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The Emerald Skull Far Cry 6: Everything You Need to Know

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We’ve devised how to traverse the cavern within the Emerald Skull treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

We’ve devised how to traverse the cavern within the Emerald Skull treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. / Ubisoft

We’ve devised how to traverse the cavern within the Emerald Skull treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

Treasure hunts are one of the types of side quests available in Far Cry 6. Some are stand alone and net the player some serious loot to help in their journey to liberate Yara. Others are multifaceted and are simply one or a collection of steps to unlock a greater reward. The Emerald Skull is one such quest, resulting in Ida’s War Drum at its conclusion.

Here’s what to do.

Players can pick up the quest in the southern Corazón Valley. A note on a table standing on the uncovered surface of a balcony. It will pinpoint a location on the player’s map: Concepcion, which is northwest of the El Agujero Hideout.

The location marked is a cavern with two burning eyes and a corpse freshly slaughtered outside. This should be enough to tip players off to the fact there’s an apex predator lurking about but, just in case: there’s a jaguar around that will likely try to attack.

Just inside the cave is a chest with a Bullshark Charm waiting to be picked up.

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From here, players will find an altar with two skulls a note explaining the skull they’re looking for isn’t inside this particular cave. Continuing on, however, they will find another corpse holding an “Unlucky Skull” item, which will prompt an explosion. Another cave should be marked on the player’s map once they exit this one.

The second cave includes a bridge that will lead directly to its mouth. Across the way is a gator lying in wait and a strange totem that will allow players to use the skull they previously picked up. This should open the cave up to exploration.

This cave is actually pretty straight forward. It involves a variety of statues inside that also require the skull to be presented. The one thing players should be mindful of is the stone blockade at the very end which can be blown apart by a grenade or by stepping into a landline of red threads.

At the very end, inside a small, chest, is Ida’s War Drum.

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