entry point if the perpetrators understood the secret IP of the domain hosting the platform. Thus, it is less plausible that this attack vector was used.

If the perpetrators had access to the Cloudflare account of the initiative and were able to direct the domain to their own IP address, merely pointing it to the correct IP address would have restored the entire website.

The concerns with the “Privacy Policy” and the “Terms & Conditions” pages, however, indicate that this was not the vector of attack.

The use of stolen passwords to enter the account where the domain was registered would be much less likely; potential enter through FTP or SSH (would require not only FTP or SSH passwords, but also knowledge of the IP address of the root of the site); or the use of a zero-day Expression Engine bug, which has little known vulnerabilities, Defiant says.

About any possible situation entails the use of reused passwords to obtain access to the website Having 2-Factor Authentication allowed in virtually any case would have stopped such a situation from happening. It is also a reminder that it is critical not only to allow 2-Factor Authentication on the administrative panel of your website, but on any service it provides, even services that you might not think of as insecure, concludes Defiant.

The attack comes shortly after a Dutch security researcher reported that by guessing his password, which he said was “maga2020!” he acquired access to Donald Trump’s Twitter account. ”. The arguments have been refuted by the White House and Twitter and the researcher has yet to provide any definitive proof.


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Cyber Security

Which are the safest payment methods for online betting?





Online betting is a fun hobby that can also be rewarding, as long as you know what you’re doing. You need to do many things before you start betting, such as finding a gambling operator, creating an account, deciding whether you’ll bet on sports, play casino games, etc.

Once you’re done and create an account, it’s time to choose a payment option. Even though most reputable gambling operators ensure that you can make safe transactions, some options are more reliable than others. With that said, let’s take a look at which are the safest payment options you can use for online betting.

Table of Contents


Ever since they were first introduced, cryptocurrencies completely changed the way we make online payments. Instead of risking your Credit/Debit card details, you can remain anonymous and still pay for whatever is needed. 

Unlike a few years ago, most of gambling operators accept different cryptocurrencies. Naturally, Bitcoin is the most widespread option because it made these types of currencies popular. Apart from it, some betting websites also allow their customers to use Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others.

Using cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly the safest payment option you can use while you’re gambling. Keep in mind it will get better as time goes one because there will be even more cryptocurrencies.


As much as we like every gambling operator to offer cryptocurrencies, some places still don’t allow their customers to use them. Fortunately, almost every betting website has loads of different e-wallets.

These types of payment methods will require (in most cases) you to have a bank account that needs to be linked with the specific e-wallet. Once you do that, you can download the mobile app of bet9ja and make a deposit or withdraw your winnings within seconds.

What’s interesting about most e-wallets is that they allow customers to make instant transactions. Of course, this depends on the specific mobile website, but you shouldn’t have problems with most of them.

There are various popular e-wallets, such as PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz, Klarna, Qiwi Wallet, etc.

Bank Transfer

This is the option that people go to whenever they want to make large deposits. In most cases, the bank transfer will have a fee that you need to pay on each transaction, making it the least favorable option.

However, when you decide to add or withdraw a lot of money, this is one of the safest ways of doing it. Apart from being fast, this payment alternative also has significantly higher limits compared to the rest. 

Debit/Credit cards

The last payment method that we want to include in this list is the classic debit/credit card. Many people use their cards on a daily basis for various things, including betting. Although they are really convenient, you should keep in mind that they are not the safest choice when it comes down to depositing.

If hackers manage to bypass the security features that a given operator has implemented, they can easily access your credit/debit card credentials.

Nonetheless, as long as you’ve chosen a legit betting company, you should be fine.


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