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The Next Go-To Platform? Secretum to Make Waves in NFT Gaming



  • The NFT is growing but it comes with risks and challenges.
  • Secretum offers a more reliable, seamless, and cost-effective messaging platform.
  • Secretum is built on Solana and aims to become the world’s go-to gaming communication platform.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken both the physical and virtual world by storm. Presently, NFTs are the big talk in modern-day gaming. This has opened the era of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming which, what the name suggests, allows gamers from around the world to make real money. Not only that, but users can also acquire in-game assets such as characters, lands, and tools, among other things, that they can trade for tokens with real monetary value.

The boom in NFT trading volumes and the number of NFT game metaverses are just some tremors in a greater quake. With Facebook’s name change to Meta, the term “metaverse” was pushed into the limelight. All these signal the beginning of the Web 3.0 era. PwC sees the metaverse sector as being worth $1.54 trillion by 2030, with Goldman Sachs increasing the estimate to $8 trillion.

But every advancement comes with risks and challenges. Traditional channels for gamer communications, including Discord and Twitter, and NFT storage, fall prey to recent high-profile hacks.

In December 2021, hackers swiped Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs worth $2.2 million from user wallets. Another scenario is when a discord server by NFT marketplace Fractal got hacked, swindling members over  $150,000 in cryptocurrency.

Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and other Web 2.0 social media platforms lack sufficient systems to support communications needed for the Web 3.0 era, being vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is where Secretum comes in.

Secretum is built on the world’s fastest and most affordable blockchain Solana. The platform aims to become the go-to platform for the global gaming community.  The key pillar to Secretum is Public Smart Channels, where creators set particular rules for channel access based on subscriptions and proof of NFT ownership.

Under subscriptions, channel owners can define a one-time fee or recurrent fees paid directly to the connected wallet of the channel owner by staking SER tokens. This tool filters out less engaged members, bots, and potential hackers.

Meanwhile, proof of NFT ownership allows channel owners to request new users to prove they hold certain assets, tokens, or NFTs, before accessing a channel. Only authentic gamers actively involved in the ecosystem take part.

In addition, Secretum’s Public Smart Channels function is a first-of-its-kind revolution for global gamers, creating the ideal conditions for the following:

  • Messaging Safety – No centralized data storage, complete anonymity, no data transfers, no moderators, and complete end-to-end encryption;
  • Strong Gaming Communities – Users will never again be spammed, phished, or harassed by malevolent actors. This means that, unlike Discord or Twitter, all community members are real and channel communications are always genuine and verified. NFT ownership becomes a tool for identity verification, while the SER token becomes the currency of a new messaging ecosystem;
  • Strong Trading Volumes – Public Smart Channels lead to more communication, more connections, and consequently more trading of NFTs between channel members on Secretum. NFT owners can furthermore avoid the congestion, high fees, and liquidity issues affecting most crypto and NFT exchanges. Solana’s trading costs are as low as $0.00025 per transaction, stimulating Secretum users to invest in and trade NFTs. With a potential 65,000 transactions per second, Solana ensures that Secretum is built to scale;

One of Secretum’s goals is to build the world’s leading platform for trusted communications, cost-effective NFT trading, and community building in NFT gaming. With the NFT boom trend, Secretum is perfectly positioned to satisfy the demands of an ever-growing market.

Secretum invites you to the last round of Secretum Private Token Sale. 3,000,000 SER tokens at a rate of $0.50. Deadline — April 22, 2022, at 24:00 EET or before allocated SER Tokens are sold. Visit their website for more info.

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