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The hilarious looking Tux and Fanny is out now


Tux and Fanny Xbox

Get your mind out of the gutter! Based on the hit internet film, Tux and Fanny, is this very retro looking adventure game. Join two best friends on a quest to inflate their football. Tux and Fanny is out now on Xbox.

Tux is the pink looking person, and Fanny is the purple one. When they woke up this morning, they really fancied a kick about in the park with their football. Unfortunately for them, the ball is flat and requires pumping up. As anyone who has ever suffered a similar fate can attest to, finding the pump is rarely simple. In fact, the search for the pump sends Tux and Fanny on an adventure like no other.

If football isn’t your thing, then I am pleased to say that Tux and Fanny isn’t a FIFA clone. Your epic and surreal quest is to help them inflate the ball, not climb to the top of the Premier League.

They will encounter mythical creatures, playable cats and fleas, over 25 minigames and not to mention a variety of different art styles along the way. Will they find their pump and get to play football? You’ll just have to wait and see; our review will be coming soon.

You can also dress up Tux and Fanny with several different outfits. These outfits may also be useful in helping them on their adventure, but mainly they are used to comedic effect.

Tux and Fanny is available to download now from the Xbox Store priced at £8.39. There is an introductory discount also, knocking the price down to £7.55. And for those currently on the fence, there is also a free demo to try. Let us know in the comments which route you will be going down with this one.

Game description

When you take a closer look, everything is an adventure. Tux and Fanny just want to play soccer but their soccer ball is deflated. Go on an epic adventure to help them inflate their ball. Play as both Tux and Fanny as well as a cat and a flea. All four characters will have to work together if you’re going to inflate the ball. Play a multitude of diverse mini-games which you’ll collect as you progress through your journey, each with their own unique rewards. There are secrets hidden at every turn in the world of Tux and Fanny. Can you find them all?

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